HOW long before to send out the Wedding Invitations???


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Hi there,

How long before the AD do we need to send out the invitation cards to our friends and relatives???


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hi coolqoo

The most important is that ur invited guests are already aware of your AD, then the card is send for formualties

Usually is send 1 mth to 2 weeks before ur AD


Thanks Minssy and Jennifer.
I plan to give when around before 2 weeks.
Seem like need before 1 month notice to give them prepare right?
If i plan to send around before 2 weeks.Do any people got their comment?

Thanks sharing


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hi chris+florence,

2 weeks before that ah? too late lah.. you have to 'book' pple in advance... and if u give too late, its an impression that you only invite them bcos you need them to fill the tables...

you will also need the attendance to confirm how many tables you need.. so you have to start early...


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hi gals.. thanks for the responses... hmm.. seems like i might be giving like one month early .. KS a bit lor... cos my ad is 31st dec.. usually ppl will have plans for new year eve like parties, holiday and all those stuffs.. hopefully will have good turn-up responses **cross finger**


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i think it depends on your date. since yours is 31 dec, i think it's better if you give out the cards earlier (about 6 weeks before the date) or at least verbally inform the "impt" pple before then


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Mine is 1st Jan, not much diff from yours. What I am doing is e-mailing people for their avaliability and for those who can make it, asking them for their mailing address. So far, over 1 week, I have about 50% who responded over e-mail and the remaining had to be asked over SMS. I plan to send out all the cards by end of next week and on the second week of Dec, to call everyone to reconfirm. Since singaporeans are really spoilt and if you don't call then, they will not feel important and not turn up!


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Hi Robi,

thanks for sharing... yeah... need to remind them again and again.. hehe... esp ours is like special dates lor... i am giving out my invitation starting this week liao...


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wow.. seems like a few of our dates are quite "hot" dates. mine is one 24 dec. alot of my frens cant confirm due to the hols period. what can i do?
worse still, i've not printed my cards!!! help!!


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hi dolphinseah,

24dec is indeed a hot date as its xmas eve and ppl tends to b bz on that day..
omg!!! u havent print ur cards?
i can recomd u T-dragon. Ask for express service and u able to get ur cards in a weeks time.


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hi little bride

cakes is only for close relatives. I not sure whether is it a compulsory thing. have to depend on your parents ba..


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Deannen, dun need to sound. Just kindly inform them if they are attending your wedding. Be simple and straight. People will understand if you let them know the primary intention. Unless they are not sure if they will be posted out overseas on a biz trip eh.


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oh okie..but cos some im not sure if they will come if i invite them but dun invite also not very nice..hw u sort this out?


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i think u shud invite them. its upto dem to come or not. u do ur duty .. and invitation is generally a month or 3 weeks ahead ...