HORROR!! Unpleasant Experience with Monti Help!


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Hi All,

We will like to share about our unpleasant experience with Monti.
Our wedding is nearing and we are panicking.

1) Steak doneness ( Only allowed to choose 2 )
We do not understand even normal restaurants can cater to this yet for wedding banquet they cant even allow guest to pre define their doness?
There is people who like it medium rare, some medium some well done. How is it even possible to just choose 2 for 150 guest?!
Isnt that ridiculous?

2) We are allowed with 2 main choice, either fish or beef. We requested that for those eating fish to allow seafood related appertiser.
For those that eat beefs to give raw beef tarte as appertiser. But their answer is no! They only allow everyone to go for one choice - the beef tarte
It is obvious that those who choose seafood does not eat beef! Orthose that eat beef might be allergic to seafood!
How can you force only 1 type?

3) During wedding fair our beef was approx 200gram, but our actual menu only give 160gram?!

Have anyone have their wedding banquet at Monti? Is it like this too?
If we knew it is going to be like this, we will NEVER have sign up with them. OMG

Please help guys..


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Hi, I don't have experience with Monti. I would suggest for you to double-check the terms and conditions for the wedding package that you have signed with them. For mine, the restaurant strictly followed the signed contract, however we could still request for something outside of the contract, subject to a small top-up fee.

1. Perhaps you can request your guest to indicate their preference of the 2 options when they RSVP. I've done something similar and my guests were quite accommodating.

2. We picked a neutral appetiser that's neither seafood nor beef related. My restaurant also mandated a common appetizer for both options... There might be further room for negotiation as you are inviting quite a huge party (150pax) or you may require to top up as in my case.

3. Was it in the brochure or signed contract? It will be better if it was stated somewhere in writing so that Monti can honor the terms.

I understand it could be quite stressing planning for wedding and ensuring all details are perfect. At the end of the day, yours and your spouse's happiness are most important and chances are, your guests might not remember what they have had on your wedding.

Take care and enjoy your big day! :)


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Thanks Silentknight06 for your reply.

1. We did ask our guest to indicate their preference ( hoping they only choose either of the 2 listed ). But many mention out of the range. Hence we just decide to let them know in advance with regards to the difference in doneness.

However this were their reply:
Also from your seating plan, I see more than 3 doneness for the beef. As per mentioned above, the kitchen will have to stick to 2 doneness for all guests. So unfortunately we are unable to cater to this 3 doneness.

We are so disappointed that they were obviously unwilling to do anything about it. Something that I really cannot comprehend. If normal resturant can serve all kind of doneness. We do not understand why they cant even do it. Especially we already let them know in advance.

2. I see thank you.

3. Nope nothing was written, they did not mention the gram. Just felt cheated. They verbally mention it is the same from wedding fair to actual event. But during food tasting we notice the drastic different in size. Sigh.


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:( seems like a scam/false advertising by the Monti... doesn't seem like they're open to negotiation, perhaps if the doneness is really important for the guests, maybe you could request to add 1 more option for a small fee?

Hope everything will go smoothly for you!


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No Monti experience here.
Just sharing since I just got over myself for trying to manipulate the menu to ensure every guest will leave satisfied (or just myself??). I wanted to change pairing sides, appetizer options, steak cuts etc... and got frustrated. When I 'consulted' my SO, he said "don't fix what's not broken, or you'd really have something to fix". We deliver our best when we do what we are familiar with, yes?

Guests are coming to celebrate your marriage, not write a food blog review (hopefully not the case), and if the steak is really more well-done then what they requested.. I am certain they won't fault you & unlikely to be checking their steak done-ness, whilst enjoying a beautiful wedding mood! In your case, you might want to select a neutral common ie. salmon tartare, duck salad or chicken chowder. Beef allergy is rather uncommon, and whilst I love seafood, an entire 5-course seafood course menu pairing can be a little unexciting to the palate imho.

It'd be hard to have a reputable restaurant reply you a black/white on the exact gram now, given how upset you are too. Would you try to work your 1-Host Planner to empathize your position (without calling them a fraud) & have her promise that all guests will not leave underwhelmed and unsatisfied? Have her consider how Monti/1-Host venues be found wanting for future events, especially when many of your guests are in the same season of marriage.

I shortlisted my food tasting based on what's offered on menu as-is, with my planner's assistance to describe each dish's flavors for pairing reference (and plating aesthetics). Have some faith and praying for your wedding to lock in beautiful core memories in-spite of all your anxieties!