Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!


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Heading to HK in Dec. Going to DIY this trip. Need advice on the transportation. I know HK has a wonderful public transport service, so I'm not too worried about getting around HK. However, there will be a child traveling with us (11 years old). Will we be able to get a Child Octopus Card for her? Or does she require an ordinary Tourist Octopus Card? The MTR website states that those under 12 years of age are eligible for the CHILD Octopus Card, but I cannot seem to confirm whether or not children who are tourists are also eligible to buy a CHILD Octopus Card. How?


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Hi, may i noe where's the HK-Macau ferry terminal in HK? How to get to the ferry terminal from Kowloon, by train or bus? How much is the 2-way ferry fare? Thks.


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Hi Astrogirl,

You can take the MTR from Kowloon to Sheung Wan Station. From Sheung Wan station, you just need to follow the directional sign from the MTR station and you'll get to the ferry terminal. Its about 5 mins walk.

The 2-way ferry fare for HK-Macau is about S$70. It adviseable to buy the return tickets especially if you're planning to return at night. The night ferries back to HK are usually fully booked. You can check more details for the ferry schedule & price at http://www.turbojet.com.hk/index.htm

Hope this helps.


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Hi L.S.,

Yes, you have to travel by First Ferry from Kowloon Island. Turbojet only sail from Hong Kong Island.

As for buying return tickets, it will be good to get return tickets if you know specifically how long you will stay in Macau. Economy tickets run out very fast but it is quite likely for you to still be able to get superclass tickets back to hong kong on the spot.

Superclass seats are good and very comfortable. The meal provided is not fantastic but at least something to fill your stomach. Departure and arrival are very punctual eg. Departure time at 3.00pm, you can be certain that you will reach Macau by 4.00pm. Please allocate time for custom clearance etc.


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hi tuliping,

stop at mongkok itself.. there are very clear signs at all MTR to indicate the road directions..


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Hi All,
I just came back from Hong Kong, I still have HKD3300 left, willing to sell at SGD620. Kindly PM me if you are interested. Meeting place shall be at North area.


Hi All,

I am going Hong Kong next week for my first time. Any kind soul can advise me where I can go with my following initiary :

May I know where can i go for my meals or where can I shop? PLEASE HELP ME as i am helpless. Thanks for your advise!

1st Day
Free and Easy
Flight : landed 11:40am
Hotel : Harbour Plaza Resort City

2nd Day
1 Day Hong Kong City Tour
Golden Bauhinia, Aberdeen Fishing Village, Repulse Bay, Victor Peak and Wong Tai Sin Temple
Hotel : Harbour Plaza Resort City

3rd Day
Disneyland admission & unlimited rides.
Hotel : Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

4th Day
Free & Easy
Hotel : Metropark Mongkok Hotel

5th Day
Free & Easy
Flight : 7:40pm back to Singapore


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hi snowy soul,

u only have day 1 noon to nite, day 4 whole day and day 5 day time to walk around... abit too tight if its your first time..

as for day 2 & 3, i dun think you will have much time to walk around on your own..

have you tried reading this page for some nice places? here are a few u can go that is in Kowloon area (not in Hong Kong Island)

- Fa Yuen Street
- Tung Choi Street (Ladies' street)
- Agryle Center
- Chao Liu Zhong Xin

- Esprit warehouse at hancow street.
4 - 6 Hankow St. Kai Seng Commercial Centre
- shopping centres along nathan road
- Sogo

Tung Chung MTR
- city gate shopping centre

Kwun Tong MTR
- APM shopping mall

basically, hong kong is a shopping city.. even at 10 pm, there are still places that you can go.. just see whether you have the stamina to walk anot


Hi minsssy

Thank you so much, you are very helpful. For Day 4 and 5, I will go shopping. As for Day one, just to check with you,have you been to the Big Buddha at Lantau Island? Any idea how to go there?like take to which MTR and how to go up?

For TST or Central, any yummy place to makan?like maybe Tim Sum?or Tea house?

Thanks for your great help.


