Hong Kong: Where to Shop?


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april in HK is hot hot hot.. as in weather.

If u want cooler temp. u should visit only in late Dec, all the way to late Jan. I usually go during this time cos it much much cooler. But if u go during this time, not much stuff to shop as all the clothes are winter wear.

HK always have sales going on cos at the end of every season, they will have a sale to clear the stuff for the enw season's design. But i heard the one of major sale period is Jun to August. I have been there in Jan, March, June, Sept and i have encountered a sale everytime i am there.


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Hi all,

Im going to HK at end Mar for 4 days. Its a last min thing. Does anyone has any iternary to share? Thanks.


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Hi tine177,

4 days is not too long.. think u will not have time to visit shenzhen or macau? or is the shenzhen trip inclusive in ur package.

Unless u wanna shop..u will have to cut down a lot of ur sighseeing time.

Places that u can include for sightseeing..
1) The Peak.. U can take a tram up at teh tram station or take a bus all the way up from a bus stop right in front of the star ferry terminal in central. I prefer the bus to the tram cos i get to enjoy more sights on the way up. try and go up there at about 4 plus and stay there till sunset so that u get both the morning view and the night view from the peak.

2) Victoria harbour.. go there in the evening to enjoy teh sights of HK.. its breathtaking.

3) Ocean Park - u need to spend at least a day there to cover the park.. take the MTR to admirlty station and u can see a sign directing u to the bus-stop to take teh bus up to ocean park. Can give it a miss if u r not keen.

4) Causeway Bay..Big shopping complexes as well as small shops selling unique HK designer clothes.

5) Mong Kok - All around that area.. lots to shop and eat and of cos ladies Street for the open air bazzar.

6) Wong Da Shian - the famous temple.. can go take a look at that place and offer incense if u have the time.

Pick up the free guidebooks available a the HK airport... it will give u lots of ideas on what to do, where to shop etc.

have fun in HK.


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Hi Hi!

If you wanna shop at good rates, go to HK Industrial Centre in Lai Chi Kok. They're wholesalers there, but sell odd pieces at very discounted price. And you can still buy from the wholesalers if you buy more pieces. Eg, buy like 6 handbags from the same shop. All very cheap.

Visit the factory outlets, esp Esprit. You'll find lots of bargains there. Even in winter. Some went for as much as 90% off.

For hotels, try this: Hong Kong

The rates are great, very cheap compared to other websites & local agents. Of course, sometimes also depends on travel seasons.


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hi Mashy,

Where is Lai Chi Kok located at? thanks


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Hi ginn

There's an MTR stop called Lai Chi Kok. Just take the train. HK Industrial is just round the corner. Should be able to find very easily. There's 4 blocks there, A, B, C & D.

I pretended to be a retailer when I went to the wholesalers. :p


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Hi Ginn

Yah, it's a wonderful place to shop. Or you can go to Sham Shui Po. It's a wholesalers street for fashion. Same thing, look into the boxes of odd pieces. Cannot try but can be very cheap, some as cheap as HK$20 for a blouse/jeans.

Another place to look for hotels (Hee hee, I've been on a hotel websites spree).

Hong Kong


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hi all! i'll be gg HK at e end of April till early may..

was tinking of getting a new hairstyle there. anyone has any advice??

eg, will the standard be better than s'pore? any place to recommend? I saw on the web there's a site on a salon called "Hair" at Kimberly Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

still pondering.. any advice?


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hi celine,

i'm gg there on 6May, havn't bk yet still deciding on which hotel to stay...

whr r u staying? ;)


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hi dear dear.. i'm staying at kowloon hotel.. booked too late so by e time i booked, all e other hotels all full oredi.. u shld book early! in case.. but may period cheaper i tink.. i'm gg on 29th april.. so e last 2 days of april, hotel cost 230+ per rm and 1st may onwards it's 138 onwards.. sing dollars.. can u believe it??!?!?

btw, anyone knows where they sell those grade aaa bags? and how much roughly? alot of orders from frens.. haha


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Lastyear when I went there with my bf that was around Aug,
I don't know if any 1 miss out the "Da Yu San"..you can visit the "Tian tang Buddha" (either from bus or go by the Qing Ma Da qiao) .Very specticular view from the top. Pay the entrance fee and it also includ a vegetarian meal :) You can tour the inside of the Bronze Buddha..I think the "Mei Yan Fang" Sheng Zhu Pai" is being place there. Cannot take picture for the inside lah. But the view from the top is very very nice really.

