How often do you visit PIL?


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For those of you who have a good relationship with in-laws, just curious how often do you visit?


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Any time during the week?

We all live in the same area so we frequently dine at my in-laws' place or dine out with them. With good relationships, one needs not be consciously aware of the number of times he/she visits the in-laws I think.

Not very sure what's the intent of your post? Do you wish to find out if there're a minimum number of times that will lead to better relationships or ...??? Anyway it doesn't work this way. Every one is different, so is every family. Focus on quality rather than quantity I would say. It shouldn't be a number game here.


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suggestion is to stay nearby for common sense reasons. Then, its easy to dropby as and when required.


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no hard and fast rules for this .. you visit as much or as little as you want.

we drop by my mom's place for dinner once or twice a week for dinner. she will spend weekends at my place, except for when she has other plans or not feeling like making the trip.

i don't get to see my ILs very often, even though we get along very well, because they live on a different continent. But when they are here for a vacation or if we go up for a visit, then we would meet up almost every other day.

I found my wife from a great site for finding a Philippine bride and I am not really close with my in-laws. However, I am making an effort to visit them every year because it makes my wife happy.


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<font color="ff0000"> how about frequency for BOTH sides parents???Appreciate all frank advice. =) time duration? thanks!!</font>


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Hi vivi,

I always believe in 'willingness' so I haven't really thought about setting a frequency and meeting that 'target'. Sometimes we could meet about once a week, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once in two weeks for each side of parents. Time duration also is a funny question because it depends on the purpose of your visit right? Sometimes one call from MIL to take something fr her cos she bought it for us takes us an hour or less. Sometimes we meet for dim sum takes us a few hours of course. Though some ppl may say I'm trying to gain popularity by staying 'neutral', there really isn't any hard and fast rule on this. I personally feel I would like to see both sides at least once a week because I enjoy their company and catching up. My hubby and I also don't compare how many times we visit my side or his side. So far we do both willingly and unconsciously regarding 'frequency'. How about you?