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I have just email Ruby, the rates quoted seem a little more ex than asia travel.

I asked about the 2 bedroom deluxe room and was informed that they will be renovating in Dec 07 and after the reno there will no longer be this room type available.

Im still considering whether to book Ashley.


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really ah! tot it just been renovated in apr only. renovation again!

then probably u can book thru asiatravel.

trust me & kg, ashley is really a good choice. u wont regret ya.

is e best out of so many i've stayed b4 ^^


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hi rachel,

thanks for the info... will look forward to getting boots in hk..

btw, you know of any G2000 and wanko shops / warehouse.. something like esprit those kind..

cos mainly a shopping trip.. hope to get as much as possible..

thanks for your help in advance..


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hey jaybao,

don mention...^^

eh not sure of g2 or wanko outlets...but there's a shopping mall where all e shops are outlets...citygate shopping mall which is located at tung chung. easily accessible by mtr...abt half an hr fr town.

they hv brands like bally, benetton, calvin klein, esprit, giordano, I.T, Lanvin, trimph, polo ralph, nautica, levis, nike, timberland, adidas, laura ashley, sasa, body shop, kate spade etc....take a look at e link:



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Just came back from HK...wow...the weather is fantastic! Some days can be only 15 degrees...some days are 20-22. So quite extreme! i can be wearing t-shirt one day and another will be winter clothings


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Hi, need some advice, am travelling to HK in Feb with HB and my 2yr old

Thanks to this thread, manage to gather more info ( my last trip was 10yrs ago.. cannot recall at all only know I stayed at jordon) and am deciding bewteen Ashley apt and Shamrock Hotel, cos kimberly and prudential seems too out of budget.

Dun need a big hotel space, but must be clean, esp toilet since my tots will be there and need to shower etc so toilet cleaniness is impt.
Location also very impt - must near MTR and shopping.

What would u recommend? from website seems Shamrock is cheaper but by not much la.

I would like to go Disneyland and stay 1 nite there too probably make it the last day of the trip...
DO I book the hotel direct with Disneyland? or via this Hotel website? ( sorry if I sound silly..hahah)
What is the Hotel name?

is it easy to take transport from tst to Disneyland?

Thanks a million!


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Hi All,
I just came back from Hong Kong, I still have HKD3300 left, willing to sell at SGD620. Kindly PM me if you are interested. Meeting place shall be at North area.


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Hi all,

I would like to check with you on Disneyland HK.

Are those rides FOC or you gotta pay HK$ station by station? Can share with me some info? Thx!

Also, how about the meals in Disneyland? Are they very exp? Cos my first day will be in Lantau Island due to a promo by Cathay Pacific, so i am thinking that i may not have an opp to get cheaper food elsewhere...

Pls advise, thanks a mil!!!



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Hi planning for my F& E trip to HK, macau & shen zhen in march.
Was told shen zhen not safe? so still thinking whether to go.
anyone can share the itinerary for hong kong. Going with hubby, not sure which hotel is decent and price reasonable and transport accessible and near to shopping area.

thanks in advance


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Hi gals,

I am planning a trip to HK this Mar with my family (4 adults & 1 3YO child).

Am more and less decided on booking Ashley Apartments even before I chanced upon this thread and reading your reviews on it really affirm my decision! =)

KG, if you are still reading this thread ..... is Ashley a convenient location i.e. nearby MTR station, makan & shopping places?

How's the disneyland hotel? haven't done my research yet though i know there are only 2 there.


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would like to check if your contact for the cabby is still valid? i am keen to check out his charge from airport to Ashley apartments. Thanks!

shopping at esprit,
are the prices at esprit TST the same as esprit citygate? i am intending to go citygate on my last day so thinking whether i should still go to the esprit at TST.