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hi snowysoul,

for big buddha, u hv to alight at tung chung mtr and take e cable car up.


since u will be at tung chung, drop by citygate shopping mall at e same time. all e shops over there are outlets. take a look at e link:


as for dim sum, personally i luv chao inn. there are quite a few outlets. check out e link for infor...


like wat minssy mentioned, hk is a shopping & food paradises...so no worries... e whole of tst, mongkok, causeway bay, central are filled wif shops, malls & eateries...and they close very late.

it is winter now in hk and quite cold especially when the strong & icy winds blowing non-stop...so do bring more thick clothing..

enjoy ur trip ^^


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hi snowysoul,

for dim sum, i highly recommend a restaurant at shamrock hotel (at jordon mtr, opp prudential hotel). nice, fresh, cheap, traditional, yummy!


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hi snowysoul,

if you have chance to pop by hong kong island, do check out H & M at central MTR area.. happening swedish brand clothes...

other food:
1) Must go! Chu Qian Yi Ding restaurant at Mongkok! Its called ‘Ji(2) Zhi(1) Hao(3), means ‘very good restaurant’ literally. Its between Sai Yeung Choi street and Ladies Street, at the intersection of Soy Street. They serve EXCELLENT sweet & sour pork, fried chu qian yi ding noodles, wanton soup, fish soup, ice lemon tea, ice milk tea, ice ribena lemon tea, ice lemon tea with oranges. Damn shiok!

2) 'Honeymoon Desserts'.

3) Xu Liu Shan

4) any tea house along the road

5) Hang Heung Lao Po Bing

6) Da Jia Le (Cafe De Coral). its a foodcourt.

7) Almond flakes from any Maxim bakery


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hi snowy,

do rem to bring krispy kreme doughnuts back!!! it's hot now and sgreans luv doughnuts...many ppl are buying this back...saw some even bought 10 boxes!! bought a few boxes back for my colleauges and were snatched up within mins!

as for h&m, total there are 4 outlets in hk:

there are total 4 outlets in hk:
1) argyle st, langham place, mongkok
2) queen's road, central
3) directly above mrt - kowloon station, inside a new classy shopping mall, the elements
4) festival walk (shopping mall), kowloon tong mrt

clothes are nice at reasonable price. bought 2 tops when i was there during xmas, at only sdg50!!


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Hi all,

anyone knows how to get to ferry terminal for ferry to Macau at kowloon? Is the terminal within walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station? Going there from Shamrock Hotel.


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Don't have to go to TST station. Just make your way to harbour city and walk all the way up (opposite direction of the traffic). Before you reach the starting point of the Y-Junction, turn left to the entrance of the building and take the escalator up to 3rd level.You can check with the people there at the building if you lost your way.


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Hi Rachel,

Read that you just got back from Hong Kong. Am heading up next week. May I know where can i find krispy creme?

Hope the temp is not as cold for next week.



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hi silly

weather nowadays is very hard to predict. it's going crazy!!!

it was ard 7 to 13 deg last wk. but it shot up to 16 to 22 these 2 days. and shd be dropping again this wkend!!!

if u are getting krispy creme back, u can jus buy it fr airport.


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Anyone went during Christmas period? Can comment on the atmosphere, weather and shopping during winter, Christmas?

Planning to bring my girl there this year Christmas. Thanks.


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HI Joey, I went HK during Christmas quite a few times as i just love the atmosphere. Shops opened till past 2am, Roads closed for crowd on streets, Nice cool weather etc. It's great! NOthing beats nice cool weather [short of snowy weather] during christmas. Have fun!


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Hi all,

I just came back from HK 8d7n. Just want to share my experience, after gaining so much info from this forum.

