How do you know you stand a chance?


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actually i dun see anything wrong with Scope n his posts in this thread and the other thread shown (sharing your love or something) thus far... it's a very male-form... and it's also very much in line with the norms... it's just that not many guys are very in-touch with their own male-ness, nor brought up in an environment with such wavelength...

this is more of a male-male language without the need to sugar-coat it for any reasons. without diplomacy n political correctness... guys like him may sound offensive, but they dun sneak up on u... and to me, i have more frens who speak and express this way, than those who have to be too diplomatic and 'fake-ish' at times.

i'm not speaking up for anyone, but seriously i dun see any issues. he is right in saying that if u like or want the woman... the status doesn't fcuking matter... that's for me too... i dun really care if a girl is attached, engaged, married, divorced or dying in 6mths' time... i would rather just love her and be with her... external factors play little part when it comes to love... so why should his version be discounted?

too many pple, especially women... torment themselves by spending 3yrs to do something they can do in 6mths. wanna date whilst separated - also must think twice abt what others say etc... who gives a sh!t? life passes u by... when u're on your deathbed hoping to live an extra 6mths... u'll be wishing u didn't spend 2yrs waiting to be divorced before u can date again.

and making love to women... just becos u slept with alot of women doesn't mean u're loose in values... making love is part of the whole process of love... and finding a sexually-compatible match is very impt at most points of our life, more than what others care to admit.

so really... i agree becos alot of pple spend their time living to societal and external expectations, and little for themselves... and ultimately, it's becos they dun have the fcuking balls to take control of their own lives and hold responsibility for it.

as for that love story... Reality is far from tv serials... tat's all i can say. Magical for guys is likely to include a great time, interllectual fun, and some physicals... not the same magical for a girl who needs to be Touched... with flowers and chocolates and extrvagant efforts that cannot be replicated thru'out life. 感动 doesn't win a guy's heart, as much as it can win a girl's heart.


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Ha ha.. I don't judge him.

Actually if you take away the way that you beat around the bush and the language he used.. he does make sense at times..

Of course other times, like all arguments when it become personal, the good sense does not prevail.

The part about him being pitiful is just a joke.

If you want to ignore him.. best is to really ignore him.. and not talk about him. Otherwise, what is ignoring him?


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powder, no one is really disputing everything he says. How would you like to talk to someone that talks as if he is the only one with facts and valid points, accuses you of all kinds of things, putting you down with insults and trying to 'educate' you with things u already know as if its rocket science that is exclusive knowledge to him. And he is some saviour here to educate. His lagi long messages mostly summed up with just a very basic guy guy view. No big deal at all. But him prizing it like its gold knowledge of that sort.

I duno about you man, this is definitely not guy guy but talk cock king man. The kind of individuals we face in every reservist.

sm, i do understand your sarcasm intended in your joke. As mentioned, I'm not really ignoring nor replying to him. I'm just advising others that are reacting to him to save their breath. Judge him for what? I merely read his intentions and advise others against it.


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It's very interesting to read the thoughts about myself. LOL~

Strange people. Go out there, see the world and get a life.


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Everyday, I am thinking of how to make myself happier. LOL~ If anything, I'm leaving for Europe later in the year or early next year.

Perhaps life for me and for you may mean very different thing. All the best~


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Ain't they clear? They are just troublemakers. LOL~

No matter, it's quite entertaining to read. I shared some stories with totally basically no elaborations, and people can start jumping on conclusions of my 'sexual' exploits... and accused that I can't attract women to marry me... hence I am what loser.


(Roars in laughter.)

What is love to them? I don't care. I love my women. If I were to be really sexually exploitative... I'd hunt down any women near me... But do you think I go for anything average or below average? If I go for quantity, I'd also not miss those hookers.

I had all the money in the world for hooking up hookers *everyday* since secondary school time. I could have also hooked up every single admirer at school... But I didn't, ok? Not ego. Just plain here.

They are just here to create trouble. And you see, they won't even make sense.

Does humble have anything to do with the issue here? LOL~ Why shouldn't I shun local girls?


