How much to spend on wedding cards?


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Hi Ann:

Could you pls share your printer's contact here on the forum? I'm looking at direct hotstamping of slightly over 200 cards, but Hitech's charging about $160.


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Hi ladies

I just collected my cards. The printer did a nice job and there was only a wastage of 3 dinner cards and he also gave me an additional invitation cards for my church. And pleasantly, he also returned me the printing plates or moulds which i believe not many printers do. I can keep them as memorial items!

The contact of the printer is:
Sunprint Centre
35 Kallang Pudding Rd
#08-08 (Blue Colour Bldg)
Tong Lee Building

Tel No.: 6841-4873
Fax No.: 6841-4872

Have a little patience when calling them coz they take a little while to answer calls. Try to call them around 10am.

Just tell them Ms Leong recommended you.



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Hi ann...

read that you designed your own cards. Can i know what format did you use to pass to the printer? what programme did you used (which the printer can accept)?

Also, did you save your design in CD or diskette?

Lastly, what's the lead time between the day you pass the design to the printer and the day the cards are ready for collection?



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Hi babybear

I designed it in Word doc. U know i simply cut & paste the pictures, format the wording in the font we like & save it in a diskette. We gave him the diskette for him to work on.

Also i printed a copy for the printer to see for a more accurate price quotation.

He was pretty fast he could complete the printing within a week. If u need ur cards urgently, u can inform him & he will rush out the orders for u. But i am not sure if he will charge extra costs.

But for my case, we weren't in a hurry to collect our cards & we were slower in confirming our proof copy as we showed to both parents and awaited for their confirmatino. So for our case, it took about 2 weeks plus before we collected our cards.

Oh ya the printer is:
Mr Jet Lim
Sunprint Centre
35 Kallang Pudding Rd
#08-08 Blk A
Tong Lee Building
Tel: 6841 4873
Fax: 6841 4872

Tell him u r recommended by Ms Leong


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Thanks Ann! You are a great help! I planning to print my church invites but it is rather expensive to let the design companies to do checking out on cheaper alternatives.

Are your cards in colour form? or black and white? also, do you print 2-side? or only 1 side? many questions. i am racing for time!



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Hi gals,

Anyone interested in wedding cards or soleminsation cards? I got good lobang. Price range from $0.60 to $4.00. U all can visit this website: to view the samples.

I just got my soleminsation cards from there. Look for Shirley, very nice lady.
Her contact is 6337-1160 by appointment only.

Initially wanted to do my own but after some calculations, realised that unless u are really into creativity otherwise the price of making your own cards is equivalent to getting from outside.


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Hi all

1)What is the range of printing a wedding card?
2)Is there a need to seggregate them between the dinner cards and the church wedding cards since the guests invited are for both events? (My hotel will provide only the dinner cards)
3)Any good and cheap printers to recommend?


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hi yvonne,

i did not take up my hotel's cards. instead, i did a 3-fold card that has both church n dinner details. costs will vary depending on the material and type of printing you want to do. If you're staying in the east, you may want to consider AcePro Creative Link at Windsor Hotel (MacPherson Rd).


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Hi Yvonne, another idea is to take the hotel cards and print dinner info.
Then ADD a simple postcard with church info printed. Just insert in the hotel card and send together.

Some hotel cards are already 3-fold, most people print English AND Mandarin, if you can skip the Mandarin... just print church info in that space.


Hi all

I spent $600 on 200 pcs wedding card. My wedding card is a postcard with baby to toddler pictures arranged in collage style. I sent out the card w/o envelopes


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Hi All,

I think I went overboard... I spend $880 for 220 invitation cards... I send them in a clear plastic envelopes... (Note: Don't follow...have to spend $0.50 each for local stamp) But I was very happy with the outcome... We had our marriage motto on the cover and the whole invitation card followed through with the wedding theme......


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Hi all

I spent 0.40 per card + fix price $100 template for hot gold stamping.

My print shop is T-dragon at excelsior shopping centre. Think it is at the 3rd floor.


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$450 for 285 invits.

3-fold red Xi cards (provided by hotel): matte gold stamping for English and Mandarin wordings.

Colour photo postcard insert: normal grey printing on reverse cream side for Program wordings.

Cream envelopes (provided by hotel).

Postage was 30 cents each.

Leftover Xi cards I cut up and pasted the gold Xi as decorations around house for the chinese bridal mood.

Leftover photo postcards I left on the banquet tables (program &amp; menu info). Some guests took these home (maybe each <i>family has 1 set of invits only, they want to keep more copies of the photos).

Some who didn't attend asked for the photo postcard too.

Need to get round to framing some up for myself and immediate family- I think the program on the reverse lends more memorable value.

I think money well-spent in this area- the invits sets the mood and prepares your guests for the kind of wedding it is.


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hi mtmtmt

where did u print your photo postcard? $450 incl the printing on hotel card plus colour photocard insert?


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hi jas,
i pay around $100 for printing my insert for wedding dinner cards. It s abt 380 copies.


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hi husband-to-be,

Wow, seldom see a guy in this forum.

You drive KIA car or your name contain kia.

That is very cheap, where did you print? Mind giving me the contact.


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We ended up printing with service is very good and staff very polite.

Will be collecting the cards this week. Maybe share with you guys/gals when we get hold of the cards.


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my card was supposed to be $4.50 but I got a big discount from the printer
i paid a lot less, it has translucent paper wrapped around a beige card with a green ribbon...tying ribbons was quite a killer though, but its worth it because my friends and relatives loved it! :D


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hell verie,
May i know which printer u went to?
Was the card designed by you or the card was desgined by the printing shop?


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Hi Sharlene &amp; AStrogirl,

You may want to try T&amp;T printing located at city square as well as pelangi. I will be asking them to rpint my insert next Jan. They will be charging RM80 for 200 inserts. If you need 300 copies, the price will definitely be lower.


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I check out T&amp;T at city square too. but they say it cost RM60 for 100 inserts. So is it true that more inserts cost cheaper?