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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by abc, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. abc

    abc New Member

    Hi, anyone attended any Hilton weddings lately? Any comments, pls?

  2. honey

    honey New Member

    attended 1 2 yrs ago. Dont quite like the cocktail area cos its shared by a few other ballrooms nearby. Food is ok.
  3. sherry

    sherry New Member

    Hi ABC,

    I've just attend a wedding at Hilton 2 months ago...food is good but heard that it's the couple that has requested for some changes from the menu and they actually top-up some cash! The ballroom is spacious and overall I should say that it's 70/100!

  4. inniskillin

    inniskillin Guest

    Hi ABC,

    I've oso attended one a month ago... food was so-so... but i must say that the service wasn't really good... seems like a lot of part-timers... then there was this older lady, about 40+, serving our table... who was scolding the part-timers, complaining that they dunno how to help.... a fren asked for a beer before the dinner commenced and was told by the waitress that beer will oni be served later... when the fren asked y, she replied abruptly by saying :"The host said so!"
  5. jean

    jean New Member

    Hi ABC,

    Attended a wedding in Hilton last month, have very good impression of the food and ambience. I think the food is one of the better ones among hotels. The cocktail area is a bit cramped though.

  6. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    I'm thinking of booking Hilton for my wedding next year. Anyone has any experience with them ?
    Any comments on food, ambience, svc ?
    Appreciate if you could share ur views.

    Thks !
  7. rin

    rin New Member


    hilton's ballroom is very spacious. my fil was very impress with the deco when we went to view the place. but the exterior of hotel rather rundown.
    attended a frien's dinner there 1 yr ago. food n service was ok. cocktail area v big we din hv to share the area with other couples.
  8. adeline

    adeline New Member

    Hi, does anyone knows if the hotel provides any outdoor facility for wedding?
  9. cracker

    cracker New Member

    To wylynn...

    so did u settle for hilton hotel ?

    I intend to book it within this week...

    had seen the package from Mandarin Orchard & Marina,,sheraton,...seem like Hilton is quite gud..like the executive suite tat they r giving..

    wat package did they offer u ?
  10. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi Cracker,

    yup. settled for Hilton [​IMG]

    I have not seen the suite actually. is it really nice ?

    As for my package i think it's the Joy one. can't really remember already. I have 30 tables and only managed to get 1 nite stay. hope to negotiate with June on that when the date is nearer. My wedding is in June '02

    When is ur wedding ?

  11. observer

    observer New Member

    HI gals,

    I had my wedding at Hilton Vista rm last yr as well..

    The suite they had given me was great, mine is a suite with 2 living rooms, restromm and 1 big bed..

    their"after wedding" is quite gd as well as they bothered to pack our food during the dinner (when we are too busy to eat) and bought it up into out suite after the function..However, u must instruct them to do so..

    They gave me free sandwiches b4 dinner, a bottle of champagne and mini wedding cakes..

    so far quite happy with their service except tt June can be quite unfriendly at times..the one who liason with me is her assistant Shufen she is friendly though..
  12. thumbs up

    thumbs up Guest

    Irene is definitely the better person compared to June, Manager somemore. Someone could write to Hilton to tell them June is thumbs down.

    When I spoke with June, everything cannot. Cannot extra night, cannot nicer decor...cannot ask for more spare table...etc. With Irene, she went all out to do everything for you. To conclude, I had a pleasant wedding banquet with Hilton, and Irene made me feel that I have made the right choice of hotel. I left Hilton smiling of course.
  13. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    oh dear, i have signed up with June. Wondered if there's anyway i can change coordinator ?
    I didn't really like June, but i was given the impression that there are no other coordinators.
    so i didn't do anything about it as long as June gave me most of what i want ...
    Pls advise !
  14. cracker

    cracker New Member

    Harlo wylynn

    hmmm,,,,,My date is in June too !!!!!
    and I was given the grand ballroom..though I promised min 30 tables. My wife and I were first served by Irene,,a junior....but I was not happy with her package,,,,so I told June who is the manager tat extra stuff tat I want...

    so I had dumped the vouchers for an extra nite..plus other stuff....
  15. cracker

    cracker New Member

    harlo wylynn,,,
    think I am better clarify wat I had typed in my previous posting....

    Irene was able to swap those vouchers for an additional nite stay....plus allocating additional VIP carpark for us...but she couldnot decide or refuse to compromise when I ask her to waive off the corkage charge for wine for > 20 bottles (if I am bringing in)...so when we left,,,June was with us and ask abt the progress of the discussion. I told her wat we want and said tat she should be able to work sth for us in our flavor...and true enuff days later,,she said okie....anyway she is the towkay in tat dept...watever stuffs promised by others,,are subjected to her approval,,so better talk to her directly to save all the hassle.

    btw...how many halls are there beside the grand ball room and vista ?....cos my wife told me..they are having 3 dinners....wont it be too crampy along the walkway ?
    recall tat the vista room is on the left of the ball room if u were to take the escalator,,but where is the third room....and if there are > 2 dinners,,wont there be a scramble for the limited carpark slots within the hotel ?
  16. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    Hi Cracker,

    When is ur wedding ? mine is on the 22nd.

