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Any recommendations for a modern hotel smack dab in the heart of shopping district...?

Is Mongkok reallylike balestier..?


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hi all, this is my 1st trip to HK for a holiday, i intend to book Metropark or Dorsett Olypmic for a 5D4N stay, can anyone giv me any advice, i intend to visit the peak, disneyland, market shoppping and some scenary but no idea how to plan cos i dun knw the way and also dont know how to speak cantonese.. how will ur itineary be like if its a 5D4N trip like me?

Appreciated all advice and comments.. Tks..


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hihi, i jus book ashley after comparing metropark and dorsett... ermm, nw i headache for itineary.. i heard of the peak, buddha, mdm tussd, harbour city, lan kwai fong, soho, ladies st, temple st, stanley market, victoria harbour, ave of stars, jade market, causeway bay, repulse bay and all... dun knw hw to plan leh.. can someone pls share and advice... tks.. i wil reach HK ard 3pm ba..


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hi all, anyone can advise which hotel got nice and average price 2 bedroom suite and near TST? budget abt $300 per night. thanks!!


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Hi all,

I just came back from HK for 8d7n. We stayed with Ashley apartments after reading through those forum recommendations. We went for the deluxe room although its just the two of us. We had quite a spacious place for ourselves. A full-equipped kitchen with microwave, stove, fridge and all the pots and pans, saucers, knife even wine glases, clean bathroom, a mini living area with sofa and comfy double bed with a flat tv which can be 'pulled' between the bed and living area. I had taken some pic of the room, let me know if anyone want to take a look.

The location of Ashley is good. Almost everywhere is near. We walked to avenue of stars, harbourcity shopping area, ferry to macau, as well as the many 'forum-recommended' eating outlets, even the kee wah bakery has an outlet just downstair which is really a bliss as hubby does not have to carry those heavy wife biscuits from afar back to hotel for packing and we bought them during our last night there. The wife biscuits are only valid for 1 week, although the airport does have keewah outlet, we preferred to do the packing at the hotel comfort. So its good for us that we don't have to hunt for them on the last day, or buy in advance.

Travelling via MTR to mongkok is around 3 stops, admiralty (to go oceanpark) is 1 stop, central (to go peak and interchange to go disney & lantau) is around 2 stops.

I guess we will go for ashleys again if we were to return. Its really a good recommendation. Thanks!!


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Hi Shir,

I planned to go HK next month. Can share with me more about Ashley apartments? Is it expensive? Any website that I can see the rate? Is it located at those small deep in street?

Besides that, any good shopping for recommendation?

Thanks alot.


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i planning to go to HK in early to mid Sept for their summer sale, anyone knows where i can book cheaper airfare rates & which hotels are recommended?


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Hi Taurus,

We went for the deluxe room @ HKD 6400 for 8d7n. Its under the ascott group. The place is a service apartment kind rather than hotel. No lavish lobby etc but its pretty decent-looking, not those slimy kinds. To use the lift, you need to key in a password, so its sort-of a security. But there is always someone at the reception counter. My room is at the 12 storey, and there is only 2 units (another one just beside mine).

My pics are with hubby, hopefully I can show them to you tomorrow. And for us, they usually come to 'make' the room around 5.30pm-6pm. Never saw her except once when we came back to put our shopping bags at around 5pm.

Shopping wise, (from what i can still recall) we went to
a) Mongkok - Fa yuen street for sport shoes or accessories. We bought 3 pairs of shoes there. Its a whole stretch of sport shops on both sides. Prices are quite ok and range is plenty for you to choose (nike, adidas, puma, reebok, lesport, new balance etc).

b) Mongkok - Sai yueng choi south street where its filled with activities. Its like a normal road but when we were there during the weekends, its kinda closed for vehicles and predestarian only. We even see youngster doing performance art in the middle of the road and people crowded around them to view. The shops / complexs are along the road where you can just cross over and go up to the complex. Plenty of eatries along this streets also. You can find krisy kreme at the end of the street. If you are into smelly tofu, there is 1 stall near the end also.

c) Mongkok - Women's street, is basically like a pasar malam. They are stalls, not shop, just like our pasar malam with those blue-white cover and things hanging all around and on table etc. We didnt buy much there, only some small interesting accessories.

d) Causeway bay - Sogo, its a huge shopping centre, something like isetan. I think more than 7 or 8 storey. We went there on a wkend/PH and its really crowded. Everywhere is squeezy and 1st time i saw people 'queueing' for lift, they got a queue line for lift on the ground floor and it extended until out of the shopping centre. Yes, it is this crowded. And don't worry about the lift Q, there's escalators, infact 4, 2 up and 2down at both ends.

e) Tung chung - Citygate, its just beside tung chung mtr. You can visit it while going to lantau island/ np 360. Its like a shopping centre with alot of shops e.g. timberland, giordano, nike, nautica,armani exchange etc. If not wrong, its 3 or 4 storey. The items there are marked down quite alot. Hubby felt that these items are like 'leftovers' from some previous sale or something. Reason, there is no size for hubby for some items. We ever went into a shop and the assistant told us there is no more S size for this whole rank. duhz. But on the whole, the place is quite ok. Nice item with great prices.

