How do you know you stand a chance?


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it depends on the person doesn't it? listening to staff opinion on some matters is good, but u put it the other way - the staff and ground pple are also unlikely to have the bigger considerations in their scope of thoughts... it may never even cross their minds... nor be something they bother with. tat's where the middle pple come into place.

it's similar to how a country is run... whilst it's good to know how everyone feel, u cannot assume that everyone complaining at ground-level - have the mental attribute to foresee the implications based on the little daily affairs they are thinking of. housing policies, immigration policies etc - these are placed in the hands of pple who are proven to have foresight... at those positions, u simply have no time to seek everyone's approval nor opinion.

"And tell me which successful leader did not have a collective of opinions?"
- this rhetoric Does Not address WHO u seek the opinions from... but rather, simply questions the seeking of opinions. my answer to this question is Yes, but do note u dun ask dad, mum and little sis for their opinions on your company direction... u ask 'The Right Pple'.

it doesn't make u arrogant, not less humble... does it?


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yes milo,

the world is far bigger... that's why i dun really give time to those who live sheltered narrow unexposed lives. i dun listen to women lamenting abt porn nor facebook frens added simply becos this topic has been done n dusted within the scope of my life. i already know where i stand, i dun need to pretend to show humility and listen to them... am i being arrogant? if u say so, then i am... but doesn't bother me. would i ridicule? YES if the person simply doesn't get it and i'm in the mood to be sarcastic...

well some pple actually think sarcasm is bad... i shall not go into this but let's say they'll never know what Wit is, nor have they been exposed to Oscar Wilde.

being sensitive to pple is impt, but u can't make it an umbrella thing and decide that if i am insensitive now, i'm arrogant. it's Knowing when, where, who, how, why that makes the difference between experienced and naive.

some pple here... regardless of situation - are against divorce, and always suggest conselling... they are Not listening nor absorbing the situation... they merely suggest the only things they know... some religions have rules that are very unsuitable for this modern era, but u have pple following it and looking absolutely uptight.

u can entertain these unpolished unexposed pple... i dun think i need to... i have no time to teach pple what they should have learnt in their teens.

i have a very open mind... it's just not open to pple who think poorly.


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hi powder,

u r correct that ground staffs often do not understand nor appreciate the considerations for the strategic decisions made. Hence, the constant grumblers and complains. In a way, its in inevitable. However, leaders should not behave badly either. They might not need to get them to understand the corporate decisions, but doing insensitive acts to hurt their staffs is plain dumb.

Anyway, everyone here is anonymous and not bosses of other forumers. To behave as if you have 'big balls' would be plain irritating. Again, this is speaking generically. Not pinpointing any individuals. Others would frankly tell the him/her off. Why come into a forum to talk as if you are in a different level? That's talking not to be understood but more to feel great about oneself.

For sure, we cannot please the world.... it would be stupid for anyone to try that. But, its basic EQ and respect that I'm talking about here.

"u can entertain these unpolished unexposed pple... i dun think i need to... i have no time to teach pple what they should have learnt in their teens."

That's basically where our views differ.


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key word here is "irritating" i guess... u're irritated. same way i'm irritated with pple who have a lack of logic n common sense... or simply too lazy to do something.

i am irritated by pple who give Generic advice that everyone already knows, i'm irritated by pple who miss their periods and start a thread to ask "how huh?", i'm irritated by pple who have an itchy groin and start a thread instead of going clinic, i'm irritated by pple who post a thread to sell old magazines at $1 excluding postage.

Arrogant? nope... i shall say with much humility - just different priorities in life.

if i had a medical problem i would actually be seeing a doctor instead of posting here and waiting for a reply in the next 48hrs... seriously i'm not a big fan of such mentality, so i dun think if pple like this dislike me, it's gonna make me feel affected.

EQ and Respect are for pple who actually know it, and not simply use it at their convenience. if a person can't respect themselves, why should i respect them?

let's just say i'm ok posting and having this discussion with u... but i would never spend the same effort on some other individuals... they simply dun get it, and not in the near future... so i shall not even try.


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"if i had a medical problem i would actually be seeing a doctor instead of posting here and waiting for a reply in the next 48hrs... seriously i'm not a big fan of such mentality"

haha.... yes. I do understand that frustration.
But, really, I'm not talking about such things. I'm really speaking about arrogant behavior. Those that generally talk with their noses up high and with huge egos and hot air. No amount of achievements and knowledge would cause someone to become a stuck up arse.

Even if the TS is naive or irritating. There is a difference with telling the person off and being downright rude, insulting and arrogant.


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that one depends on who is looking at it... seriously. some pple will always think others are arrogant or show-offish Becos they themselves are underachievers...

when u buy a BMW, some pple will label u, when u buy a rolex etc... it depends on who's looking. my take on the current is that it isn't arrogant... not initially at least... its is basically knowing more than others.


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milo = like fairness, tries to rescue people or help the underdogs

powder = realize that there are more important priorities in life than to spend time guiding people who doesn't understand

scope = tries to 'save' people by giving them a harsh wakeup call, but is frustrated and start to lament when people cannot appreciate his good intentions

i think it is really not about humility/self confidence, etc. They are really non-issues. It's just that we have different philosophies in life, and thus find different things important. We are, and always will be different individuals with different values, so all these debating, though fun and stimulating, are really quite pointless, isn't it?


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Honestly, why should I be frustrated??? Or lament for people who cannot appreciate? It's as if I expect appreciation. LOL~

I like to read people talking about me as if they are experts... and they know everything. It's entertaining. Seriously, ask yourself, Hweebs... You are ALL avatars to me.

Why should I be frustrated with Avatars??? LOL~


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some pple play pool and can't pot

some pple play pool and pot a ball

some pple play pool and pot a ball whilst gearing for the next

some pple play pool and pot a ball after ball becos they're good

some pple play pool and mentally pot all 8 balls before they even proceed to touch the cue...

it's how u tackle life too... with anticipation and pro-active scenario-runs. plan a, plan b til plan z...

some pple take months over each setback, some take years... Life carries on, time ticks non-stop... some solve 7 problems in life... some solve 7 problems a week.... some seek 7 problems a day... some spend time finding problems in their head.

pointless will depend on how u want your life to be...

i think scope thinks a couple steps ahead of pple... call it experience or watever. for myself, it's similar... tat's why most times pple will only come back to understand wat i say 1year later. Most pple dun anticipate problems and live on hope that things will workout... they spend most of their time wasted on problems in vicious cycles...


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re. married/attached women:

yes - if I truly love her (for who she is, both externally and internally), i'll woo her - whether or not it's reciporated ultimately.

no - if it's an ego thingy or if i'm out to mislead and seek thrill. then it's just beyond me...


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juergen, what's the use of "acting normal" when you've already made the first step in confessing?

gotta be less naive. what's the big deal with rejection on the first date or something?

if you can't handle it, then it's your issue - not her liao.