    Yes u r rite. June is the mgr. I just hope that she will be more friendly and flexible when the day is nearer. Some stuff she is kind straight about it.

    I'm also having the grand ballrm with 30 tables min. She only gave us 1 nite stay [​IMG] she say will have to wait till the day nearer than can let us know. Btw wat vouchers are u referring to ? I don't have any vouchers. Is it a new promo ? When i signed up the only promo was a miserable 5% discount. But better than nothing.

    Ok then have one restaurant converted to ballroom on the 5/6 flr, can't rem + vista & grand ballrm, so that makes it 3 lor.
    So that means u have another wedding on the same day as you ? I was hoping that I wouldn't encounter such things but looks like the possibility is high now. The cocktail area is really not so big u know. So with 2 weddings, sigh ... quite crowded :p
    We wouldn't be affected by the 5/6 flr one since it's on the diff flr. But u r rite about the carpark lots. Anyway, i intend to highlight in my invite that they can park at Forum and just walk over. It's so near. Hilton has too little lots. You may want to do that too.
  17. cracker

    cracker New Member

    harlo wylynn

    22nd june was one the date tat i had considered too...seem like for the mth of june,,there will be weddding dinners at all hotels along orchard road........

    mine is 01 june..(99 %)...the vouchers tat i am refering to were those anniversary dinner or sth like tat..we told irene,,tat we wanna swap those for an additional nite,,she said okie dokie..anyway we got our quotation just 3 weeks ago...so maybe they had amended some of their items

    hmmmm..as for the parking at Forum,,,tat mean guests have to pay ,,izzit ? hmmm,,anyway we had told june to do some alteration to the contract b4 we signed as some of the things we agreed,,,wasnot in black and white..so had made sure to avoid any potential problem. anyway i will be discussing with them more abt the car park issue....

  18. wylynn

    wylynn Guest

    hi cracker,
    ic. hee yea looks like June is a popular mth to get married ! how nice ...

    oic, ok then maybe i will see if i could do the same thing, swop for the add nite cos she wasn't really willing to GIVE us an add nite.

    anyway i have already signed my contract liow. so i think cannot change much liow .... sigh ...
  19. bb

    bb Guest

    Heard from this forum plenty of good remarks abt Sheraton. Would like to know whether can Hilton "beat" Sheraton in any way since their pricing is quite close.
  20. cracker

    cracker New Member

    How can Hilton match Sheraton ?
    sheraton accomodate 12 per table,,,but inspite of doing a pro-rate for 10 person,,it is still higher than hilton.. Hilton's lower price is due to its facade and sheraton is just opp newton MRT station...whereas one needs abt 5 min walk to hilton from orchard station.

    fyi ,,me chose hilton,,,cos I was given the main ballroom,and the number of tables I have allow my guests not to be blocked by the pillars,,,anyway the guests can look at 2 big screen during the march-in,,,so it is okie with me.
  21. bb

    bb Guest

    hi cracker, how many tables u'll be having?
  22. cracker

    cracker New Member

    to BB

    min 30 tables...
  23. jc

    jc Guest

    Hi Cracker

    Wd u mind to share how much are you paying for per table, and the menu(s)?
  24. babe

    babe New Member

    Hi JC,

    i had my dinner at Hilton ... and the menus are ...


    Hilton Cold Cuts Delights
    (Chinese Spring Roll, Marinated Top Shell, Crispy Squid, Marinated Jelly Fish & Shark¡¦s Fin Omelette)
    Braised Rana Bisque with Crabmeat & Roe
    Crispy Roast Chicken
    Steamed Live Seabass
    Stir-fried Fresh Scallops
    Ring of Yam with Prawns & Cashew Nuts
    Braised Baby Kai Lan Shoots with Mushrooms
    Dried Conpoy Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
    Mango Pudding
    Jasmine Tea


