How to Annul a Marriage in sg

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by windmax, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. windmax

    windmax New Member

    I and my husband ROM 2 years ago and are staying togather. 3 months after the ROM he suggested that we seperate but i tried to keep the marriage going.
    But now it has hit my limited on how's he treating me. I would like to get an annul on my marriage.
    How do i go about doing it n will it cause alot.
    Btw he'a a malaysian n i am a singaporean. We haven't gone throught the chinese customary wedding n have not registered at the malaysian embessy.

  2. green_tranquility

    green_tranquility New Member

    It is not possible to annual > 1 year after ROM. The govt don't bother about customary date, they look at your ROM date.
  3. sunboi80

    sunboi80 Member

    seek advice from a lawyer bah...
  4. bubbly_gal

    bubbly_gal New Member

    hi cheryl,

    would u mind to briefly share what exactly happened that caused u guys to take this path?
  5. windmax

    windmax New Member

    So the best way is to seek advice from lawyer n get a divorce.

    Hi bubbly gal
    It's long story, think back it's because of pressure from my mum that we got ROM. We basiclly dun even love each other. We even wanted to break up before the ROM.
  6. cuclainne

    cuclainne New Member

    if you had felt this way from the beginning, why did you try to make it work when there is no love in the first place?
  7. muddypaws

    muddypaws New Member

    I had my marriage annulled a few years back. The lawyer would look at a few things as well before he/she decides that you can annul. 1) Whether you had your customary 2) Whether you and your husband have moved in together and changed your address 3) Time factor.

    Noting that you have moved in together already, it might be a little difficult. It's a long process. Took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride for about 8months.
  8. windmax

    windmax New Member

    I am not so sure why in the first place did i agreed to the ROM also. Thinking back it was such a bad decision.
  9. bubbly_gal

    bubbly_gal New Member

    how long have u known each other before u guys decided to get ROM?
  10. smileguy

    smileguy Active Member

    hi cheryl

    i have jus annul my marriage in u want to seek my lawyer for help?the lawyer has to create a story to help u bluff the judge in order to annul the marriage...few examples are as follows

    1)Non-consummation owing to incapacity
    2)Non-consummation owing to wilful refusal
    3)Lack of consent
    4)Mental illness rendering the person unfit for marriage
    5)Respondent pregnant by another man
    6)Respondent suffering from Communicable Venereal Disease prior to marriage
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  11. ivy_tan77

    ivy_tan77 New Member

    its not bluff lah, its more like put a reason for sake of putting lor, be it real or unreal... u tink the judges in spore so stupid meh... they also cant be bothered if the reason u put is real or not ... as u long as u put a valid reason for them to do their job its ok lor, of cos dont put something silly like 'i dont love him anymore' lah , hehe
  12. smileguy

    smileguy Active Member

    but to me is consider "bluff" annul the marriage the lawyer has to create story.
  13. xiaozhunic

    xiaozhunic New Member

    Hmmm...smileguy..its not bluff la...its more of like phrasing the ugly and not logical stories behind the annualment to something more logical and easier to convince the judge to "pass" the annualment. long you took to annual ur marriage?? Mine like going to 6 mths le...still at paper work stage...real torture to drag so long...haiz...
  14. smileguy

    smileguy Active Member

    Hi happy angel...mine i got my interim judgement le..the court hearing is that consider over and settle my anulment ?

    What abt yours? have u got ur interim judgement?Ya i agree the longer it drag the more torture lo..

    Happy angel when did u guys rom...for me i ROM less than a year then annul be exact 4mths.

    anyway in chinese hao lai han san..It better to settle in a peaceful way than to separate in a way that owe u wat n owe this wat return this return tat...anyway life still have to go on...
  15. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Reasons #4 to #6 would require solid proofs.
  16. xiaozhunic

    xiaozhunic New Member

    Hi smileguy...

    I have not gotten the interim judgement...I only know the court has approve on my lawyer's waiting for my lawyer to serve him the document to sign...Hopefully in another 2 mths time i'll be free.. for how long i'm be exact..3 mths and 8 days...

    I agree with u that we must learn to hao lai hao san...No point making a big hu ha and torture myself further...
  17. smileguy

    smileguy Active Member

    hi happy angel..when did ur file ur annulity? for my case the court case is jus 2mth after we file it then 2 week later after the court case we get the interim jugdement report le..but i duno isit the end after i got the interim judgement report..or must i receive the Certificate of Making Interim Judgement Final then consider to an end of annulity
  18. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Smileguy, why don't you ask your lawyer? You have paid him/her for legal counsel.
  19. xiaozhunic

    xiaozhunic New Member

    Hi smileguy...