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hi seagal,

trust me...ashley is really a good choice. u don hv to worry at all. few mins' walk to tst mtr. surrounded by eateries & shopping. near to victoria harbour and harbourcity shopping mall. walking distance to nathan road, granville road etc. it's located at ashley road which is a popular dining area. u can find it listed in e hk' guidebook. rms are extremely clean, modern and spacious (for superior & up). really no complaints at all!

as for disney hotels, so far, all ppl ard me stayed at hollywood disney hotel. eh no one has tried disney hotel yet. maybe becos it's much more exp.

as for espirit, both shd b e same. anyway if u r staying at tst area, sure will passby. but of cos for citygate shopping mall, is really not to be missed. eg. a pair of cute kid's adidas shoes at only ard S$22 which is 50% cheaper! all shops are outlets over there:


as for e cab, i need to confirm e no. wif my fren's first. shd be roughly ard hkd200 which a good deal if u hv 3 or 4 pax. ^^


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Hi Rachel, thanks for your reply and useful tips! =)

Ashley - i was thinking of going for the cheapest room. they now have:
Studio (36 sqm), Studio Executive (53 sqm) &
Studio Premier (58 sqm). Difference between studio and the rest is that it doesn't come with a sofa bed (apart from the room size).
I thot the studio room size is already quite big by HK standards compared with other 4 star hotels leh....hmm, do u know if the superior room is now their studio executive? i am torn now ....

wow, hkd200 is a good deal. ruby quoted me hkd750 for a van for 4-7 pax!


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Hi all, just back from my 6D5N HK trip, below is my 2 cents worth of comments:

1. If u r planning to take the duk ling ride, have to register early with HKTB as soon as u arrived

2. The best location to watch Sympohy of Lights is at the pier habour at central or TST. It is quite nice to walk along the Avenue of stars all the way to the TST habour, can take many nice photos.

3. It is worth taking the habour tour boat ride, really can see the nice harbour views of hk.

4. Temple street nothing much to see, for street shopping better to visit stanley mrkt, fa yuen street and ladies street. On the way to stanley mrkt can visit repulse bay, which is a beach lah. The beach is ok only.

5. When visiting the big buddha at Lantau, can skip the buddha walk and the visit in the big buddha. Don't waste time and money. Our tooth relic temple is much better. :p But the vegetarian lunch is quite nice.. worth trying..

6. Ocean park, ok only, good if bringing kids. When arrived its good to queue for the "hot air balloon (run by pulley cable)" and the tower first, cos will have long queue at later stage.

7. So-ho and Lan Kwai Fang, not worth going. Nothing much actually, our holland village n clarke quay is beta. :p Also for the mid-escalator.

8.For the peak, its worth visiting Madame Tussauds if u have not went. For better experience, when taking the tram, better to stand up can feel the 45 degree and remember to face the right side (nice views).. hee.. when going back, its quite packed to take the tram, gonna have long queue. Not worth buying the ticket to skypass, the shopping centre next to it, also can have the same view for free. For best view, it is good to walk the old peak road, really have very good view, and its nice taking the walk.

9. For shopping wise, its worth visiting the citygate factory outlet, Langham place, harbour city (very big, 3 shopping centre joined tog, to get the shopping guide). The Argle centre just like our far east sq, good only if u like shopping there.

Haha.. sorry for being so long winded.. :pP


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Hi Tingz,

The weather at hk now is affected by the bad weather in China.

When i was there, it rains for couple of days. Its rather cold, the temperature around 11-14 degree with strong wind. If u r going to highland area like peak, lantau, it will be even cooler.

I think its not really enugh leh, i bought long john over there, cos its too cold. When are u gg? As it seems that the weather at China is recovering.


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hi tingz,

weather is getting worse these few days. betw 7 to 10 deg. outskirts ard 5 or 6. my fren jus told me tat e big buddha area only abt 2.5 deg!!! and icy strong wind blowing non-stop.

arrgh don know i can take it not...tink i must bring long john as well...and maybe buy gloves over there...

weather nowadays is already abnormal compared to last time. very unpredictable. when it is hot, it is toooo hot and when it is cold, it is too cold. like when i was there last feb, it was abt 14 or 15. then suddenly 1 day shot up to 25 and then dropped to 10 e next day. scary sia


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Hi gals, thanks for the reply.

