Hotel banquet with tasty food

Hi, which are the hotels that serves food from restaurants? Using it as a way to short list my possible venues. These are what I've found so far. Pls feel free to add or comment

Carlton - Wah Lok
Crowne Plaza - Imperial Treasure
Goodwood Park - Min Jiang
Mandarin Orchard - Mandarin Court
Marriott - Wan Hao
Regent - Summer Palace


Don't know about the restaurants, but I attended weddings at Four Seasons and Amara Sanctuary and the food was really good! Both of them have really really awesome cod fish... Just remembering it makes me hungry, lol!
Ya I've seen reviews on hotels that food is good although there's no "brand". Just not sure about the consistency. After all, weddings are planned more than 1 year in advance n things may change?

These have good reviews on their food:
Amara at Tanjong Pagar
Joyden hall


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Hi Anyone been to a wedding dinner at Serangoon gardens country club before? Any reviews on the food?