f) Causeway bag - Time Square, its a nicey shopping centre with lots of international top-end brands like zara, mark & spencers, armani exchange, gucci, etc. We were in zara and everything is in a mess. Most of the clothes are not folded, looked like heap and heaps of clothes. Everyone inside is like grabbing. I forgot how much but hubby bought 3 shirts from there also. The shopping place is like paragon.

g) Mongkok, those shopping complex around the MTR, cant remember their names but they are indicated on the tourism map. Pretty nice places to shop for items. They are like those shops in far east. Small small shops but always can find nice and unique stuffs.

h) Causeway bay, the whole area is actually a shopping district. The building beside sogo (forgot the name) is also nice for ladies accessories. Shop are like far east type but items not really cheap. Saw a number of shops selling gowns there, suitable for DnD, Rom, or attending wedding dinner.

i) Causeway bay - World trade centre, its doing renovation now but the shops are still open. Saw some shops having renovation sales. Its just 2-3 storey only. You can find honeymoon desserts there.

j) TST - Harbourcity shopping area, its a pretty big area. I think its 3 or 4 big shopping complex jointed together. Can find quite a number of international brand like gucci, kate spade etc, but quite scattered. Something like vivocity but much bigger than vivo.

k) TST - Silvercord centre, just opposite the harbourcity area, a normal shopping complex. there's a brikenstock shop at the ground level, pretty crowded. We didnt check that out as not interested in brikenstock. The 4th level, there's a I.T. sale shop, plenty of clothes priced quite lowly. You can find this shop at citygate as well. Carries lots of ladies clothes, shoes, boots, accessories etc. Pretty popular shop.

l) TST - Sogo, you can visit on your way to avenue of stars as you will passby it at the underpass. We saw a longchamp counter just outside, along the underpass to avenue of stars, if you interested.

I guess the major shopping areas in HK are causeway bay, TST and mongkok. You may want to explore the areas around those complexs that is mentioned above as we did went around the streets and buildings, apart from these 'famous & regular' ones.

Hope these are useful.


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I found quite afew pic with us inside. Here are the few that I found without us. Hope they helps.










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Dear all,

Anyone stay at royal Plaxa Hotel before, it located at Mongkok. Is this hotel good? Hope someone could advice me.



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Hi, ladies.

I realised that Fancl HK has a member program... can get up to 10% off if you are member.

Does anyone have any "lobang" for the Fancl membership? Any kind souls out there who stay in HK are willing to 'lend' me their member card? Thanks!


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Hi cutebaby77,

Do you mean Royal Plaza hotel besides grand century place? I stayed there before, but that was 6-7years ago.

Initially intend to go back for my recent trip to HK, but later decided to try out the new apartment recommended by the forumers, which turned out quite good as well.

For Royal Plaza, the place is quite ok. Nice hotel with a shopping mall just beside. The hotel rooms are quite ok, clean and not too crampy.

Enjoy your holidays!


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Hi Shir,

Thanks for your feedback. Which apartment did you stay? Which one is better? Co's I'm bringing along my 30mths son along so would like to get a hotel that is nearby shopping & makan area.

Thanks for your golden advice.



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oh hi, i stayed in ashley apartments too, really nice apt, dwnstairs got famous sushi and pizza... cool place leh, very convenient, walking dist to tst mrt, within 7 mins.. ermm, then walking dist to harhour city la, ave of stars la, even the new shopping centre ELEMENTS, got ice skating inside mall too... summer sale now, alot of branded all on sale.. gd buy... somemore ashley apt is nt super ex.. less than $200 per stay, i booked thru asia room..


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Hi cutebaby77,

When is your trip?

I stayed at Ashley apartments for my 2nd visit to hk. I have never bring a baby/kid on tour yet, so not sure what you might need.

Ashley apartments is quite spacious and convenient. Plenty of eateries just downstair even at night and the room is fully equiped with cookery, washing basin and utensils etc. Not sure if you need to prepare special food for your son. But I thought these might come in useful. You might like to read my previous comment on Ashleys. I booked a studio executive from Ashley apartment through wotif.com .

For Royal Plaza hotel, the location is ok. Just need to walk quite abit to reach the mtr, around 10-15mins. I remember dragging my tired legs back to the hotel along the streets after exiting from mtr. And I don't really feel safe walking along the mongkok street at night, but that was like 6-7years ago, and I was still pretty young at that time. The hotel room is ok and comfy.

I guess we are likely to go back for Ashley apartment, for our next hk trip.


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Oh, I left this out. We took a taxi to & fro the airport and ashley apartment. The fare is around HKD 250-300. Slightly more exp than the whole journey via airport express (via mtr and walking) for 2. But we thought its pretty worth it as we get to enjoy the whole ride to the apartment doorstep without having to lug the luggage all the way for an hour. Furthermore, we later found that their MTR is full of stairs to climb, its gonna be a disaster if I need to climb with my luggage. Good thing we decided on the taxi earlier.

Just remember to stop by the taxi counter (just infront the taxi stand) and get the lady to write the street name in chinese for you before approaching the taxi stand. Because most of the driver don't read English.