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yoyoyo powder!

and milo!

and sm!

haha... I'm back!


like i said , Scope is just being honest. All of us are shaped by our previous experiences and events that took place in our lives. And then coming down to the individual, the same experiences and encounters mean different lessons for different people, perhaps depending on how fast a learner you are, how sensitive you are to other people or how self-centred you are. I don't think Scope is dumb. Perhaps just different.

This is also a forum where everyone is free to express their views. Taking this sentence into contemplation, it could be a double/triple/quadruple/n-sided sword because even flaming Scope is expressing a view so technically there is nothing wrong with that.

Personally I would like to meet Scope if given the chance, like how I met Powder. Some can say we are all like-minded and perhaps trying to assure our 'sad' ego that we are not alone in thinking how we are thinking. Haha. When I read through Scope's comments, I was wondering, in my own evolution, where do I stand. Do I stand a few steps ahead of Scope, or many steps behind? Everyone goes through a different path, there is no merit in whether one is ahead or behind, but it's just interesting to postulate how I may be like in future.

There are still lots to learn from milo, powder, sm (I read his story long time ago) and some of the new(er) members here. For me, coming back to this forum has been quite refreshing. Nice to see everyone and nice to know I can still continue learning from the 'intelligent' posts that I see.

Everyone chill lah. If there is no Scope in this world, there is no YOU. No villain no hero right?



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scope, I can see your point of view (for Juergen's problem)...all the way until you got baited and then all the verbal sparring come out all over again. Sorry ah, I kinda stupid here, can you elaborate your 'seduction plan' a bit? What exactly are you trying to tell Juergen to do when you ask him to go seduce the gal?

bedokboy: no villain no hero...agree. I checked the posts now and then...when scope was away, i think the rate of posting decreased by at least 50%, and mostly all of us are saying nothing stimulating. I guess if we keep to healthy sparring it is really quite good/entertaining. Scope, the one with have with junkie is absolutely hilarious, like watching drama like tat...fantastic :D


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Baited? I just thought to conclude on how those jokers are. Nothing much.

As for Junkie, I find teasing her interesting. I recently need some entertainment anyway.

As for seduction part... LOL~ How to explain?

As for the concept of villain and hero... LOL~ Frankly put, if you think I am a villain, it's fine. I'd be leaving Singapore in the future. So it's ok you guys and gals enjoy being 'heroes' in such a manner.


I don't deal with online people offline. Can't meet you people for copi.

I may meet people offline overseas, but seldom in Singapore. Too many smart-alec crappy people around. Don't like the risk.

Have a nice day. I just finish a movie, and it's time to feed again... LOL~


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There is some truths in what Scopeguy said about 'seduction' theory haha...but of course, it may also backfire..just be very careful and be prepared to face dire consequences too.

Let me share with you how my hubby won me over haha...

After so many failed relationships, I decided to go on multiple dates so I was dating and seeing 3 to 4 men that time. One of them is my hubby. Frankly, I was kind of keen on two of them, the other matter what methods they use, I just wouldn't be interested...but because they also didn't express their liking for me, we just went out on dates as friends.

Anyway the two men I liked, one is shy and one is very bold and daring. The bold one happens to be my hubby. On our third date or so, he just suddenly kissed me on my lips. When I asked him why he did that and if he was not afraid of any negative reactions on my part, he said he's all prepared to receive a tight slap and obviously, since I didn't, he knew I liked him and gave me a second kiss! Till this date, he's the only man who has the guts to do that to me and of course, coupled with a part of me liking him, it worked!

I'm not asking you to go round kissing girls of course. Who knoes, you may be sued for molestation but hey, sometimes you never know until u try. So that seduction part does work if the girl is slightly interested in you too.


I am a playful and cheeky person and talk of seduction theory..I dunno man. I can be considered to be a bold person since I already told her I like her...but might not be as bold as your hubby. I think I also did the same thing to my ex last time leh. Hahaha. I went to kiss her on her lips also. But of cuz it might not worked the same on all women.


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There is a difference between being bold and crazy. Guys that are bold also need some foresight and confidence abt their chance rather than just forcing to kiss any gal that caught their eyes. The key to the success is mutual attraction. U dun need to be a love guru and u can make many mistakes. As long as the attraction is there, chances is still pretty high.