We went to most of the 'forum-recommended' eating outlets:
a) Honeymoon desserts - very nice mango desserts, can visit when you go to lantau island. Its the first few shop that you will see after alighting from the NP360. Otherwise, we manged to bump into it at the World Trade Centre @ Causeway bay.

b) Xu lau shan - very mango desserts, great for mango lovers. We ate like 3times. My hubby loved it very much. You can find it everywhere, including airport. We 1st tried it at the airport after we landed.

c) Tao Haung Super 88 @ silvercord centre (3/F)- very nice and reasonable priced dim sum. We went there for 3 breakfasts. My hubby's favourite was the guan tang jiao (a big dumpling with soup) where you can find sharkfins, fishmaw and a small abalone inside and the soup was very nice. Opens pretty early.

d) Cai yun restaurant @ silvercord (3/F) - Nice place for dim sum. Its cha sau bao is better than tao heung 88. The prawn chang fen is quite nice. This place opens only at 9am. We went there once at around 830am, too early. End up we went to tao heung 88 which is just .

e) Sweet Dynasty - Nice furnished restaurant. The highly recommended dou hua (beancurd) tasted pretty normal. Their dishes are quite average. We went there 3times to try their dishes. 1st time is great. But 2nd time, the service is quite disappointing. Over there, we had to write our orders on a paper and passed to the servers, and after which they will give us back the 'keyed-in' orders and start serving the food. Then we realised they keyed in the wrong order and highlighted to them. So after sometime, they came back with the paper showing the amended order. And after waiting for sometime, we still did not get that dish although the rest of the dishes are already cold. So we asked again, and this time the manager disappeared after we told her. And after sometime, another manager came to us and informed us that that dish had run of stock. Frankly I saw them serving this dish to many others who was after me, and no one informed us of this when they amended the order. I was quite angry as my other dishes are also cold already from the waiting. As we cant communicate in cantonese, we just let it off.

f) 錫 記, a famous wanton noodles stall - Very authentic kind of stall in HK. No furnishing but clean. I stayed at ashley apartments (TST) and its just along the opposite street (TST, ichang street). Plenty of newpapers cutting on this stall outside. The size of the wanton is like pingpong ball. The cook uncle added soup for me when he noticed that my bowl is almost out of soup (without charges or us telling him).

g) Cafe de Coral (Da jia le) - We went for its breakfast. It has very western breakfast sets like scramble eggs with ham/bacon/pork cutlet/chicken chop. Quite nice. It has nice furnishing as well. Pretty lots of caucasians enjoy eating there.

h) Maxim Fastfood - Normal chinese food. I tried the wintermelon soup with pan-fried orange chicken set and hubby tried the hotplate porkchop set. Pretty normal dishes.

i) Macau Cafe - Ordered the roasted pigeon, porkchop bun, cafe specialty macaroni, fried mashed potato with the cod fish. The porkchop bun and macaroni tasted normal, nothing to rave about. Potato is ok and the roasted pigeon is crispy.

j) Bubba Gump @ the peak - Western furnished restaurant. Serves plenty of shrimps dishes. Great views from your seats. We ordered the shrimps soup which comes with bread and rice, very nice (we calculated there are like 15 prawns in the soup, hee). The baked rice is good as well. Their servings are quite big. Overall damages is around SGD70 for 1 appetizier, 2 main, 1 drink. Quite reasonable comparing to spore equinox.

k) Keewah Bakery - Wife biscuit is pretty decent. Nice packaging. We bought these back for gifts. I cant find the mango tarts that was mentioned in the earlier thread.

l) Hang Heung Bakery - Tried 1 of its wife biscuit. Very soft and floffy. The skin is thin with lots of filling compared to the keewah one which had thicker skin. I like Hang heung ones but they does not have individual packaging ones for gifts purposes. Initially thought of buying a box back at the airport, but realised its not available at the airport. I saw both Keewah and wingwah at the hk airport, the area after the custom (near the gates). I tried Hang Heung at Causeway bay sogo.

m) Krisy kreme donuts - I tried the NY cheesecake, orange and oreo donuts. Tasted nice. I didn't buy any back as I thought its pretty alike donut factory ones. For those interested, you can get them at hk airport or Mongkok, Sai yeung choi south street near the end of the street.


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hello all,

i'm planning a trip to hong kong during CNY next year. is it advisable to go during that period? will the shops be closed during the festive season? cos my purpose to go there is just to shop! :D and also i'm going there alone so is it safe if i were to stay in the hostel instead of hotel? also to walk around at night? thank you!


