How much is your wedding package??


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Dear all brides and brides-to-bes,

I am really interested to know how much you are paying for your own wedding packages and for future brides, how much you are willing to pay..?

Mine is like 3288 but my bf thinks we being "carroted".



Mine is $5000+ as per the last update that we've got. FH just decided to mtm his suit (for keep). Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't choose more photos.


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My gown is MTM and the lady said I can also choose the French style wedding dresses from the BS. But in the end, what I am most please was when she said she can guarantee me 100% satisfaction.. I'm gullible, am I? Haha..


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hi Angie, did u sign up at the roadshow at citylink? I'm looking for thresds on the bouttique but can't find any. Kinda strange... But the lady's service is good... I really hope that the rest of the people we meet offers as great service as hers.


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I wld like to find out too..mine worked out to be $3000+ but my friend managed to keep her under $2500! Incredible.


my package is $3288 with MTM WG and EG. didnt top up photos, cos i dont think its nice.
angie which BS did you signed up? cos mine they also said can choose french style gowns. but i see some OTR are better than their so call range of french style.
Mine is $5000, my hubby have a MTM suit, mine all MTM and I also had tea-dress back. I use my trial make-up for ROM. All photos return, car included, btw I did not bargin wif them on anything.


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My package is $ 3680 , ( not including the ampoules , eyelashes and the refundable deposit )
that include 2 mtm gown ,
1 tea dress
1 suit for the groom and bride 's father
2 suit for the groom ,
5 make up session ( including the trial )

and a photographer on the actual day
studio shoots ( outdoor and indoor )
and etc...

I wonder whether has it been too ex and we are been carroted..?

What do you think ..?


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hi all,
i have a whitelink pkg worth S$3988 which incl. everything (2 mtm gown/ car/ ad photography/ photoshoots etc).
pls PM me if interested.


Hi, mine is $3088 excluding ampoules and eyelashes.

Evelyn, yrs seems to be a good bargain cos my package comprises OTR gowns only.


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just to share...

i'm most probably taking up a 3488 package. here's roughly what they offer:
-MTM WG (asked if can make victorian style+lacel they are ok with this)
-OTR Tea dress/ Kwa
-OTR male suit
-2 sets for Page Boys and Flower Girls
-2 jackets for daddies
-26 big album pics
-24 pcs photos to giveaway
-indoor/outdoor shooting + makeup + hair, etc.
-AD photography incl. 300 digital pics
-no portrait pics or bedside frames*
-no car
-car decor can throw in

*basically, i am not into pre-wedding photos. Also too shy to hang up wedding pic in room or house... haha

Good or not?

Another plus point... the staff were friendly and service oriented...


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Hi, just to share mine... Took this package from a bridal shop at marina square.

Pls gimme ur opinions!

SGD$3288 Nett

Open date for 10 years

Actual Day

- MTM WG (accessories included)
- 1 Extra EG for dinner in Malaysia on different date
- OTR tea dress/kua
- OTR groom's suit x2
- MTM groom's pants x1 (to keep)
- OTR suits for father x2
- OTR suit for bestman x1
- OTR gown for bridesmaid x1
- Bridal bouquet x1
- 8 corsages
- AD Makeup (Day,Night,Trial)
- AD car rental with chauffeur + petrol (Mercedes E class)
- Car decoration

Pre-wedding Photography

- 2 outdoor locations + studio shoot (including transport)
- Makeup for photography
- 6 outfits for photoshots (indoor + outdoor)
- 15R digital design album, 20 pcs normal + 4 pcs metallic (total 24), 28 poses ($80 per extra pc)
- 8R tabletop x1
- 20"x24" canvas portrait or 3 in 1
- 60 pcs 4R photos (10 poses)
- 5R mini album x1
- 4R mini album x1
- selected photos returned on CD

- eyelash $15

For personal reasons, I have to let go a comprehensive package with Jess Haute Couture ( that I've signed up with in Mar07. Consists of 40 poses in digital format in 18R x 20 pages album and many other items too.

I've placed a deposit of $1K and if you're interested taking up the package, I'm willing to give a discount. Please PM me at [email protected] for further discussion and details of my package will be provided too.


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Bridal Wedding Gown
Bridal evening gown
groom suit & pant
Bridal Bouquet flower (Actual day)
Bridal Car Decoration
Make up & hair do (day & night)
12" x 15" - 24pages
8R = 8" x 10 Tabletop - 1pc
Indoor Photograhy


i think quite EX....
How u all think


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My exorbidant and disappointing package

1) OTR Wedding gown
2) OTR Evening gown
3) Groom's pants to keep (no jacket etc)
4) Car deco (no car rental)
5) Flowers
6) Make-up x 4 (trial, PS, AD)-not including ampoules for PS and actual day
7) 20 pages photos? with only edited copies (those in album) back

In addition,without my bf knowing,i had paid another $1000 on the mtm wedding gown which i cant keep. Another $800 to buy a (used) evening gown (which i was disappointed later). Top up pictures $800+. And a tea dress which cost $600? or slightly more.
Anyway my rants are in one of the topics for those who want to know more.


