Hong Kong


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Hotel Jen (used to be called Novotel Harbourside) near Western Market area. It is a bit out of the way, but hotel is new and clean. There is a shuttle bus that alights and picks up at specific timing (e.g. IFC mall at Central area - city check-in), Admiralty. I stayed there last week. Other than having to rely quite a bit on the shuttle to get out, you can also opt to take the tram HKD2.00 - a bit slow though but quite fun and relaxing.
I paid HKD495 + 13% taxes.


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Hi Micky

Heard from my HK colleagues that after Sep will be a good time to visit HK as it's cooling & less humid.


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what is the shopping like in July? Are there any nice shopping ard ? Kindly list a few ..i hv lost touch for many yrs with HK


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Hi all,

Due to the recent typhoon, we didnt manage to go into the Disneyland, so we are selling 6 entrance tickets, which includes unlimited rides. These tickets are valid till Feb09. Interested parties, pls email me @ [email protected]



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would like to check wif you all is Agnes b and longchamps selling at hk airport?
any ideas how the price like?


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hi i hv HK Marriott Hotel accomodation 3D2N at $250 nego. valid till Dec 09. It is very good as 5 star hotel, and cheap as the actual rate is 600 SDG. but cant go due to commitments. if u r interested pls call 81391409