Honeymoon @ Prague & Barcelona


Can anyone advice on travels to prague & barcelona? Any good value accomodation & air tixs? Any other MUST-GO places nearby?

Thanks all!


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I love barcelona. just went spain last june. it's lovely place. u might wanna venture to portugal. lovely place too.


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Hi Srumpee01 and Yoyo,

Did u go as F&E? Care to share yr itinerary?
I am planning for a trip with my hubby and daughter (4yr old).

Is Barcelona a safe place? Can we use English to converse easily??



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Apart from petty theft, Barcelona is perfectly safe. Clueless tourists who leave their wallets in their pockets are asking to be pickpocketed (wear a neck pouch). The normal streetwise precautions apply (e.g. keep an eye on your belongings, have your wits about you, be observant, and don't look so blur!).

It isn't so hard to pick up a few Spanish phrases which will certainly help you to get around a lot easier. Don't just rely on English. Be a responsible tourist and learn a little of the local language. It will enhance your travelling experiences there.


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Where is a gd place to explore out from Barcelona? I intend to spend 1nite in Barcelona then travel out to somewhere for 3nites and then spend another 4 nites in Barcelona again.

Any gd suggestion for nice scenery and not too far from Barcelona? Seville? Where else?
Is it true that Madrid is almost similar to Barcelona??


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Prague is filled with nostalgic buildings. Beware too many pickpockets. I find Vienna is nicer than Prague. Cleaner and more unique, picturesque, breathtaking.