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mine is 3188

OTR gowns x2
MTM suit for groom
no car (can top up 200 for it)
car deco as per normal
24pages 36 poses
makeup x 4
1x bridesmaid dress
flowers x1

i think thats the average la


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1. WG - OTR
2. EG - OTR
3. Tea Dress/Kua - OTR
4. Groom's Suit - OTR X 2
5. Groom's Pants - 1 OTR & 1 MTM (to keep)
5. Fathers' Suits - OTR X 2
6. Bridesmaid's Dress - OTR X 1
7. Best Man Jacket - OTR X 1
8. Album Photos - 32 Full Hotpress Digital Pages (40 Poses)
9. Album Size - 12' X 15'
10. Mini-Album - 5R Full Digital X 1 or 5R Non-digital X 2 (23 Pages each)
11. Portrait Frame - 20' X 30'
12. 4R Edited Giveaways - 72 (12 Poses)
13. Studio Outfit for Bride & Groom - 4 (4 Makeovers)
14. Outdoor Outfit for Bride & Groom - 1 + 1 Casual (1 Makeover)
15. Outdoor Locations - 2 to 3
16. Hand Bouquets (Open Choice)- 3 (ROM, PS and AD)
17. Photos in CD-ROM - Edited (Only selected)
18. ROM Dress - 1 OTR
19. ROM Suit - 1 OTR
20. Free Trial Make-up & Hair Styling for ROM
21. Corsages - 6 to 8
22. Wrist Corsages for Bridesmaids - 6 to 8
23. Guestbook - 1
24. Bridal Car Deco with 5 Accompanying Cars
25. Complimentary use of Accessories on ROM, Photoshoot, AD morning and night
26. Ampoules - $20, Eye-lash - $15

(Original package comes with 1 MTM WG/EG, 1 MTM ROM Dress, 1 Table-top and Use of W210 Mercedes Bridal Car...but all these have been opted out to exchange for more photos. Can exchange back if want to)

Package cost is around $3,588.


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Due to unforseen circumstances, we've to let go our bridal package @ S. Broadway.
Willing to let go @ $2888/-.

Opendate package $2988, Deposit $1800

Package Includes:
1 MTM Bridal gown
1 MTM Evening gown
2 Gent's Coat (One white shirt & a pair of custom made trousers)
1 Bridal bouquet (Able to select)
1 Car decoration (Able to select)
1 Bridal Car (Inclusive of driver)
Unlimited Trials of Bridal make-up, @ studio, day & night
Fresh flowers for indoor studio photo-taking
Head flowers
Necklaces & earrings

6 Outfits with 6 diff hair-dos for photo-taking
1 Bride maid's gown
2 Best man's jacket
1 Tea-dress or KUA

* Should you not require the car, able to deduct $200 off the package or exchangeable for photos

30 Pcs 12 x 15" photos + CD + Designing of photos
1 Pc 12 x 10" table-top photo
1 Pc 20 x 24" portrait OR 3 in 1 with frame
36 Pcs 4R Photos for relatives (6x6 poses)
1 Pc Guest Book
30 Pcs 8R album with duplicate photos
20 Pcs 3s mini album

* Able to split photo shoot into 2 days (Indoor & Outdoor photo shoot w/o extra charges)

If interested, Pls call me @ 92770534


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hi ladies,

i just sign up with bridal de couture for $3588 nett during the wedding fair yday.

my package includes,

1. WG (mtm/otr)*any selection and materials
2. EG (mtm/otr)*any selection and materials
3. Tea dress/ kua
4. 2 suits n 1 pants(mtm and get to keep)
5. 2 fresh bridal Bonquets
6. 6 corsages (can request for more at no charge)
7. Car decoration (netting) - open choice
8. Usage of E200 (include chauffeur & petrol) if dun wan, deduct $200 or 4 more additional pics
9. Wedding day make-up & hairdo (x5) excluding trial
10. 1 CD with selected poses
11. PS Session (1 indoor & 2-3 outdoor, plus 1 night shoot)
12. 30 pcs of 15R photo ablum
13. 2 pcs of 8" x 10" tabletop
14. 1 pc of frame (canvas) protrait 20" x 24"
15. free use of traditional costume for indoor shoot up to 8 sets
18. Free 2 4R mini album
19. Free suits for my father, father-in-law
20. Free rental of gown for mother, mother-in-law should they be able to find the size.
21. brother's and sister jacket n dress (cap at 18 cos we have 18 the max)

if i choose otr for both gowns, i will get 4-5photos, if only 1 otr i will get a coffee table album with 30photos.

she also said if our ps turn out nice, she will use it as advertisement (which i agree on) and give us that extra album. but tis one donnoe how true.. bet she say that to everyone...

wat do your tink?


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i not so sure le.. oh dear.. but she told us our album we can do it any way we want w/o additional cost..

wat's the difference.. i only know what's hot press...
Hi angel, as far as I know, there are 3 kinds of albums.
1 - the basic album (most BS will give you this unless specified otherwise) which is the most common kind with a white line in the centre. It is thick and heavy. Normally 1 photo/ page. Only requires 30-40pics to make a decent album.