As mentioned earlier, all these tricks are only effective in the initial courtship. How does it help in the long term if u r looking for a long term relationship. I am not rubbishing it but pointing out that one needs to look beyond.


Nvm lah. I know it's a tough nut to crack. She juz ended a long r/s and also could be still in an ambiguous relationship now.


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don't bait me leh Scope, you are a smart guy.

I'm sure you have heard of the book, The Game.

Some might say it's a waste of time, but I believe the techniques and approaches used there can apply to all sorts of situations, not just when you want to 'seduce' a girl. You can use it to 'seduce' everyone.


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Why do you need everyone when you only need someone? LOL~

I never read that book. Frankly, it's a big regret I was a big bo-chap in the art of wooing girls when I should be.

Nowadays, I find women only for primarily company purpose... Fine. If I hit anyone great, we'd talk about a future. I am more or less tired of women... I am a perfect heterosexual, but I must honestly confess...

Most women, no matter how beautiful, are junks. LOL~

I am not a smart guy. You are. At least, I won't waste time on pleasing others. European breeds are well known to be more romantic and erotic and relationship-prone. Guess before I set my foot in Europe, my lovelife will be a blank.

There are techniques and approaches... but women are different still, though they can be easily influenced by external factors such as stupid friends and such... Just say that fate will decide.

But if Juergen is going to listen to the others and let that girl decides, let nature takes its course... LOL~ He'd not get even a fighting chance. I tried that, I lost the most important lass in my life.

As a guy, love her... just tell her so; and don't give up. I was a proper guy, a bookworm type (or intelligent type), yet I was also medalist for sport events... LOL~ but I was too shy. No matter how good a guy is, no matter how many admirers he got, if he is shy he's finished.

And there is usually one girl that really matters. So if he doesn't check her up, he'd never know.

We must encourage him. Juergen is like facing too much confidence issue, giving himself too many excuses... So what the fvck she is having ambiguous relationship, or even attached?

Every girl worth your love has the common sense and right to choose anytime anywhere any status. Girls are not programmed robots, they are also individuals.

Both are options to one another, and to no other.

Let their hearts decide.


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wah Scope. Your situation not unlike many others. I think many guys out there do regret not having been bolder last time. After having encountered women (few for some, many for others), most of us have a basic idea of what we think of the opposite sex. I also feel I should have been bolder, but the funny thing is, I still hold myself back these days. Ironic hor?

And I also agree that there are indeed women like what you say. Most are like that actually. If there is one that thinks like a guy, maybe guys will still 'hiam' and think she is not 'womanly' enough. Right? To this point I'm sure many women will take offence and ask what is wrong, without first realising that what we are saying is not that there is a better way or a worse way to think. Just saying that there is a man way and a woman way. Women just seem more unpredictable that's all.

Separately, I think I have it figured out on what men want and what women want (from each other). Of course everyone wants money too. So my context is what they want from each other. But maybe that one digress another time.

As for needing everyone, I was trying to say that seduction can be used in everyday life. The word seduction may imply the sexual context but for me it encompasses many other things you can get from other ppl. You can seduce your boss for higher pay, better job prospects, your wife/gf for a better marriage/relationship, your neighbour for better neighbourhood relations, etc.

I think a lot of women who have been offended by you in the past think too fast, thinking that you think you are some 1st class lover/playboy who thinks very highly of himself and can take whichever girl he wants. If I'm not wrong, what you are trying to say is everyone has a right to make a choice. To that extent, you are even encouraging the women themselves to empower themselves and respect the choice they made and will make. Choice in existing partner, choice in new partner, choice in committing to existing partner, choice in considering new partner, etc.

Soemthing like that?


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Hmmm...actually i dunno whether i had been rooting for 'let nature take its course'. I think to try and be around all the time without appearing pushy takes a lot of hard work. I have this concept that love grows from the many memorable moments spent together, e.g. when she is hurted, rejected, dejected, in danger etc. All these will allow her to build reliance/dependence on you, and when the moment comes for you to go, the detachment process will be so painful that she will mistake it for love. Is this theory sound? What do you all think?