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hi everyone,

This is my 1st time going to hongkong via macau on 1st Feb till 4th Feb,my flight is reaching macau at 9.40am in the morning,so is there anyone who can tell me how to go hongkong from there?Any idea which ferry terminal should i go & how much does it cost,i got a kid with me. And be staying at Evergreen hotel at kowloon. can anybody help with the itnerary? many thanks.

day 1 (1st feb)
Should be gng Fa Yuen street,rite??

day 2 (2nd feb)
Gng to Disneyland with my kid then after that,any near by that can shop?

day3 (3th feb)

day 4(4th feb)
Going back to macau....
Any idea how to rch macau when im staying at kowloon,which ferry point shld i head to?
My flight is leaving macau at 4.55pm.

Thanks for any info that given....


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Hi all

I am planning a visit to HK in early May. Could I find out from you ladies here where is the Hang Heung Old Wives Biscuit outlet in Mongkok as I am staying in that area during my visit?

Many thanks!


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hi sailor p,

the shop address is 605A Nathan Road. It's about 2 streets from Langham Place hotel in Mongkok, nearest MTR exit is E1. you can get detailed street directions here: www.ypmap.com.

If you're planning to visit Causeway Bay, it might be a better idea to get Hang Heung goodies from Sogo shopping centre (basement). It's much more convenient and you won't have to go out of your way as Sogo is very easy to find.


I will be going to HK this thursday, anyone just came back from there? Can advise what's the weather now? Will be bring 2 children along. A colls just came back 2 weeks ago, told me HOT HOT HOT. But looking at the weather forecast, temp seem dropping.


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hi micky,

I live in hk, and it's a bit chilly right now. there was a heatwave couple of weeks ago (prob why your colleague found it hot) but from this weekend onwards it's around 17-20C.

no need for very thick jackets or long johns etc, but you definitely need a good warm jacket and jeans/pants. if you're planning to head to the Peak/Big Buddha, bring slightly warmer clothing cos it will be cold & windy there (esp for kids). the good news is the weather forecast is for sunny skies, so it will be perfect weather for shopping/sightseeing!

btw, you can check the weather forecast for the week here: http://www.hko.gov.hk/contente.htm. this is the official weather forecast from the govt, and tends to be more accurate than yahoo or msn's.

enjoy your trip!


Hi CY,

Thanks for replying. I am actually more concern for my children cos the elder just recover, still not very well. Will pack more warm clothing for her now.


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As this is my 1st time visiting HK. I need help in planning my F&E itinerary for my coming trip.

Hotel : Eaton Hotel (Jordan MTR).

Day 1
Morn : Plane to HK

Noon : Check in hotel, Lunch & roam around TST area (or any recommendations?)

Evening : Dinner & visit Avenue of Star, Watch Symphony of Lights @ 8pm

Nite : Supper & shopping around Yau Me Tei area (eg ladies street / temple street)

Day 2
Morn : Half day City tour (includes Aberdeen & Repulse Bay)

Noon : Lunch & Roam around Hongkong Islands (dunno where to go), Visit Mdm Tussad Museum

Evening : Dinner & stay at the peak for surrounding viewing & photos.

Nite : Supper & shopping around Yau Me Tei area

Day 3
Morn & Noon & Evening : Disneyland

Nite : Supper or maybe rest early (dunno where to go)

Day 4
Morn / Noon / Evening : Macau**

Nite : maybe rest early (dunno where to go)

**Can U kindly advise how to roam about Macau for 1st timer? Is it necessary to pre-book the tickets?

Day 5
Morn / Noon / Evening : Ngong Ping360* + Big Buddha + Po Lin Monastry

Nite : Supper or maybe rest early (any recommendations?)

* By pre-booking online will i save more time? Or still must queue up?

Day 6
Morn : Breakfast

Noon : To airport

Sorry to bother. Would appreciate if you can help / advise.


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Hi sailor_p,

You do not accept pm. I saw your post at one of the threads about lawyers. I would really appreciate it if you could email me your lawyer's contact.