2 - it is like #1 but there is no white line in the centre. you can stretch 1 photo into 2 pages, the digital artwork will be nicer.

3- magazine album - it is made of canvas, thinner and lighter. But you will need about 60-70pics at least in order to look nice.


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momo (knottymomo) > thanks alot!! i think our bs is giving us the choice to do it any type (should b hotpress where's there no whiteline) except canvas cos she nv mention anything abt it..

hmmm actualli we requested something like "my dream wedding" weddin ablum which the material is kinda like plastic and it's so durable, picture n color are amazing.. they say they will try to source for us...
Hi Angel, you are welcome ;)
Bridal shop usually charge a few hundreds $$ extra for hotpress, so it is good that they are offering to you.


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i sign up with bridal house $1999 which include

1 wedding gown (otr/mtm)PS & actual day
1 evvening gown (otr/mtm)PS & actual day
1 man suit PS & actual day
actual make-up & hairdo and PS
fresh flower(PS & actual day)
head flowers
accessories & gloves
22 pcs of 15R album
30pcs of 2R (3 poses)
PS (indoor & 2-3 outdoor)

i can choice between mtm wedding & evening gown or otr gown. If i take otr i will get additional 2 photo for my album

Is it consider good deal?


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i have a very comprehensive package from Yvonne Creative to let go at $800. The original price is $3388 and i managed to bargain to $3088. I have paid a deposit of $1088 but due to some personal reasons i have to let it go. It includes almost everything you need for indoor & outdoor photoshoot, ROM, tea ceremony, church wedding (if you have) and Actual day dinner. The gowns are made to measure (MTM). Open date too. I signed up this package at a bridal fair.and it took us a long time to bargain with them and get all the additional goodies we need. All bridal studios have hidden charges but we have gone through that. We asked them to list out all the possible hidden charges in the package so they can't anyhow charge later on. They are also very flexible in exchanging things in the package to things that you need. Like more pictures/poses, more men's jackets. My consultant is Jean. A very friendly and patient lady. Despite all our bargain and keep asking for more things, she can still smile at us and offer us appropriate advices. You can visit their website at Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in the package. Thank you. :>


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I got a attractive wedding package from Santiago and Z wed signed up last year. My hubby is posted to United States.. so we will postpone our wedding.

Heee... we manage to get a bargain. My package is $3288. Paid 1688 already.. now letting go at $1000 only.You can choose from z wed if you cant find your gown as they are sister company

consists of:

-1 wedding Gown
-1 evening gown
(either one MTM)
-Fresh flower for studio
-8 corsages
-make up for studio and actual day
-6 outfits for photoshoot
-4 bridemaids
-2 father jackets
-1 mtm groom pant to keep
-40 poses 15r
-1 20x24 portriat
-2 6r album (duplicate of selected poses)
-buy back all photo at $800 upon top up photo
-free Rom package
-Actual Day Car (mercs e class)
-Actual day photograhpy (8hrs)
-1 talebe top
-1 guest book
-300 thankyou cards with photo
-fresh flowers for actualy day
-car deco

PM me if u keen for it... letting go soon, as I be flying off with my hubby end of Aug this yr. My email is [email protected]



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Dear All,

I am letting go my bridal package from Bliss Bridal Creations (Marina Square).

We manage to get a bargain. My package is $2988. Paid 1500 already.. now letting go at $1300 only.

It's open date for 10 years.

Details are as below.

Actual Day
1)Wedding Gown: 1pc new OTR rental (head-piece, gloves and accessories included)
2)Evening Gown: 1pc new OTR rental + Kwa/Tea-dress rental
3)Gent�s Suit: 2pc rental + 1pc pants MTM keep
4)Bridal Bouquet: Open choice (fresh flowers + 6 corsages)
5)Car Decoration: Open choice of netting
6)Usage of Mercedes W210 on Wedding Day Includes Chauffeur + Petrol (from 7am)
*If don�t want car, can deduct $200 from package
7)Wedding Day Make-up + Hairdo.

1)Album with 15R photos 30 poses (Indoor + Outdoor) with Digital Design (Including 2 pc metallic)
2)10� x 8� (8R) tabletop with frame: 1pc
3)Portrait 20� x 24�: 1pc with frame or 3-in-1
4)4R photos: 60pcs (max 5 poses) (repeated photos)
5)1pc 5R mini album FOC (repeated photos)
6)Free use of traditional costumes for photo taking (6 outfits)
7)Make-up + Hairdo (6 Style)
8)3 locatios include night scene with tranport

Additional FOC items
1)Selected original photos returned on 1pc CD
2)Father�s jacket 2pc FOC rental
4)Bridesmaid�s dress 1pc FOC rental

Additional charges(if needed)
1)Ampoules $25
2)Eyelashes $15

Please contact me at [email protected] if you're keen on the package.

Appreciated and thank you in advance!


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I am very particular about my wedding gown and photos. Budget is around 5k, any good recommendations?

I am interested in Julia wedding, The Aisle Bridal and RicoAmona. Anyone has their package to share?


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Hi Vivian,

Why don't you check out Dang, Divine or Silhouette? They are about $5k as well and tie up with very experienced photographers. Although i decided to go a la carte eventually....