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that's why some ppl think too much about 'going steady' not realising that it's not marriage. Love still has to blossom from the relationship trials and tribulations. Absence, time apart, obstacles faced together, fighting against each other, fighting together, having fun together, playing together...

But if it was started and built upon good intentions, why should it be mistaken for love?


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Quite true, something like that. It's time for women to start thinking hard about relationship matters, IF they seriously think commitment is so sacred to them.

But looking at all those loose-fires... LOL~ Entertaining but sad. And of course, won't affect me since... you don't expect me to buy their craps to replace the gems in my bag.

If you ask me, I was hoping to let them 'attack' on, and see how much rubbish can women have. It'd be gainful to learn more on local women.

Bold is not exactly the issue here for many decent guys with decent intents... technically speaking, rapists are the epitome of boldness with their desires n designs for women. We are too honorable to fall into that class of assholes.

If I am not wrong, we thought too much about the women when we fall in love, always giving us excuses that this is not the right thing or time to do because (eg) she said she just ended a long relationship, and she needs to cool down and what rubbish... ... Yes, it's also due to us being shy.

But basically, when a guy does love someone, he'd think too much from the assumptions based on the women's 'lies or excuses'. As for myself, this is not exactly the issue, I was in a confusion... In fact, I was shy but I am the type who'd be bold enough to at least push myself into even a disasterous attempt... LOL~

So... For me, when I am more or less stabilised, finding womanly company is chicken feat. As I have said, finding women is not tough, finding love is. LOL~ I am not a playboy, I like making my women happy... I am the type who'd secretly arrange for a choir at the restaurant to suddenly pop out to wish her a happy birthday... and such.

Don't try to figure out what women want... They don't know what they really want in general. Trust me.

My experience with women is very simple... They don't use their brains; suspicious while brainless means disasterous, because hence will their expectations be ridiculous. See? And I am not surprised at all even Milo was jumping on conclusions merely from some loose-tales with no elaborations that women jumped on them. And he calls himself a man???

Nothing personal.

Read Denise80's views on various cases, she started out pretty unfriendly... But she shows she's different without telling me she's different. That means women still got exceptions, I am looking for the particular one of those exceptions. While Hweebs is too easily swayed. LOL~

Alot of women... I don't care about alot of women. I only care about those women who are like not alot of women. LOL~ Be it being friends... I'd prefer the smarter exceptions among them. Denise80 may not be the smartest, I don't think she thinks like a guy. See?

You can still be womanly attractive even if you are smart. It's useless to tell me local women are so smart not to choose me and such... when all I was presented with is pure gabbage. LOL~

To clarify, I don't know Denise80 in real life, but she's really standing out among those women here. She deserves the praise.

I think it's very clear-cut with even men... different men value things differently, hence in what they want out of women.

Most men just want sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex... ...

If I only want sex... I don't need to be so seriously having a headache with women.

Believe me, Women are born to be unpredictable, even to themselves. Without high cultural basis, they are merely suspicious and vengeful creatures who are often consumed by their own miserable pride. If I am not here for Monokuro, she'd get angry and more angry with the fans of this forum, she'd only have one instinctive option: Divorce.

Sad story...

I despise women who want money out of relationship. I respect Monokuro for feeling nothing by funding her husband, though she's not exactly smart to face reality. A couple or related people should come together and build a better world based on real love.

You watched those stupid shows about women hoping to marry high income people...

Many news of millionaires or billionaires bankrupted and their 'love ones' left them... LOL~ I might as well stick to hookers for 'love'.

The greatest wealth in a relationship is the person you are in love with.

Yes. Women need to think hard. Happiness will require a fight for, when it reckons so. Too many women hope happiness will just land into their hands... LOL~ But I am not trying to convert them.

For what?


