Hong Kong: Where to Shop?


Hi Rachel,

Can u let me have the email address of Ashley Apt? I tried emailing them, been about 2 weeks ler, but still no reply from em.. Wonder if the email address in their webbie is still valid?


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Hi ladies,

anyone here went to HK before can recommend some place to shop for clothe, handbags and shoes?

Where to get nice food?
I will be there in fisrt week of mar.


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everywhere can shop in HK...

main palces is mongkok, HK industrial building, ex stuff will be in central..

food is everywhere in hk too...


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totally agreed wif dreamer...

shopping is everywhere...from mongkok to tst, all e way shops & malls...

more ex stuff at causeway bay, central, admiralty pacific place, taikoo, kowloon city...

most of the shops operate till late at nite... same as eateries....

factory oulets at citygate tung chung which is abt half hr mtr's ride fr central...


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Wa seems like all of you frequent HK!
Looks like my 5 day tour to HK and Shenzhen is not enuff liao!Do anyone one of u here been to shenzhen? How is is thing there? Is it cheaper than HK?


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frankly, i don really fancy shenzhen...

nothing much...although things are cheaper compared to hk, but not nice...


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Hi Rachel,

Can you give me a list of the shopping area which you frequent?
Any nice food or must try in HK. I have already booked my hotel: Mayfair garden hotel.


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hi chickenlittle n Jace

can i know how much u are paying and which agency u book from? cos i am planning to go.. so scouting around for best offer. tanks


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hi, can anyone advise if buying branded stuff like LV or Gucci is cheaper in HK, compared to SG stores?

or will it only b cheaper in HKIA?



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annie oh (ty_ogl)

My flight to HK is on 8am 13 April (from Changi Airport)
Flight back to SG is on 17 April 4pm (HK Airport).

2 nite stay in HK hotel + 2 nite stay in Shenzhen hotel.

2 person + Tax is $1570


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Where is the HK industrial building that you gals are talking about? Easily accessible via MTR? If so ... which MTR station issit near?


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By the way any of you went to Fa Yuen street (花园街) to shop? Do they sell sport stuff only? Worth to make a visit or not as we have kids coming along. Isn't exit from Prince Edward MTR station B2 or where is the nearest exit? Any simple direction to give? Thanks!


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hey lili,

fa yuen st is a must for me everytime i go over. not only sport stuff, there are shops selling clothese, shops, bags, accessories etc. and e st mkt sell nice bags too & kids' stuff like clothes, toys etc ^^ usually i go fr mongkok...cos i would shop e whole of mongkok on e same day...


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Hi Rachel,

It sounds good to go there ~ If to compare which MTR is nearer to fa yuen st? mongkok or Prince Edward? B.t.w what is the operating hrs for the shops? Open in the late morning already?


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i'm going to hkg on 16th dec till 19th dec, i will reach hkg on 16th afteronoon and be staying at prudential hotel at jorden mrt. can anybody help with the itnerary? many thanks.

day 1 (16the dec)
reach hotel in the afternoon, go to TST espirt warehouse and shop around that area

day 2 (17th dec)
Fa Yuen street
Mongkok - where can i shop?

day3 (18th dec)
Causeway bay

day 3(19th dec)
TST area?
hv to reach airport by 5pm


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hey tulipng,

there are 4 shopping malls which are very similar to each other, abt e same as argle centre in mongkok. alot of small small little shops selling stuff for ladies.

1) argle centre, mongkok
2) allied plaza, prince edward
3) island beverly, cauewaybay
4) forgot e name of e one located in tst, need to check wif my fren 1st.

argle centre & allied plaza are very similar, abit messy, things are cheaper.

island beverly & e one at tst are more neat & organised but then prices are more exp but of better quality.

i would suggest, for day 2, u can drop by sham shui po area as well, alot of wholesales shops.

for day 3, u can go to citygate mall at tung chung then take mtr straight down to central, shop ard there and follow by causeway bay area.

for day 4, if u can shop ard mongkok or tst area lor.

actually everywhere is shop or malls. so u don to worry much.

e last time, when i stayed at prudential, i would jus walk. walk left take me all e way down to tst wif shops all e way. walk rite take me to mongkok wif shops all e way as well. ^^


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I will be going to HK on Jan. Will be going for 4d3n. 1st time taking the F&E. Anyone can help on the iternary? Where is the MUST go place to shop & eat?