2.5degree?!! and i thought i can dunnid to buy winter clothing
I'm going on the 11-15 feb, hopefully by then the temperature will be more stable...btw, are winter wear cheaper there?

Rachel, when are u going?


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hey hey,

abt e same timing ya!!! i'll be there fr 13 - 16 Feb.

depends on which area u get e winter gear fr. mongkok area is definitely cheaper. but wat i like is, every shop is selling winter wear so a whole lot of ranges to choose fr...and nicer too!!! ^^


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Hi Tingz,

Ya, the winter wear are having sales now, you should buy over there. The designs are all very nice too. Hee..

Hmmm, i think no need winter wear lah, but must have the long john lor and the gloves as well.


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yup yup their standard rms are already considered big as compared to other 3 or 4-stars hotels in hk...their executive are really very spacious wor...

wah hkd750 ah! sometimes when we hv alot baggages, would ask my fren to get us van. and it's only like betw hkd250 to hkd300.

will let u know once i get e no. fr my fren. ^^


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nata de coco,
thanks for the tips. very useful.

here are the rates Ashley quoted me for end mar 2008:

Studio (36 sqm): HKD1350.00 / night (1 Queen bed - maximum for 2 persons only)
Studio Executive (53 sqm): HKD1600.00 / night (1 Queen bed & 1 sofa bed - maximum for 2 adults & 1 child)
Studio Premier (58 sqm): HKD1700.00 / night (1 Queen bed & 1 sofa bed - maximum for 2 adults & 1 child)

- Rates quoted are net price, inclusive of service charges & government tax.
- Rates are subject to change without prior notice and subject to room availability at the time of booking.
- Free broadband internet access.
- Free local calls.

In room facilities and amenities
- Individually controlled air-conditioning
- Private telephone number facility
- Broadband internet access
- Home entertainment system with
- Television with satellite channels
- DVD Player
- Fully-equipped kitchen with Refrigerator
- Cooker hob & hood
- Microwave oven
- Toaster
- Electric kettle
- Glassware, crockery, cutlery & utensils
- Steam iron & ironing board
- Hairdryer
- Bedroom with linen
- Ensuite bathroom with towels & toiletries

Rachel, thanks! shall wait for your contact.

we didn't book Ashley in the end. Went for Nathan Hotel instead as they were having quite good deals at asiatravel.com - HKD1200 average per night for Nathan room. Cheaper than ashley though rooms are smaller. It's partially also becos my hubby prefers staying in a hotel with facilities.

nathan has a hotel van too not cheap - one way trip around HKD450.


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apple, i booked through asiatravel.com. did a quick check on the prices between this and booking.com. the latter has more expensive rates for nathan hotel.

asiatravel.com is listed in SGX so they should be quite reliable.

just my 2 cents' worth. =)


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Hi Seagal.. in regards to nathan hotel, have u stayed in this hotel b4? care to share how u intend to get to the hotel upon reaching HK international airport? I am still in the midst of choosing a value for money hotel for this coming oct trip.. not sure if this wld make a gd accomodation for my 2 girlfrens and myself..
Hope to hear from u.. thanks


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hi LY,
have not stayed at nathan hotel before as this is my 1st time to HK. =)

the nathan floors are newly renovated should i supposed they would be better bets compared to the other floors. the room photos were quite impressive as wells. i've also read reviews from travellers on different websites and most of them seem to give pretty good raves on nathan hotel so thought I should give them a try.

when are u intending to go? i'm going in Mar 08. if you are going later, i can tell u more about our stay when back.

oh yes, dun book direct from the hotel as their rates are quite high. the best rates i got were from asiatravel.com (when i booked in Jan 08) and their room charges were 50% cheaper than those stated in nathan hotel's website.