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-why should it be mistaken for love?

hmmm...because human beings (especially women?) are afraid of loneliness, so will prefer to be part of a couple/group, etc. Actually love is pretty hard to define isn't it? There is the love at first sight, love with lots of sexual energy and chemistry, love that involves prince charming and snow white, love that is longstanding and stable, platonic love, eros, agape, etc. Maybe the girl doesn't think Juergen is her type (type meaning, eg. she is currently looking for love at first sight but juergen may end up to be prince charming material, etc), but the relationship will grow into a type of love she is not looking for, and by the time she realized that, she has fallen in love with someone she is NOT looking for, and is stuck because she doesn't want to change the status from a twosome to a onesome. Voila, recipe for Juergen :p


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scope: I don't believe there is only one truth in the world, so when there are views that I can understand and agree, I take a new stand that reflects a new truth that I perceive. No idea whether this means I am easily swayed or just am open minded :p


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lately i'm beginning to think there is no such thing as love. Or at least, it's actually made up of several things, eg respect, admiration, lust, friendship, dependence, insurance against old age, etc.

Human beings have got so many agenda sometimes and sometimes we can find one person who fits most, or at least fits the most important agenda. Over time perhaps it's not politically correct to say you are with this person because of all the reasons I mentioned earlier, so it's easy and convenient to call it love lor. U think?

As for Juergen's case. Yes somewhat there. You are right. And that's why Scope is so frustrated over women not knowing what they want.


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for the pple whose life puts them at the centre of the universe... the preconceived notions of love tend to be very naive indeed...

for those who have reached a point of realization that they are part of the universe... they tend to have a more rounded view with different context for different pple and aspects...

the reason why pple argue isn't becos either is wrong... but becos one sees more than the other... and honestly, most ladies in this forum are pretty ill-exposed. but it's not an attack, but rather... to illustrate that there's no weather-beaten/war-beaten dimension to them and that is reflected in the sharing...

Romeo and Juliet, though standing the test of time... remains a rather silly story which Does Not need to end in the tragic deaths had they been more wise to the ways of the world...

i could always sense that if Romeo & Juliet had married and reached their mid-30s... they might not feel the same way abt each other.


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well powder, if one is indeed being open and having a more all rounded view of pple and aspects. Would one be so quick to pass a judgement on the entire gender or population?

While there are plenty of princess mentality women around, its never entirely everyone. The insistence to push that down as some reality and anyone that disagrees somehow a trouble maker, brainless and easily swayed really irks me. How would any discussion be possible if the only acceptable tone is those in tune with one pov?

We are all contributing to threads where we all have differing views.

"If I am not here for Monokuro, she'd get angry and more angry with the fans of this forum, she'd only have one instinctive option: Divorce."
Isn't that a totally big and egoistic claim? As if he is some savior here to save the TS? How illogical is that claim?

Frankly, most people don't believe in Romeo & Juliet kind of stuffs. Even the youths nowadays.


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On the balance of things, I would support milo latest post.

It is one thing to have "seen the world" and be able to have a more balanced view. It is another thing to take a quick sweep of the issues at hand by dismissal instead of having to argue the said issues.

But anyway, some of us would have pre-conceived notions of certain poster (by the fact that they had posted something)... I believe we should just look at the particular post at hand and address it accordingly. Unless one is able to keep track of all the posts and do a grand analysis.

Of course there are really troublemakers that made one-liner each time without any merit in what they say.


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sm, I'm not doubting his advise offered in all thread. Which is the reason why I had not spoken anything against that thread till this stupid claim here. He isn't the only frank person around. Its clearly more of his ego fanning.

Mostly, I'm advising people that are having long arguments with him to save their breath.


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well milo,

first off - my last post wasn't in defence of anyone, but my personal views... i'm done with my view on scope's post.

"well powder, if one is indeed being open and having a more all rounded view of pple and aspects. Would one be so quick to pass a judgement on the entire gender or population?"