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May I know how much you paying for your airticket and accomodation?Who you order from? Can advise me as I want to go there too in Jan 2008.Thanks


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hi pple...anyone knows where to book ashley apartment at a good rate? pls give me some tips


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Hi All,
I just came back from Hong Kong, I still have HKD3300 left, willing to sell at SGD620. Kindly PM me if you are interested. Meeting place shall be at North area.


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hi redrain

I also deciding on the accomodation now...seems like its quite ex for some hotel....

When you going? how many days...? first time to HK for me.


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Hihi... i just came back from HK... here's my contributions after getting so much from this forum.. ;)

stayed in Metro park hotel (mongkok). very good location. 1 min to Prince Edward mtr. bus from airport A21 (i think smthing 21) stright to hotel. 33hkd. cheap and good. to me, better than taking train. erm room ok. first they give me and my FH a room with 2 single bed. quite poor condition room. then change to 12th floor which i like. seems to be quite newly renovated. cost ard S$212 per nite booked via asiarooms.

Give this hotel an overall of 4 out of 5 for the type i can afford and location, etc.

Shopping for bides to be!!! Jin(1) Du(1) building/center is the place u must go! just 2 blocks away from the metro park hotel. u can find almost everything there. even ang bow covers. decor for cars. my FH got his texedo shirt at only 30bucks sing. not poor quality type. Goldlion in singapore selling ard $159. Wedding shoes for ladies go there buy. not very very cheap but if u like those shimmering "diamond" type... go there get. Guys shoe... nothing fanciful BUT if u plan to get from Walking Tall from Singapore, go there get. only about $80 per pair for 2.5 inches. got white color and beige colour too. I got my corsages for jie mei there too. about 3 bucks each. Singapore dollars of cuz.

If ur FH wans european suit.. go there to tailor make. about 1900++HKD for whole suit. about 400 bucks. which is cheap!

Food wise.... everywhere got nice food. Dun really have to go search for a particular store cuz really hard to find. Signboard hanging everywhere... i almost got headache everyday... too messy.. hehehe... only the Mango Pudding (Hui Lau San) u need to try. this store singapore used to have. but close down le.

wifey biscuit... Wah Wing is the Common brand.


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hi everyone,

This is my 1st time going to hongkong via macau on 1st Feb till 4th Feb,my flight is reaching macau at 9.40am in the morning,so is there anyone who can tell me how to go hongkong from there?Any idea which ferry terminal should i go & how much does it cost,i got a kid with me. And be staying at Evergreen hotel at kowloon. can anybody help with the itnerary? many thanks.

day 1 (1st feb)
Should be gng Fa Yuen street,rite??

day 2 (2nd feb)
Gng to Disneyland with my kid then after that,any near by that can shop?

day3 (3th feb)

day 4(4th feb)
Going back to macau....
Any idea how to rch macau when im staying at kowloon,which ferry point shld i head to?
My flight is leaving macau at 4.55pm.

Thanks for any info that given....


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hi.. i gg HK end of tis mth & taking budget air.. like to chk if the buget terminal & main terminal are connected??? would like to go main terminal to buy some agnes b bag if possible


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i am going on the end of this month too. free and easy with my family. how long will you be there? mine is 4 days 3 nights. Anyone care to share the itinerary?

Mine basically is to disneyland, ocean park, lantau island and have this complimentary 1/2 tour (repulse bay).

Planning to do my shopping in ladies market. anyone hav an idea on where to get car interior accessories?