Hotel which is most suitable for 10 to 12 tables


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Hi everyone,

I am looking around for a venue with is suitable for 10 to 12 tables. Many of the big hotels have nice ball for 40 to 50 tables but not so nice ball room for smaller wedding.

Anyone can advice the nicest ballroom for 10 to 12 tables?

Budget will be not more than 1500.

Thank you very much.


can try grand park orchard..

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Pan Pacific Singapore or Fulleration Hotel Straits Room ( min 8 to 12 tables) or Sheraton
TOPAZ ROOM (Mini requirement for Lunch, Weekday and Weekend dinner - 10 tables n Maxi Capacity - 12 tables)
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Raffles hotel has beautiful small ballrooms that accommodate 12 tables. Try the east india ballroom. I love it... except im having a minimum of 50 tables. .. lol


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I have a wedding lunch available on 1st March 2014 @ Pan Pac Orchard for up to 12 tables. Each table is able to sit 12 pax comfortability .
Ball room is very long with no pillars and has 2 entrances. Marching in can have the option of Bride & Groom coming in from each entrances, meet in the middle & continue the march to the stage, or simply come in together & have a long march in. Nice big reception area able to set up at least 4 to 6 booths (candy booth, photo booth, etc) if nescessary. Each table of 10 is $828++. Contact me if you are keen.

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You can also consider some of the smaller restaurants in Singapore?

i think Four Seasons also has a smaller room, and so does Copthorne as well. You just need to go and kaypoh on all their websites and enquire. If you love a certain hotel and are not sure, dun be shy to email!