- u need to make a call in life... i have made many calls in life and they have led me to where i am, who i am, and what defines me. Passing judgment happens every split second of our life... whether or not the judgment is right or wrong will come in due course... it cannot be determined here and now.

my use of the word "most" is rather impt, and using "in this forum" further narrows it to SOME spore women, rather than MOST. most in this forum = some in spore... As a worldly person - u note the gender biase and prejudices and u incorporate them in your judgments... thru jokes, thur making calls in life. u also make jugdment on races/religion and the suitability to certain roles... u can't get a staunch christian to be a mamasan in a ktv can u? but ktvs will need their mamasans and the world will still live...

some pple spend much of their time Obsessed with their judgments, ie ready to point fingers at PRC women... or at straying men...

i dun look for situations to bash, but to share, perhaps educate... and i'm pretty certain i am in That position.

anyway, good to have everyone back.

juergen is a wimp... which guy actually comes to a forum to ask if he stands a chance? he should spend the time just doing what needs...


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hi powder,

not completely agreeing with the making the call point. Its a discussion not a decision making situation. We make calls in consideration of the risks and uncertainties. Not too many things in life are certain. It doesn't mean our judgements are always correct, only one nor the best. Regardless what call we make, we need to respect the other options.

But, u r right about being obsessed with judgements and the need to judge and condemn things and people around that is in no way relevant nor helping their situation.

It might be quite wimpy doing what he is in here. But come on, not everyone is born with the same talents. And I'm sure the sharing and his experience to come would do him good. Someday, he would be more confident and sure about himself and relationship.


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wimp or not, which for now he does qualify to be one, hopefully one day he blossoms into a confident rake! haha.


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well bro,

"Regardless what call we make, we need to respect the other options."

- not really... not at all... i respect pple if they've earned it, not simply becos they have something to add and i Have To respect their opinion simply becos they have one. that's far too diplomatic... sometimes foolishness and stupidity is pretty clearcut, depending on where u're standing on... i dun need to respect stupid foolish opinions nor give them any form of weight.

yeah, today he's a wimp, tomoro he's a hunk. but if i dun tell him he's a wimp... he may think he's a hunk and be egged into becoming what some ladies expect in a man, without realising these are what i call the 'dreamy' ladies...

scope is abit like me in the sense that he doesn't really care for diplomacy and he's pretty straightforward... after that he's just him. i dun suport him, i merely understand where he's coming from... to the layman and un-intiated forummer - i am ganging up with him (much like how some dumbass pple think u, me, sm etc are "a gang" of regulars).

well... that's a foolish judgment, i'm not gonna sugar-coat it nor be diplomatic. some pple are a little 'wet behind the ears' but they dun know... i think i Have To tell them.


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bedokboy: somewhat agree with what you say. But then again, what is language but a medium to convey meanings in communication?
Love is just a four letter word...human beings are the ones who define what it means. When I reflect on what you wrote, I wonder if what we (human beings) need is really just affiliation, power and achievement, and all the relationships we try to have in the world is really to satisfy these three needs. But if we are to really dissect love to such an extent, to neurochemicals, to inborn drives, motives and unfulfilled childhood needs, it somehow makes life more lacklustre, less mysterious, and maybe also less fascinating. Maybe it is better if love retains its mysterious properties, so we can all 'dream' now and then, and life/living is then perhaps more bearable.

for the rest of you guys: we are all mature adults, and have chosen to come here to read, and write. It's up to us/you what you choose to write and respond, and also what rubbish you want to filter out. At the end of the day, what you write and how you convey your opinion will reflect who you are as a person, be it someone who is judgmental or not. We are responsible for how we want to be portrayed, so there is really no need to 'police/persecute' for let's say, the 'innocents'.

powder: I will think that romeo and juliet most likely got together because everybody around them opposed to their relationship...this forbidden love/defiance thingy can really drive one crazy. I'll bet if suddenly all the obstacles went away they will almost immediately fall out of love. On the other hand, if the families continue to object violently to them after the marriage, this may by itself keep them together (in a team) until all the 'protestors' died out.


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powder, respecting opinions isn't about diplomatic. Its recognition on how limited one's perspective can be in comparison with the dynamic environment. We are always changing and perspectives evolving. The very judgement we hold today may see totally stupid tomorrow.

And you are telling me that we need not respect that? I really cannot quite agree with that.