    Hilton Cold Cuts Combination
    (Chinese Spring Roll, Seafood Roll with Egg Yolk, Soya Chicken, Mocked Goose & Salad Shrimps on Lettuce)
    Braised Shark¡¦s Fin Soup with Shredded Chicken
    Deep-fried Duck in Plum Sauce
    Steamed Seabass in Soya Sauce
    Sauteed Pacific Clams with X.O. Sauce on Ice-berg Lettuce
    Sauteed Prawns with Nonya Spices
    Braised Four Treasure Vegetables
    Ee-fu Noodles with Spring Chives
    Red Bean Paste with Braised Ging Ko Nuts
    Jasmine Tea
  25. bb

    bb Guest

    thanks girls! i'll be viewing hilton this sat as there's a wedding going on. will let u know the outcome!
  26. jc

    jc Guest

    Hi Babe

    Tks for the info - just wondering how much did u pay for either menu? by e way, is your wedding over? how's e staff svc? i m actually looking for an outside caterer and Hilton is one of e recommended caterers. Hope to hear your views.
  27. mia13jul

    mia13jul Guest

    very interested in this hotel 2 hold my wedding
    any one held or have already booked their dinner care 2 comment about them.
    love the CENTRAL location but a bit run down. think of it, almost all hotel in orchard area r 'old'
    or have anyone heard of hilton going for a big renovation or things like that
    do not want any renovation in process during my dinner

    thanks 4 any feedbacks
  28. cracker

    cracker New Member

    hi mia

    hilton has the most competitve price range in orchard..excluding those 2 hotels near toy r us..

    quite a few of the couples had booked hilton..including urs truly....it does look abit run-down...and another problem is the small no. of carpark space....guests will have to park at either forum gallery or far east shopping centre (both at $2 after 5pm on Sat) or at the URA car park right behind Hilton.
  29. mushroom

    mushroom New Member


    me too. having my dinner at hilton in june 02.
    the exterior looks run down but interior not so bad. the only -ve pt is the ballrm got pillar. i took awhile to accept. my FH likes the place and my mum like the location, very central. You might want to consider these points.

    Cracker is rite abt the carpark but lucky got alternative parking. The service from e mgr also not too bad. They do call u up to remind u to get ur stuffs done like card printng and food tasting.

  30. pastel

    pastel New Member

    Hi, i've also booked with hilton last year. Its okie...better than Orchard hotel..
  31. mia

    mia New Member

    thank 4 e feedback

    hi cracker,

    maybe i'm not too concern about the parking space
    those who drive will defintely know where to park if Hilton is full

    maybe we can have asmall note in e wedding card advicing those who driving to be aware of this possibility

    hi mushroom,

    just a couple of months 2 go
    so how many tables you're having
    heard that if around 30 tables, you can request 4 all the tables to be place so that no one will sit behind e pillar

    can anyone advice me what can i excahnge 4 if we do not want that anniversary dinner......

    look like nothings else 2 exchange 4

    parking is limited so no use asking 4 more
    another extra night is an alternative but is there a better deal other than that!!!????

    welcome all advices
  32. cracker

    cracker New Member


    when is ur date ?

    guess me should be the first to kick off all the wedding banquet in HIlton in June
  33. mushroom

    mushroom New Member

    Hi mia,

    ya getting kinda excited and stressed cos many things not done :p haven't even gone for food tasting ! jia luck ... hee hee ...
    i'm having abt 30, if really can put till no block, will be so hapi, my ask my coordinator abt it, thks.

    I think the best will be exchange for another room or another nite, that's the best cos on ur wedding u might need another room for u bros/ah yess or u might want to extend ur stay after that long nite u have.

    Hi Cracker,

    My's on the 22 june, when's urs ? goody, got some1 before me then can learn hee hee. Have u gone for food tasting ? how was it ?
    printed ur cards ? I just printed my. I choose the red one, u ?
    hmmm wat other things did u prepare ? any interesting stuffs ? like extra favors or special march in ?
    tell me tell me ! okie hee hee ..
    sorry if got too many qns .. hee hee ..
    Thks !
  34. meggie

    meggie New Member

    Hi Mushroom and Cracker
    Are you using their video facilities? Please let me know how's the arrangement of the projector, etc and who's doing the setup etc. if you are using them. Maybe you will only know after your dinner's over.
    I am having banquet in Oct and planning a pre-dinner presentation. Worried about who's backing up for the setup, rental charge, position of the projector, etc.
  35. mushroom

    mushroom New Member

    Hi Meggie,

    I'm not too sure but i think their sound system pple will handle it. I'm having a presentation also. Just enquired abt the projector and realised need to pay for it, think it cost abt 200+. Better check with you coordinator. I'll try to look ard to borrow one, so can save $. :p
  36. pastel

    pastel New Member

    Hi all,

    Just curious...besides exchanging the anniversary dinner voucher for an additional night stay or extra room, did anyone bargained for something else?
  37. mia

    mia New Member

    discuss with the co-ordinator, she does not allow me to have additonal night or room in exchange for the anniversary dinner vouchers, she only allows 2 to 4 more ppl for the food tasting instead. Did u girls manage to actually bargain for extra room/night??
  38. observer

    observer New Member

    Hi all,

    I had my wedding in Hilton too at yr end 2000 (long time ago)..I doubt that they would allow u to exchange for 1 additional nite stay as the room they gave to us was great.Big suite with bedroom and living room..as for the dinner vouchers, it costs only abt 30++ person so end up it is not really a fair deal for them.:)
  39. pastel

    pastel New Member


    I did manage to exchange for an additional night but am not sure if its the same bridal suite or just a normal room....must check my contract. Say its an important criteria in your decision making and see if it works. It worked for me! [​IMG]