    We file our annulity back in going to mid of oct. le...the progress is very much so...i'm very tired of waiting...
  20. aisuhime82

    aisuhime82 New Member

    I married for the wrong reasons also...and now thinking of divorce or annul the marriage. I and him hv been ROM for 3 yrs already. For this 3yrs, we have not been staying together at all and we havnt gone thru customary too. Can i just go to ROM to annul the marriage or do i still need to engage a lawyer for it? pls advise...
  21. cia

    cia New Member

    My friend was married for more than 3yrs and even had a HBD flat with her hubby but still the lawyer manage to annul the marriage..
  22. miaomiao1

    miaomiao1 New Member

    hi,everyone, I am now also preparing for annuling marriage, anyone can help me? Or send me the lawyer's phone number? Thanks a lot.
  23. pinkiezroy

    pinkiezroy New Member

    hi, i am also planning to annul my marriage. smileguy, can I have your lawyer's contact? Thanks in advance. you can email me the contact at
  24. rodi

    rodi New Member

    Can I ask a question about annulment? If I have a daughter, how will the annulment affect her in terms of our relationship will still be father and daughter?
  25. cuclainne

    cuclainne New Member

    that's a weird question to ask .. your daughter is still your daughter regardless of her marital status ..
  26. rodi

    rodi New Member

    Sorry....let's put it this way...Supposing a guy was to annul the marriage with a valid reason, and in the marriage there's already a daughter, what would the status of the daughter be like with the guy? Is it still considered to be father and daughter then?
  27. cuclainne

    cuclainne New Member

    it depends on whether the child is yours. the annulment of the marriage is between the husband and wife, the relationship with the daughter remains unchanged - if she is yours. if she isn't, you went into the marriage having her as a step-daughter and with the annulment, i suppose you can take it that you have no ties with her anymore.
  28. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    Rodi, are you the biological or step father to your daughter? Is your name in her birth cert?
  29. m_m

    m_m New Member

    can anyone send me your recommended lawyer contact, please? can send to I don't know if i have make up my mind, so painful to make the decision, but please send me if you have. Thanks.
  30. melchau

    melchau New Member

    Appreciate if someone can send me your recommended lawyer contact prefer woman lawyer?

    Tks in advance
  31. sharonquah

    sharonquah New Member

    Melchau, I happen to know a lawyer who specializes in divorce case and vy experience and good in fighing cases. Most importantly his charges are one of the cheapest in town.

    If anyone is interested can drop me a PM.
  32. viethai

    viethai New Member

  33. terz

    terz New Member

    Hi can anyone who knows a recommended lawyer for annulment & divorce cases send to
    Tks a lot.
  34. aar0n

    aar0n New Member

    Hi, anyone can recommend a lawyer who handle both annulment & divorce cases, pls contact me to
    thank you.
  35. mysterious_j

    mysterious_j New Member

    Had my ROM in 2007, customary in 2009, however my wife and I had been leaving separately since last year, few months after the customary. We had a BTO flat but is currently under constuction, anyone can advice whether is it possible to file for annulment for this case. Also, HDB had previously gave us CPF grant and now they demanded us to pay back the grant plus interest charges in CASH, I have heard cases whereby can appeal to pay back in CPF before. Anyone in same situation as me??? Can share???
  36. cococherry

    cococherry New Member

    Not really possible if marriage is more than a year.

    They will deduct it back from your CPF unless you have zero amount in CPF then they will ask for cash, yes you can appeal to pay back in CPF, call up the officer and discuss with him/her.
  37. homama

    homama New Member

    unless u can convince the court that both of u do not ever have any sex after ROM... if not, it's impossible for both to return to "single" status..
  38. mysterious_j

    mysterious_j New Member

    Coz i have been hearing different stories such as if within 3 years can annul the marriage etc. But it is really hard to prove whether have or without have sex after ROM right. Thanks Coco and mrs ho for the infor. It will be good if I can have some good lawyers contact. Anyone have can just PM me, thanks.
  39. sgbabydoll

    sgbabydoll Active Member

    No need to prove that you have not consummated the marriage as long as both persons sing the same tune.
  40. mysterious_j

    mysterious_j New Member

    Am I able to transfer my name for the BTO to my MIL if she were to sell her existing house??? My MIL has an existing resale flat under her own name. Anyone tried that before? Please advice..
  41. bao_yan

    bao_yan New Member


    Im also getting marriage annul if possible..
    married for 2+yrs..
    never stay togather before, and both of us agree to go our separate ways..
    anyone can email me laywer's no!!
  42. misslyn

    misslyn New Member

    It's possible to Anul my marriage if I'm gonna leave singapoe?
  43. chili_padi11

    chili_padi11 New Member

    Is better to get advise from lawyer. Once ROM, in govt law, both of you are married.
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  44. vivi67

    vivi67 New Member

    Hi, can anyone also give me the number of the lawyer to handle annul marriage?

    Thanks a lot
  45. ihaterose

    ihaterose New Member

    Hi, I would like to have the number of the lawyer to handle marriage annulment/seperation?
  46. cococherry

    cococherry New Member

    so many people need to annul their marriage.
  47. 60secs

    60secs Member

    I'm going to annul my marriage too in 1 mths time. Yay !
  48. jefferson_edison

    jefferson_edison New Member

    ok. go for a lawyer if you really want to divorce.
  49. vivi67

    vivi67 New Member

    what is the procedure of annul marriage? What are the things to take note?
  50. fenfenz

    fenfenz New Member

    Any of u can explain to me why you would want to annul a marriage only after a few months after ROM?? Juz curious as I'm a newly wed bride.

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