I have a family of three + 2 in laws so had to choose a hotel which is slightly more comfortable but actually if it's for 3 gals - you may also want to consider YMCA Salisbury. read many good net reviews on it but must book very very early as their rooms get snapped up way in advance.

on the transport from airport to hotel. i am hoping to rely on Rachel's contact as the rate is much cheaper than that quoted by nathan hotel. have not heard from her so far...

if you gals dun have a lot of luggage, can take the airport express bus which I heard is only about HKD33 per person. takes about 45 mins to reach hotel from airport.


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Hi Seagal.. I'll be travelling in Oct so I'll be looking forward to your valuable information when u r back.

BTW do you have any itinerary to share? I have not decide where to go as I'll be for 4 days...
Currently my choice of accomodation is either YMCA International House, Metropark Mongkok or Stanford hotel. But due to the dates I am travelling, the hotel rates quoted was pretty high.. Not sure should I switch to dragon hostel so that my buddies and I could have more money to shop.. Need to check out with them.
Hey think Mar is a nice month to travel cos weather will be wonderful! Do enjoy as much as you can...


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hi LY,

Thanks! Will let u know my feedback. =)

I am still planning my itinerary hee....so many places to go but so little time. H/w, i'm not sure if it will be helpful for you since i am travelling with a young child and 2 older folks....whereas u can just eat & shop till drop!

for shopping, i will definitely be going to the Citygate factory outlet mall at Lantau island. If you are into branded stuff, i've read that Harbour City complex is quite good.

for tourist attractions, we will likely be going to the peak & ocean park.

we are spending 1 nite at Disneyland Hollywood hotel too.


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hey seagal,

sorry for e late reply. jus got back fr hk. freezing cold man!!! couldnt take it! no matter how many pieces of clothing i put on, i was still freezing! and taking a shower was a torture too!!!

my fren is away on biz trip & only back to hk end of e wk. i cant locate him at e moment and could only let u know next wk. btw, when are u flying off?


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Hi Rachel,

ok, no worries! just let me know when u get to speak with him. We are leaving on the 3rd week of March so there's still time.

Oh dear, heard about the crazy weather there too. glad that you are back now. I really hope that it will ease by the time we go.


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Hi Seagal

I am going on the 3rd week of mar too.
Which airline u taking?
I am also going to book Nathan Hotel & Disneyland Hollywood hotel But I have not book them yet.
In Booking.com Nathan is offering HKD 3326 for 4 night at the executive rm and 4086 for the nathan rm. u book the Disneyland Hollywood hotel at wat rate? at aisatravel too?

I also hope by than it is not that cold.


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Hi I am thinking of going HK in July for a 7D6N. As this is my 1st time there so would like some advises. I realise HK hotels are quite ex (esp since I am staying for 6N & during their summer sales period) so I am currently considering cosmic guest house. Its actually a hostel & from their website state its abt SG$52 per night. Any of you ever stayed there b4? whats e condition like? Is it far from e shopping area?

I am also planning to go Macau & stay for a night.But their hotels are quite ex too.can't find any cheaper options..anyone can help?

HK nearby islands,which ones are more worth visiting & do you advise a halfday tour or oso stay a night?

Sorry if i asked too many qs & appreciate if someone can advise me. Thanks in advance


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for cheaper accomodations, heard that YMCA salisbury & Booth Lodge are quite good.

if you are really into hunting for good rates, can try checking via various online sites e.g.
- asiatravel.com
- asiareservations.net
- zuji.com
- priceline.com.sg
- asiarooms.com
to compare them against the hotel's direct rates (if available) & those quoted by travel agencies.

Some of these websites also have travellers' reviews which serve as good reference.

I booked Nathan Hotel's Nathan Room at HKD3504 for 3 nights (inclusive of taxes).

the booking.com rates looks quite good hor.

