How enthu was your bf?


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My bf was totally silent and not enthusiatic when we went to the bridal studio and wedding fairs. He told the salesperson all guys are like this.
Is this usual?

Mia F

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of course not! but can't deny that some men really has ZERO preference on everything and will leave it to the ladies to decide.


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I think it depends on individual, you should know him well from your usual shopping trips. My husband did not follow me to search for THE dress. I wanted to keep it as a surprise, so he only got to see it on the actual day. :)


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Sometimes might be a blessing. Best is when you can decide everything while he pays hahahaha. Mine likes to comment so even my wedding dress he will comment say nice or not. Sometimes get a lil annoying actually. Like, "lao niang like can?!?!" Hahaha!

But I guess some guys just dont know how to explain their feelings.