How can I get over?


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i just want to share my feeling now..

Me and him work in same company. Today i saw a car parking at our office, my six sense tell me he is driving his ex car.

To find out the true, i wanted at his block for abt 2 hours but did not see him.

I went home and i went there again at ard 9pm. Then i saw the same car. I went opposite the road and lookup (he living at 3rd floor), i saw him and his ex. And i saw them kissing.

I really hated him so much now, he has been lieing to me and yet i choose to believe him. I feel like I am a fool and wasted my time on him.

I know i am stupid but i just dont know why i still feel for such a guy.


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Time to go. don't look back. a lesson learnt and move on from there. At least you know what kind of person he is than to be kept in the dark.


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sky 5; Sorry to say, but your ex is selfish.

He does not want to patch things up,
and yet still cling on to you.

Dont understand why must he make things hard for you when he does not want to contribute.

Time to move on,
and someone glad will is out there for you!