Horrible service at Amara sanctuary resort sentosa


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I just held my solemnization and lunch reception at amara. The food was delicious but the service was really bad.

First of all I was really unhappy with the change in sales person incharge. I am a Singaporean but I’m living in Japan so I took a trip back to Singapore so that i can meet up with the incharge to discuss the details in nov 2018. I mentioned to my first incharge Joey that it was because of her prompt reply and detailed information that i decided to choose amara sentosa instead of mbs (i was looking at this two places at that time).

However only a few days after I am back in Japan after our meetup, I received an email saying that she will be quitting in a week’s time and someone else will be taking over. To be honest, if Joey is gonna leave (i believe she has to serve at least 1 mth notice) then there should be someone else meeting up with me instead of her. So after Joey left, another new sales person, J.C, took over. I am not sure whether she is new in this field because she absolutely do not know what is going on. I have to repeat myself for a few times for the same qn and she made a mistake for the wedding favors that i want. I ordered sakura bowls but she sent me an email in the middle of the night to ask whether i want king or queen design for the towels. When did i even mentioned that i want towels as the wedding favors!? So basically she mixed up my wedding with another taiwanese couple. Mad awesome.


Next, I told J.C that my parents and i will be checking in one day before the wedding ceremony. We took a cab and arrived at sentosa separately. My parents’ cab do not need to pay extra $2/pax when they entered but for me i need. I did explain to the staffs at the gantry but they told me that they weren’t aware of that so i need to pay the fees. I mentioned to J.C about that and she told me that she will refund the money to me but i didn’t received it at all. I even had the receipt with me.



When my parents arrived at the front desk, they were not allowed to check in because they were told that the front desk do not know whether she is my “real mother” so they cannot check her in. I used my mom’s name to book the room through J.C, how can they say that they cant verify. Hello, can check NRIC right?

On the actual day, i requested for tang yuan to be serve to my room. In my email, she mentioned that she will arranged for two bowls with two tang yuan in it. (See pic) What i got was one big bowl with 10 tang yuan. Not one big bowl. And there is no spoon provided for me. So do we use our hands to eat? When i contacted J.C, she told me the staff forget to bring the bowls up. Hmmm forget? I need to follow the time schedule, so you are telling me that you forget this and that? Erm, this is a wedding leh. For goodness sake, i believe everyone knows why i need two bowls. She is chinese, she should know why i want tang yuan. I think she is not married yet but if you are in this field, at least try to learn what are some of the things that are needed for wedding. Mine is considered a very simple one already.



When we are at the glass pavilion waiting for the solemnization to start, J.C was standing under the shade (tree). She wasn’t in the glass pavilion when the solemnization starts but the banquet team incharge was there instead. She did not even say hi to my parents or in laws. All she did was to hand me a straw so that i can drink water and only ONCE. My makeup artist couldnt even stand it so she ended up ushering some of the guests instead, helping serve the guests and tell them where they can have their cocktail and canopes. Also most of my guests are elderly, they don’t know where the drinks are.

For the lunch reception, i was told that my husband and my share will be serve to us afterwards so that we can eat as well. I also mentioned to one of the staff to serve it to our room later but we did not receive any food after that. We were so tired and hungry and ended up ordering room service instead.
I can’t be bothered to even contact J.C about it. At least the food is really nice, i am happy about it.

Btw, she wasn’t there at all throughout the event. I don’t know where she is. She just left everything to the banquet team.

During my meetup with J.C I mentioned that i need the aircon to be at full blast since my guests are from taiwan and japan so their jackets are quite thick. I am afraid that they might feel too hot so i want the aircon to be strong. But the aircon was set at 29degree celcius. My bridesmaids complained for 2-3 times and then they reluctantly brought in two HUGE cooler. Seriously it was so freaking ugly. (See pic for the temp at the function room. For cooler pic, that wasn’t the one at amara, i took a pic of the cooler that js similar to that. I am 166cm. That two cooler was about my height. Imagine placing that at your wedding banquet).



Lastly, there was a huge issue when i am checking out and making payment. Basically after the banquet (on the actual day) the banquet team incharge came to me to double check with me on the outstanding balance. Is was around 3.5k plus. However on the day we check out, i was told that there is an extra 1.7 k sgd that i need to pay. No one at the front desk knew what extra charges is it. I called J.C and she told that that the banquet team has made a mistake on the amount so i have to pay another 1.7k sgd plus more. It is absolutely ok for me to pay but why did they not inform me beforehand!? J.C told me through the phone that i have went back to my room after the banquet so they couldnt contact me. Excuse me but i stayed at your hotel. Your should know which room i am in and it’s basic courtesy to contact me. Btw, J.C doesn’t even know which room i am staying in.



By the way, Joey told me that Karen will be the one who is incharge but i have never even seen her even for once. (See pic)

There are more minor issues that i am unhappy with but I’m to tired to write everything down already.

Do improve your service and check on the sales team because i believe they are not guiding the newcomers well. If she is not experienced, someone should have be there to assist her.

I have posted on fb feedback but till now they did not address the issue. Only an auto-reply was sent.

Please, anyone who is considering amara, do reconsider.