And also their drivers don't accept big notes, e.g. HKD 1000 or 500. Change your big note by buying a drink or something at the airport for the fare. hee.. you can try the Xu liu shan's mango drinks at the airport to change for small notes.

Thought of sharing this part with you, since you are bringing your 30month son along.



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I heard Coach bags cheaper .... LV .. nothing beats purchasing it in Paris ....

But there are some shops that sell the burberry blue label .... considered cheaper then getting frm japan ....

I'm on my way to Hkg too !!


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Hi Justina

Do let us know which shop you visit if you really come across burberry blue label selling at cheap price!! Japn is too exp for me so it wld be wonderful if I can get one frm HKG...

Of cos would also appreciate if the price of any branded bag is of good, attractive price, do let us know too!! TIA and wish you a wonderful trip!!


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Hi All,
Im gg Hong Kong this coming Oct for a 9 days trip. Am staying 7nights at Stanford (Abt 5-8mins walk to Mongkok MTR) and 1night at Venetian.

Have almost complete my itinary. Juz gonna input the makan place. I'll be glad to share my itinary if anybody interested. However, im still confused with the way to and fro airport.

Anybody can enlighten me?
1) Is airport express the only trpt? They will only stop at HK Island/Kowloon/Tsing Yi MTR? Thereafter? Have to catch the free shuttle bus right?
2) Is there any MTR near the airport?
3) Are there any other alternatives?
4) Anybody heard of Bus A21? Any idea how long will it take from airport to Mongkok area? And the fare?


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Hi Brur79,
Hv sent my itinary. Is rather a huge file (8061KB). Hope u receive.
U hv any idea pertaining to my above enquiry?


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hi Chris.. Yr itinary was very informative. Thanks..

I am not sure of yr enquiry coz also my first time there.. =p


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If staying at Disneyland Hotel for 2 nites, does it have any activities. Like shopping mall, night market...etc. Hope to receive some advice. Thanks.


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Hi Siew Szi,
I stayed at Disneyland Hotel a couple of years back. Have booked it with 13 other family members this coming Oct 25th. Again two nites. My aunt who stayed with me at DH, stayed at Hollywood Hotel in Jul. She said the DH is much more peaceful. But meals-wise, more variety at HH. So we'll stay at DH and walk over to HH for breakfast or something.
Previously stayed in a Kingdom Club Room. Awesome!! Breakfast was on the same flr as room and it's like club flr where u can snack thoughout the day with juices, coffee, tea etc.
Unfortunately, this time round, due to mass budget, staying only in a Seaview Room.
No shopping mall. Night activities whatsoever. Think S'pore's Rasa Sentosa Resort WITHOUT the beach!
It's abt S$40 one way taxi ride to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). That's where the shopping is. Don't buy stuff along Nathan Road.. Something similar to Lucky Plaza but along a stretch of rd. You can take a train to that area too.. But kind of troublesome cos must leave DH (10 min walk or Disney Shuttle Bus) and change trains etc.. Once a trip is enuf for me. The rest of the time, i either take taxi or laze in hotel.
TST train station is walking distance to Harbourcity (Huge shopping mall) and small streets of shopping.. There r nite mkts eg Temple St and Ladies St but they're more tourists traps. There's also the lesser known Fa Yuen St which i usually go to buy sports shoes - cheap & original and some brands not avail in Singapore.
If you wanna try dessert, eat at Sweet Dynasty (ask for English menu) and order beancurd etc.. Don't be surprised if you have to share tables with strangers. It's located also opposite the Marco Polo Prince Hotel at Harbour City.
Assuming that u're going to Disneyland, eat at the Chinese restaurant called Plaza Inn run by the Maxim's Group (similar to Crystal Jade). Try the Cheong Funn and Fried Rice.


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do note tat there r nice clothes at the other side of Fa Yuen Street also....eg. cardigans tat's only S$7 each!! cheap cheap...

there's so much food!!! Honolulu egg tarts!!! airport also have....flaky n tasty....


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anyone heard of Bridal Tea House at Yau Ma tei?
anyone stay there before?
would like to know the vicinity 1st whether convenience as i will be bring my 14mth daughter so the convenience of the place is impt.


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Good day to all

I'm planning to travel to HK in Jan, if its conv, could I also have a copy of your itinerary? Thanks in advance.


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Can someone advise me what's the weather like for early March cos I was told it's hot? Thanks!


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hi everyone,

This is my 1st time going to hongkong via macau on 1st Feb till 4th Feb,my flight is reaching macau at 9.40am in the morning,so is there anyone who can tell me how to go hongkong from there?Any idea which ferry terminal should i go & how much does it cost,i got a kid with me. And be staying at Evergreen hotel at kowloon. can anybody help with the itnerary? many thanks.

day 1 (1st feb)
Should be gng Fa Yuen street,rite??

day 2 (2nd feb)
Gng to Disneyland with my kid then after that,any near by that can shop?

day3 (3th feb)

day 4(4th feb)
Going back to macau....
Any idea how to rch macau when im staying at kowloon,which ferry point shld i head to?
My flight is leaving macau at 4.55pm.

Thanks for any info that given....