Hotel informed about renovation only 3 months before actual day


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Fellow brides/ grooms,

Due to the hotel's renovation plans, only the wedding ball room is available on the actual day and we are unable to access the bridal suite.
To work around this, the hotel arranges a deluxe room at a nearby hotel and provide us an extra function room for resting/ changing. The mock up of the function room looks really bad for such as important day. No decoration at all. Just sofa, changing corner and makeup table.

We do not like the arrangement but the hotel doesnt want to give in and says that they can return the deposit back. We are very close to the actual day and will have difficulties securing a good alternative hotel at such short notice.

What options can we take? feels hands are tied.


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Could you consider asking the hotel if the function room can be decorated? Since it is reserved for you, and it is the hotel's renovations that are causing the issue, maybe your bridal party can decorate the function room the day before to make it look nicer/to your satisfaction? Or if bridal suites are not an option, how about a normal hotel room?

Given how all of the hotel prices seem to have risen (due to increase in number of weddings being held) and also the lack of availability for certain popular dates, you may not want to go look for another hotel at higher prices. Perhaps you can take a step back from the situation and ask yourself whether this hotel is worth the extra effort. At the end of the day, the changing room/resting room may not feature much during the actual day or the photos of the reception.