How important is sex?


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How important is it in a marriage? What if the couple seldom have sex? And what if the other partner doesn't satisfy you? How would you improve things?


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To the person who does not want sex, it's not important. To his/her spouse who does not get any, it's very important.

If a guy gets bored with a woman, there is nothing she can do except to bring along another hot female friend into the bedroom.


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i think it is one of the factor for a blissful married life actually. besides being compatible in terms of life goals and character, sexual compatibility also plays a big part in ensuring that husband and wife share a deeper bond.

communication is also very impt in sex... no one knows how to satisfy yourself except.. yourself. So i think a couple really needs to open about their needs and wants and talk about them. And by doing so, you will be able to improve your sex life.

and always be positive and encouraging! haha.. most importantly is still to have fun i guess... :p

all the best!


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sex is not only sex, but it is also a non verbal communication.

it is a body language, just like communication, such as language, it can make better or worse if they got in the wrong way. just like sex, it is able to turn relationship into a hot or sour, depend how you play.

i say it is important.


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you know, they say that sex is adult's playtime. If you are not busy having sex, are u2 busy playing? Or it the relationship so serious that nobody gets any playtime? If no play, how to have fun?


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sex ah. quite important leh. i feel that communication will need to be there if you r not satisfy. maybe can give your partner a few pointers ba.


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recently i felt that sex is so meaningless, i get arouse easily, but during penatration, i don't feel good. end product = sore thought i am wet. we discuss, trying to find new positions, prolong his cumming time. however only have unrination and soreness feeling


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lol looks like 90% here felt S is important but yet day to day lives we talk so little of it among frens n colleagues.

Guess it is only here we dare reveal everything openly, virtually..secretly.

Often, is only after marriage we discover a gap in the need of it. Meaning, some partners may have a higher drive than the other. Some need it 3x a week, some only need 3x a year.

I know female frens who always get wet wif the slightest arousement, whereas their hubbys' like a dead log, causing the wives to fantasize abt others. Some can even tell me during our lunch that they were wet there n then.

We came to accept the fact that gone r the olden days where only hubbys stray. We see many modern women expressing their sexuality daringly and looking discreetly for partners for satisfaction.


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There are as many answers to your question as there are people to answer it. For some once a year is enough, for other once an hour wouldn't quench their desire.

We have been married for 35+ years. In the early years we were so broke that sex was our only entertainment. We use it as a way to end arguments. No matter how heated the argument we alway make up with sex. To say that we have been happy every day for the last 35 would be a lie. We are still in love as much or more so than we were to start with.
I guess to us sex is one of the most important parts of marriage. Most things that you encounter in marriage isn't in your controll. Having sex is in your control.