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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by lisimt, Nov 6, 2000.

  1. SierraCD

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    Noticed that the thread has gone cold.
    I am considering Holiday Inn for a Banquet in 2018.
    I was wondering if anyone has any latest or up to date photos of the ballroom with decoration in place?
    I received some themed images from the staff there through email but it was quite dull and plain as compared to their decoration back in 2009, which I saw in a blog.

  2. SierraCD

    SierraCD New Member

    Horrible experience, with the Sales manager Chow Kong Weng.

    Went down to the showcase, was promised a promotional special rate if we filled in their remaining slots for wedding dinner in 2017.
    We went back home to weigh the pros and cons, before committing to the package, which we were given a freedom of up till end of the week to make our decision.

    Initially prior to us paying the deposit, the replies were prompt, 'friendly' and were able to highlight our queries, after paying the deposit, that was when all the nightmare started.
    Sales manager kept flipping the price that we were promise after the showcase, kept insisting for us to pay our deposit before letting us see the contract.

    Now after we received our contract, the price stated was the original price (What's the point of us rushing our wedding and PWshoot and packages if we ended up with an original price???), and had our names wrong in the contract, when we emailed and messaged the Sales manager regarding the mistake in the contract, he said the promotional rate only applied to the wedding lunch.

    Moreover the timing of the dinner and details of the contract was extremely dubious and odd.

    Now we are trying to get him to meet up face to face to settle the issue, and he keeps saying he has other appointments and is not able to accommodate to our timing, and after we complied to the timing he suggested, now he is not replying.

    I sincerely hope everything can be clarified asap.
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  3. dyannalishi

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    Hi Sierra,

    You can try to make an official complaint to the hotel GM. This is not supposed to happen at all.... Sounds really horrible. What is their "original price"
  4. SierraCD

    SierraCD New Member

    We managed to settle things with the sales manager with a little give and take.

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. SpadeAce

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    Anyone just signed with Holiday Inn Atrium recently? Went to their wedding show recently, the package is quite attractive but the sales person told me that no IHP point will be awarded. This is unlike what I saw in a post here dated 2 years ago.

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