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Check out the new Premier King Room at HIPV... modern one. Nice ... the Bridal suite shld be similar i think... got this pic from the hotel website.



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hi all,

i have plans to booked my banquet with HIPV.
care to share your pics ?

[email protected]

for the march-in songs
do anyone have a list?
im at a lost at what to choose....

will be glad if anyone will help.



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omg im so sorry. it's not HIPV. it's Atirum that im gonna make my booking with =x

thanks for the photos James. Gorgeous pictures you had.


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Hi Ladies,

we are going to meet our wedding coordinator this coming Friday.
So far we are offered three themes, crystal, candle, black theme.
well i was thinking mix and match haha!!

But most importantly, anyone got food tasting?
I didnt go for it.....any comments on food?


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Hi Princess Momo, so the black theme is a new theme? Is it nice? But the older generation quite supertitious dunno if they like black theme. Do u know if we can mix and match? Thanks?


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Hi Im,

I'm not sure whether it's called black theme a not,all tablecloth and seat cover are all black.
But the VIP set up for black looks impressive....
However, my coordinator told me that only one theme can be chosen, so mix and match might not be allowed....

Below are the pictures given to me:-

VIP tables


but i think the actual setup might differs from the it's best to go down to take a look.. I guess crystal theme is the most popular ones...


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Hi Princess Mommo, thanks for the info! Hopefully can see the setup during a wedding show... cant mix and match? sigh... nt sure will be the next wedding show.

Congrats Xmasnowy! Do update us abt everything! U chose Crystal as well?


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Hi Im_24,

Going to meet up with the coordinator today.
So excited, there will be a wedding today.....
I think we can't mix and match.....but subject to nego i think....

Hi xmasnowy!
Congras!! if my appointment is next week, then i will able to meet you ...heehee.!!


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I am planning to take up HIPV for 2010 date. Can i know for those who are taking their package in late 2009, what are the perks and pricing that they are offering so that i can better liaise with them.

My email address: [email protected]



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hi, i gonna place deposit with Krystal in HIPV on saturday. Will like to check if anyone manage to get additional perks from there?


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hi heard the ang pao box not veri nice rite? silver col? i bought my own gold col box but after the event hotel asked me where i kept the box.. told them i used my own.. ask them hw does their looks like.. they say same col, same size as mine.. damn angry


I went to the hotel for viewing last week and there was a wedding lunch going on, with the crystal theme.
I think that it’s simple yet elegant.
One thing I dun like is that they have like 2 or 4 pillars (can’t rem).
I am not biased but seems like they cater more for Indian weddings/celebrations.
However, the package and perks are quite good. Was considering it but my date wasn’t available…


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I am holding my wedding next yr Jan. Wondering hows the food like? And which dishes are nice? Cos now choosing the menu and i dunno which ones to choose.... headache headache....


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Hi everyone

I'm having my AD at HIPV next year and was told that I cannot mix n match the themes. However, if I do want to make changes to the theme I have selected, like change colour of tablecloth, will have to check with decorator to see if the colour I want is available. If not, will have to purchase my own. Was also told I can change the colour of the flowers and my florist is willing to do that for me.


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Hi all,

My wedding banquet was just over in HIPV. However, still left 1 carton (12 bottles) of their in house wines (CORNERSTONE Classic French Red 2007). Willing to let go for the 1 carton (12 bottles) at a discount at $210 only (FYI: HIPV is charging at $18++ per bottle), but have to self collect. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are keen


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we took the following:

1) Cold Dish Combination (Suckling Pig, Prawn Salad, Japanese
Octopus, Roast Chicken & Spring Roll)
2) Braised Shark's Fins Soup with Crabmeat & Conpoy
3) Crispy Pi Pa Duck
4) Braised Sliced Abalone & Mushroom with Chinese Spinach
5) Steamed Soon Hock in Superior Soya Sauce
6) Stir Fried Fresh Scallop with Asparagus in XO Sauce
7) Drunken Live Prawns with Chinese Wine & Herbs
8) Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Crabmeat, Golden Mushrooms &
9) Sweeten Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts & Pumpkin

the yam paste is very nice.. shark fin too...
ee fu noodles is good.. duck also not bad..


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Hi Lost,

I was wondering to choose the Pi Pa Duck or Roast chicken with sesame sauce.... which one is their speciality? And wat is conpoy? Oh... then the soon hock, is it big or small?

Actually the dishes that we are going to choose is quite similar to yours.... Cant wait to go down to try the food..... I love yam paste nad ee fu noodles very much!


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Hi All,

My AD will be at Jan 2010. Now, undecisive whether to signup with HIPV 2010 package for orchid room. As alot of other hotels still do not have 2010 packages available so unable to do a comparison of HIPV packages with others. Can anyone advise and share their experience of HIPV?

Hi nicokin,

Have u signup with HIPV? Do you mind share with me what are the perks and pricing that they are offering?

Thanks alot


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Hi all..just had my food tasting tonight at HIPV..overall everyone were pleased with the food, both quality and quantity! =)

When I told parents and in laws that I wanted to have the black theme, their jaws almost dropped...but I really liked it a lot and don't think I want to compromise. Has anyone had their dinner their and also used the black theme before? Any feedback on it? I know the VIP table for the black theme is very impressive but I am not sure for the normal tables, I wonder if it will be very orr loo loo? Anyone has pics to share?