Never go to "Standley market" , the vendor there don't give disc and even buck up the price..some of the things u see there can get frm "ladies market "and even cheaper. There is a noodle store sell fried "Chu Qian Yi Ding" noodle..near "ladies market"..very delicious yummy! Thier porriage also nice
Can't rember its name... :p

HK Mtr very different frm Singapore..it has light signal to show u which stop u are now at and will flash the route to indicate from next station how u can link to the other..I find this very clear cut , especially to tourist like us

Hope u all will find this bit helpful


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hi celine,

do u kw whr e location of kowloon hotel?? which airline u taking?? how much is ur package? ;)

was tinking of taking cathay cos they having pro $288 plus is $73(tax)= $361 only.


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it's at Nathan RD, near 1 of the TST MTR exits
i bot tix fr jetstar, so no package wif hotel.. so v ex.. air tix is 200 pax (including tax etc)

hotel is ard 240 per nite for end of apr, and 140 start of may.. coz apr is 'peak' season.. so more ex lo.. my rm cheapest liaoz.. =(


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thks! celine,

i've bk my tix wif cathay pacific dep on 6 May, hav send an email to kowloon .. havn't get a reply yet. ;)

u change ur nick??


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changed nick.. haha.. wah.. so good.. cathay..

kowloon hotel good nt ah? i've seen e photos of e hotel.. seems nice if u get a high floor and full glass windows.. haha.. but q little facilities leh..


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oh for my case,

hotel facilities is not an issue cos i'll not b using as we'll spend most of e time shopping ritz? ;) guess u too..
cathay having promo $360 (included tax)

enjoy urself! ;)


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Fatcat, need some advice from you.

- where to get nice household stuff in HK? I heard of a store, GOD that sells pretty nice stuff. know where it is?

- where can I take the tram and go up to the Peak? I want to go in the evening to see the night scene.

- Any good place for dim sum?



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Srumpee: I don't know which hotel you stay as G.O.D got many branches, you may check out their website for location:http://www.god.com.hk
But i think their stuff are more or less like the life shop here, but a bit cheaper.
Take tram to the peak is easy just get MTR to Admiralty and follow the sign, you won't miss it.
To me i think all dim sum restaurant in HK are good. But must try is the roast goose from Yung Kee in Central.


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hi ladies,

anyone going to HK before 31/10/05? I have got 2 pieces of G2000/U2 HK$100 voucher for sale @ S$10 each. Anyone interested, pls email me at [email protected]. Validity till 31 Oct 2005 and must spend at least HK$500 before you can use the voucher.


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hi fatcat, thanks.....

waiting for confirmation of rooms with kimberly hotel and if so will book my airtickets and fly there on march 9th...


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halo everyone,
need to ask about hotels... i m booking a package and they offer Dorsett Seaview/ Dorsett Olylimpic/ Mayfair Garden Hotel. Which one is better???? I m totally lost about HK hotels cos last went there like more than 10yrs ago....
Need greatly appreciate any comments about the hotels above...


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Anyone travel to Hong Kong before during the month of jun? any idea has their summer sale started in the month of jun? I have been to hong kong 3 times but everytime i travel there around end July whereby they start to have further reduction for their summer sale.

Unfortunately, this year I am unable to take leave around end july. I can only take in end jun. Therefore, wondering if I go during end june, has they started their summer sale. anything to buy during that period? Can any kind soul out there give me some advice? Thanks very much.


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shelyn: got other choices or not????All are not very nice location ley.......If really must choose i will say Dorsett seaview.


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Hi fatcat,

got other choices but got to top up lor... mi and HB feel that as long as location not too bad it's ok.. cos HK mainly to shop mah so room not that impt..

In the end i booked Dorsett Seaview... cos seems like nearer to TST and Mongkok area. I took the fly/cruise from Star Holidays... basic package alone for 2 person 4D3N is already 1.4k so don't feel like topping up too much...


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aqua..I booked mine in july leow KS hor?

heh heh paid SGD 646.95 FOR 4days/3nights free and easy package by CX am flight , last flight back.

Think package for foc shenzhen entry also..but I not going there...ha...prefer shopping

My SIL booked at 700 plus during natas for June dep 5 days/4 night Free and easy by SQ but not early flights.

