How Long Do Guys Last Normally


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Hi Everyone,

I juz got married couple of months back. Both my hubby and me were V b4 marriage.

Sex life so far for us are ok but i m kind of curious how long do guys normally last to cum on pentration? It seens that my hubby normally will cum in 3-5mins where i oni juz start to pick up on the feeling to enjoy it .. he ended.


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try lots of foreplays.... me and hubby enjoy playing scissors paper stone... loser will have to be punished... **wink wink**...


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juz married (assume is 1st few intercourses) is lidat wan, coz gan jiong and too excited ma.

After a few weeks will learn how to enjoy slowly n go easy on the penetration. Sometimes need to withdraw abit n calm it down while continue on petting.

Then start again, mayb change positions during the 'calm down' time. After a lotsa practice, should b able to maintain ard 30-45 mins.

If stil cant rite, then let it cum lor, rest like 30min-1hour, 2nd round...will b better.


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i am sure you are very sexually desirable for your hubby. that's why your hubby come very fast. if the man is not come at all, the sex is not enjoyable for him. i bet you are still young.


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my bf usually last about 40mins, but yet, usually i only feel sore, unirnation feeling, not shiok at all. we tried quite a few positions but i still don't feel the shiok feeling during penatration. i only orgasm when he finger my clitois, y is this so?


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i think the question isn't if its normal or not. But, if a woman is unable to achieve orgasm through vagina sex, what can be done to enhance the experience instead of a sore ramping session everytime.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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thats y some women while during penetrating, keep stroking her own clitois to achieve best effect from both actions ma.

there's a lot of 'reference materials' online, is normal christine.


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we tired doing so, but it did not enhance my experience. and he can't multi-task.


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dun feel dishearten hi_hi.
It takes time to master multitasking.

e.g. left hand draw O, right hand draw D.
or left hand play piano accompaniment, right hand play melody.

I guess that's the fun part exploring.
Mayb tat's the reason y some partners fantasize abt straying...


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I know this sounds like BS and ppl would probably ridicule me. But a "seasoned" guy can last as long as he wish with technique and experience.

The only limitation is the muscle exhaustion..

4-5 hours shouldn't be too much of a problem. Don't worry. It will get better as time goes on.


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How can a woman achieve orgasm through vagina sex? my partner and I have been trying to do it but we always give up after hrs of trying


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sapphire, try deeper penetration..for e.g. with your legs on his shoulders type or fr behind...hope it helps


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My BF could not make me orgasm through just intercouse alone so what I did was to ask him to finger me till I achieve my first orgasm and then have intercouse. When he cums, I usually will orgast soon after too.


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That's one good way. Try different technique/position. Pretty sure every woman can orgasm through intercouse.

Maybe he's respect you too much and is afraid to be "rough" with you? If you like rough but fun treatment, tell him. Tell him to be naughty, bad and talk dirty which mean help if it suits u.

Maybe you can tell him where's ur sensitive spots like behind ear, neck etc. So that he can do better.