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yes i am telling u i cannot agree with respecting opinions for being opinions...

if u tell me IT stuff, i will just keep my mouth shut becos i know nuts. if i speak abt IT stuff to u... do u need to respect my opinion simply becos i'm speaking? i could be blabbering nonsense and talking absolute crap and u have to respect me?

what u said is true upto a certain extent... but where i am now on This Topic Alone, it's a direct NO. when u know u're right and u're no longer a little teenager with little experience in life... i can agree. but No, Not at my stage... i dun think i need to respect opinions simply becos it came out of mouths.

i'm telling u i dun need to respect, not telling u "we need not respect that". there is no WE here... i am ahead of some, if not most. so there is no "we". it is an "I".


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hi hweebs,

yeah... agreed on romeo on juliet... for that same matter, there's a rebellious streak in some pple... they oppose for the sake of opposing, sometimes to seek attention...

well i may fall into this category too... but then i have all the credentials to be good for it and lend weight to my opinion. if i talk nonsense and pple respect me for it... then these pple are so freakin fake.

neither do i see a need to act humbly for the sake of being seen that way... humility is primarily for pple who have nothing to be proud abt.


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hi bro, don't think IT is a good analogy leh.

i will never try to shut another from talking about IT. Because I know how the technology is always evolving. Even subscribing to all the newsfeeds, having read engadgets etc, one can never always be relevant to all information.

I completely disagree that humility is for pple with nothing to be proud of. We can be proud without being arrogant. One can surely be humble despite their success, wealth and wisedom. Being stuck up and talking big with noses high up has more to do with personality than their accomplishments.


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it's not an analogy, it's reality... when comes to IT talk, i keep quiet... i lost track since wordstar.

i knew u'd disagree on humility becos we see from 2 different angles... it's a long explanation, one day u'll realise this... but i'll put it very simply...

average folks pick humility becos they can't be otherwise.

most pple only truly appreciate humility IF the person showing it - is successful or rich... else u dun notice it in average folks becos u can't tell if they are humble Simply becos they were never in position to be otherwise.

i have a choice to be humble... the average man Doesn't... he is humbled by his own weakness and inability to excel.

i do find that i'm stuckup sometimes... of cos with u and others, stuckup is a negative thing... it's like a defect. but if u're the ceo in the driver's seat and u make decisions that change and improve lives for your staff and company... i dun think u need to pretend to be humble and listen to everyone's opinions. the aunties would be concerned with a well-stocked pantry... the uncles would be concerned with increments n promotions... All of them see life surrounding their needs... Your responsibility is in taking the company to the next level...

if u have time to listen to them now... it's becos u do not have the kind of responsibility where u simply have no time for mediocrity nor mundanes... yes it sounds stuckup, but it's a sad fact that not everyone uses their 24hrs the same way and some dabble in mediocrity.

if a person talk rot, talk low-level stuff, talk like an idiot... i dun think need to humbly listen... tell them they are talking rot or dun talk. same way i dun answer in threads with low-level thoughts like "How to determine if he really put you into his heart".

it's either u can't make a judgment on the mentality of such pple... or u dun dare and try to be diplomatic.


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Everyone have a choice to be humble, average or not. You are a big fish in a small pond, you can choose not to, you are a small fish in a big pond and let's see how you choose. You may have made strike a certain level now but you are still far from a lot.
A CEO trying to change and improve the life of your staff and company need not listen to your staff's opinion? Then what life to improve? A CEO is merely one person on the helm, which company is only driven by one person ?
And tell me which successful leader did not have a collective of opinions? Humility is as much an option for you and for the average think no less of others.


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hi bro, the way i see it.... having the humility doesn't mean having to listen and agree with what everyone else says. If a person talk rot, there is nothing so weird or wrong to tell him or her off. But, it doesn't mean one has to behave in an arrogant manner, insulting and ridiculing others. I'm not targetting anyone but talking in general. As I mentioned in my previous reply, one can be really proud of their achievements. They ought to, but this has nothing to do with be an insensitive arrogant ass that sees and values nothing except their own perspectives and priorities.

The only defect I see is the shut down of one's perspective. This really works against open mindedness. Its precisely that the world doesn't revolve around us, we exist only in this short period of instance and time. The world is far bigger than us definitely.