When you intend to go?

maxx I have a list which I complied over my HKG Trips every year.

post your email addie I email you.


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hey CAT! we going from 13 - 15 Apr. 3 days 2 nights probably cos most of the flights fully booked. I managed to get good timing and seats for one of the airlines and one of the hotel but really expensive...it is about $643 for just 3 days 2 nights. Hotel not sure where is good. Any recommendation? Shenzhen nothing much one leh...waste of time I think. July ok lah...at least you can secure the seats and hotel mah.

Can email me too? [email protected]

Thank you you hor.


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Hi aqua and bubu...ohh......i booked at natas lah...

jetabout holidays I have a choice of concorde/shamrock/ramada kowloon...

I dun like the area near concorde hotel...nor ramada kowloon to far east so i chose shamrock near MTR..

They are all 3 stars. My usual stay in hkg are in hotels like kimberley or miramar which is pretty near my favourite joint of shopping area.

Was thinking if you are out shopping whole day..no need very good hotels right?

Me not going shenzhen nor disneyland lah..waste of time..haa..

Any other hotels you wish to know?


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wa lao so fast book liao! i waiting leh... can't decide if wanna go... so have they confirmed when is the sales period? i wanna go then...


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Kimberley and miramar I know quite good location hotels.

I am thinking stanford hillview or stanford hong kong. Is the location ok? Last time I went about 5 or 6 years back...stayed at Grand Tower in Mongkok that time but now that hotel also dun have already.


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Heh..yah...I KS...afriad seats full mah...besides I tot quite reasonable rate.

For the benefit of all :

As per your request, the places I know are as per below:-

1/ Esprit Warehouse Outlet
behind Pennisula hotel near kowloon
hotel, entrance at basement

(They warehouse always change l
location, please double confirm
with agent)

2/ Hong Kong Industrial Centre (
Wholesale Market )489-491, Castle
Peak Road
Remark:Lai chi Kok MTR station ,Exit C

3/ Granvilla Road ( Clothing Stuff )
Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Remark: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station,
Exit A1

4/ Ladies Market ( Pasar Malam )
Tung Choi St, Mongkok
Remark: Mong Kok MTR Station, Exit D3
or E2 take nelson St Exit.

5/ Street Market ( Pasar Malam -
certain stuff are cheaper here
then in Ladies Market )

The stretch of Fa Yuen St from
Mongkok Road to Prince
Edwards Road West.
Remark: Prince Edward MTR Station,
Exit B2

6/ Sham Shui Po
Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion St. Sham
Shui Po MTR Exit C1
Or Apliu St Flea Market, Sham Shui
Po MTR Exit C2

7/ Milan Station ( 2nd hand Branded
Stuff )G/F, Percival House
77-82 Percival St, Causeway Bay

Remark: 5mins walk from Causeway Bay
MTR Station, Exit A

8/ Island Beverley ( Funky Stuff )
1 Great George Road , Causeway Bay
Remark: Causeway Bay MTR Station,
Exit E

9/ Kowloon City Plaza ( Factory Outlet )
128 Carpenter Road, Kowloon
Remark: take a car from Lok Fu MTR

10/ Kowloon Tong Shopping Centre ( Big
Shopping Complex )
Remark: Link to Kowloon Tong
MTR/KCR Station

11/ Mong Kok Zhong Xin ( Far East Plaza
Style )
Remark: Mong Kok MTR Station, have
to find yr own way there.

12/ Pedder Building ( Factory Outlet )
Remark: Central MTR,
have to find yr own way there.

13/ Li Yuen Street East & Li Yuen
Street West ( Factory Outlet )
Remark: Central MTR Station, have
to find yr way there.

14/ Harbour City
Canton Road , Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station,
Exit A1


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Hong Kong Industrial Centre don't do retail liao... seems that a lot of tourists go there buy very cheap the whoesale customers not very happy... sianz.. i always go there and buy whole wardrobe back....

aqua can try nathan hotel... small but good service... the cleanest and most classy 3 star compared to shamrock all these...


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ha....yah nathan is not bad....I prefer still kimberley to nathan...my package no nathan no kinberley lar! kimberley is small but it is closer to the shops I want!

anyway...cecilia if wan go better book early...cos later no seats..kek kek kek..


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ya la i know... but sian leh... go HK too many times liao... now no urge to go again... wait till my shopping urge comes.... i prefer to go beach resorts now....