    Actually the reason is they've got to do inter-department revenue transfer or something like that cos the F&B and the rooms are from separate departments...so sometimes when it crosses other departments lesser leeway in bargaining...but still can try.
  40. pf

    pf Guest

    Hi gals,

    i am considering hilton to be one of my options given its competitive pricing..however, i find the ballroom and the hotel rather run down..sigh..anyone has any comments/feedback abt the place?
  41. jj

    jj Guest

    Hi all,

    Final selection Hilton & Marriott cos both fitted our pockets(less than 650 for Hilton & Marriott less than 600 for wkday!!)

    Any advise which is better?
    Marriott's ballroom is really very nice with the different lighting & it's pillarless & its look is pretty new but heard bad comments abt food.
    Hilton is old, with pillars but food is better. Anyway, my guests won't really be blocked by pillars cos the max is 50 tables & I hv abt 40 tables.
    Dilemma now, pls help!!

  42. nata

    nata New Member

    Hi all,

    Has anyone attended Hi-tea wedding at Hilton? How's the food?

  43. observer

    observer New Member

    Hi nata

    I've not attended the Hilton hi -tea but I've my wedding there 2 years back(long time)..

    1 thing abt them is that I like their service(coordinator-ShuFen (if she is still around))..she catered for allmy requested w/o me going down personally (via email)

    The food according to my guests are plentiful and nice
    But take note that it's 2 years ago so I hope their service still maintains a high std.
  44. cracker

    cracker New Member

    Had mine back in June,,,

    it is abit "run down" compared to others in town...but the price is quite value for mony, the food is good,,and their executive suite is one of the biggest I had seen so far....on par with Ritz Carlton..(size wise)
  45. nata

    nata New Member

    Hi Cracker,

    Was yours also a hi-tea?
  46. abby

    abby New Member

    Hi Chin Leng,

    Do u happen to know if there's any brial show/promo fr Hilton in the very near future?

  47. tomyam

    tomyam Guest

    Hi Cracker
    Just had my wedding dinner at Hilton. Indeed, the suite is very impressive. I guess it would cost more than $500 per nite if we were to walk-in and ask for such a room. Everything went smoothly too and they were quite accomodating to our requests. Hee, we trade-in the ice carving for more beer and the coordinator also give me some baskets to put the rose petals. They also waive the corkage and LCD. I find that food is good (only some colleagues commented not up to their expectations).
    As usual, I heard the parking situation is still there. Thumbs up for them and when I am back from honeymoon, would send them a thank you card.
  48. jady

    jady New Member

    Hi Tomyam,

    Is this the deluxe suite at the end of each floor?
    impressive in wat sense?

  49. cracker

    cracker New Member

    hi tomyam

    glad u had a great experience over there.

    to jady

    u right ...the suite are located at the end of each floor..tat wat June did mention..

    each suite is basically consist of "2" rooms...same as other hotels.
    Each of these "rooms" are bigger than a 5-room living hall..(at least compared to those new flats in punggol)
    when u enter..one side will lead to the "hall" while the other will be to ur bedroom...the toilet in the bedroom side..had both normal shower room cum steam bath facility. It also had the normal bathing tub (is this the right name ?).
    They had a TV in each room.

    I had seen suite given to couples at regent hotel, goodwood park, hotel phoenix,and also the suites at Ritz Carlton (part of site visit). Only those at Ritz are comparable,,size-wise.

    wunder if tomyam agree with me ...

    anyway the size of the room is very impressive
  50. cracker

    cracker New Member

    just to addon...IMHO wat matter at the end of the day is the hotel's food is good cos afterall the "guests" are paying for their dinners and chances are u wont know 10% of the guests (parents frends etc etc). To the older folks, it might be a case of "face",,but to us who will foot the bill; it is a case of not burning ur pockets when the bill comes.

    The normal frens might just give abt $80 angpow...while those tat knew u better,,maybe $100; from the relative side,they might give slightly more but dun forget ur cousins will be attending too... So usually u will "make more" more ur frens and they might or might not able to cover "loses" from relative side..if both are plus,plus,,u can consider to have a small fortune..Most of the case is either break even or lost.For my case,,,wrong calculation on the actual day,,hence overall lost one table (abt $730)

    just my 2cts worth of experience

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