Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!


Dear All,

I will need your advice badly.

Are planning to go to HK this december, but upon calling several agency this few days realize that the prices are flutuating every min.

And i m notthose kind hu likes to squeeze with ppl.. Can someone advice me whether it would be good to go in Dec or better to go in Jan?

The prices some agency quoted to me are sky high.

I manage to find one which charge me SGD725 - 5D4N in panorama hotel n with United Airlines Flight.

Is this worthwhile? Basically my motive will be DISNEYLAND but i heard from my friend is rather squeezy in Peak Season.

So i m quite troubled. And the biggest issues is i need to booked by today... cos... natas is on this weekend n i have heard many agencies the hotel n the flight are being fully booked... so m keeping my fingers cross.


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Hi Aiai
FYI I had recently book FARMOSA 5D4N for this Dec at $876 incl.
1 nite stay at Hollywood, incl ent fee,all trsf,half dat Citytour,Largos Hotel (might change to Nathan Hotel top up another $40 or Royal Plaza with top up another $90-mum..as will be travelling with my kids--still considering have not decide)

Hi-Anyone can share itinerary, really appreciated


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Hi All,

Can anyone advise me how to get to the Giant Buddha on omy own ? I will be staying in Disneyland hotel for 2 nights. Is it easier to travel to the Giant Buddha while I am on lantau Island and if yes, how do I get there ?


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I will be bringing my kids to HK in June. We are quite interested to visit the new Noah's Ark attraction, apart from Disneyland. Has anyone been there and is it worth the time travelling there?


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hi, i just came back from HK last sunday and forgot to return the octopus cards as we were rushing to catch the flight have 3 adult octopus cards - each with a refundable deposit of 50HKD, and balance of at least 17-51HKD in each card (we can't remember how much exactly, but the minimum is 17HKD cos I remember using it just before the flight to purchase stuff from disneyland and the balance in my card was 17HKD). Looking to just get back my deposit of 150HKD, ie 30SGD, for the 3 cards.

if keen, pls PM or sms me at 94235480. Thanks!


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Hi all,
I am going HK next month and I am staying at TST Ashley Hotel. I plan to take airport express to Kowloon and then take a taxi to hotel. May anyone advise how much is the taxi fare from Kowloon station to Ashley hotel? I read that there are some shuttlebus to certain hotels for passengers taking airport express. Is there any free shuttle bus to any hotel near Ashley? kindly advise me...thanks a million!