Horrible: Buttercups Montessori - Bus Operator


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I would like to lodge a complaint on this private school bus operator for
Buttercup Montessori branch at Rochester Mall. He is called Felix,

Last year between October to November, I wanted to enroll my son into this
school in January 2013 when he turns 18 months. The school timing for him is
815-1045am. Since I am working, I checked with the school regarding
transportation arrangement. The person-in-charged advised me to call Felix.
I called him and told him that I would need to send my son back to my
mother's place Monday to Friday at 1045am. He advised that he was the only
student at that time slot but advised me that it was okie. So before I
finally made the payment and other arrangement, I called him again to
confirm. During this period till January, I have been calling him many times
to confirm.

Before the 1st day of school, I called him to confirm again. On 28th January
2013, my son's first day of school, I called him in the morning to confirm
again. He appeared, with no school bus, but his own private car, and wanted
to send my son and I back. I asked him was this going to be a routine fetch,
he tried to explain that it was not economical for him to send a school bus
with a helper to send just one student back. I told him I arranged for the
school because he told me he was able to send my son back. He said he did
not know the timing was for 1045am. I was very certain that I have told him
so many times, that he will be going home at 1045am for his age. He tried to
salvage the situation by telling me to keep my own helper there so that he
can arrange his school bus to fetch with no helper. I don't think this is
acceptable as I do not wish to keep my helper there for 2.5 hours loitering
around when she can be doing something more useful at home. Then he advised
he will try to ask school for a refund that time I can terminate school
immediately. Obviously the school will not do that. He tried to ask me to
talk to the school instead.

Finally, he suggested that the school bus will fetch my mum from my mum's
house and send them to the school and fetch everyone home. We have to accept
this arrangement. However, we do note that under the regulation, every
school bus has to have a helper in the bus to take care of the kids. My mum
has to go through the whole hassle to go to school to fetch my son. This
also means after 1st term, my son has to stop going to this school since
there is no more transportation available. Also, note that in order to
prepare my son for this school, we have gone through the hassle of enrolling
in December holiday program, send him to school for snacks for 3 days before
school starts and also to apply leave to send him to school for the 1st

Please note about this horrible school bus operator. His way of handling
this matter is totally not acceptable. As a consumer, I have no choice but
to accept this.


image, he sent your son a private limo, and you insist for your son to ride a bus ?

what kind of private car is he driving? if he is not driving an old clunker.. his car is probably much safer with crash pillows etc.. than a big tin can on wheels (school bus).

i`d be ecstatic if my kids get to be driven around in a limo at the price of a bus service.

your child is only 18months..he\she is safer in a child seat n strapped safely into a rear car seat.

please remember your child will grow up and this inconvenience is only temporary.


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Hi Image,

Relax, relax, cool down.
Your son is only 18 months, just stay at home with grandma and your helper.

I'm sure grandma can teach simple chinese characters, play with him in the playground, enjoy music, walk in the garden and life skills.

My kids only go to school at 4 years old and yet they are in the top 25% of the top primary school.

When I read that you send your son for Dec holiday program and all the school-going prep, for a moment I thought you are preparing him for PSLE.

Save the school fee money for family holidays. Let the kid have some fun with family members first, school can come later, many more schooling years to come.