For Disney Hollywood Hotel, we got a seaview room for HKD1,200 before taxes. Price is the same via Disney HK's website too.

Ya, I went through asiatravel.com for both my bookings above. I have also written directly to the hotels after that to confirm my reservations (just in case!) + highlight my special requests e.g. high floor, non-smoking, etc to make sure they are aware.

i am going on the UA flight. depart early morning 6am+ and arrive back late about 10pm+. how about u?


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Hi seagal
i am taking jetstar only reach in the night so will travel to macau at the airport first then will stay there for 2 nights. then will stay at disney hollywood for the last night as i was told that from lantau island go to airport faster. Have not decide whether going to disney land. But need to come back in the morning as flight early in the morning so still considering whether to stay at the hollywood cos not cheap. i think the other time if stay at hollywood for 2 days, you can go disney land for 2 day for 1 day price leh.

Jerlynn, you may want to consider casa real. I am consider that hotel in macau. was told abt 130 per night. Yah I also think hong kong hotel quite ex.
U may want to look at dorsett seaview. in booking.com i think its quote HKD 2800 for 5 nights.


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Jerlynn u can try shenzhen but not sure is it safe to travel there now and whether we need visa?

I also check on Largos Hotel Hong Kong rates. quite cheap leh....wow may consider this cos usually not in hotel.

Wow save quite a lot if i book this hotel compared to Nathan.


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apple... i booked largos...v near jordan mtr..but rooms v small but since most of the time u r not in the room should be fine.. can consider... when will u b travelling?? found out tt asiarooms provide the cheapest rate for largos... but the period i booked r fully book.. so i book frm another website...


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hi seagal.. did anyone recommend booth lodge to u? saw one of ur replies to jerlynn recommending this hotel. I used search engine to look for this hotel and found the reviews to be quite limited. However I have to admit the rates are quite attractive for triple-sharing.. hehe...
If there are podders here who have stayed in either booth lodge or benito hotel (a boutique hotel in TST), can u please share ur staying experience wif podders here...thank u veri much!Hereby awaiting....


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Hi frens who have stayed in Ashley apartment, care to tell me what is the name of this type of room with a double bed and a pull-out sofa bed plus a kitchenette? It would be best if you can provide me with the rates too.. thks a million!


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Dear All
I am going to HK on the 28Feb. The weather over there should be still freezing
Hi Seagal
Do you know where to take the airport express transfer to Kowloon? Think this is the cheapest way to take transfer from airport to hotel
Hi Rachael
Do you have the cab contact no.? I have 4 adults and 1 kids


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LY, you can refer to my earlier posting on Monday, February 04, 2008 - 4:07 pm for info on Ashley apartments.

My relative stayed at Booth Lodge with her elderly mum when there. Seems that it's quite basic but acceptable. She paid only about HKD500 per nite. It's near Yau Ma Tei MTR.

Just went to the website link which apple posted. Seem that the HKD33 is for airbus. I got it mixed up with the airport express which is the MTR. hee.

I have 4 adults and 1 kid too so thot of going for the cab. Rachel's contact seem quite cheap. Nathan hotel quoted me HKD450 for a van.

where will you be staying? Can share your itinerary? ;)

Disneyland is on the same island (Lantau) as the airport so it makes sense to stay there on your last nites before heading back.

Their stay & play for 2 days promo is extended till 30 Sep 08!



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hi ladies,

i'm thinking of going for a short honeymoon in june. it's my 1st trip to HK. veri blur.... would like to seek all yr advice. is it cheaper if we book F&E pkg frm travel agencies or cheaper if we book hotel & flight separately on our own? thanks in advance!


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hi seagal,

yup weather nowadays is really hard to predict!!! really crazy!!! it shot up to 16 - 22 deg these 2 days but shd be dropping again over e wkend.

when i was there in march for e past 2 yrs, weather was ard 15 to 21 deg. but really hard to say now...it has gone haywire!

i would be going over 1st wk of apr hee