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hi hilarion,

when are you going to conduct another photographic course again? FH missed your last round bcos he was in reservist

Hi missy, I shall probably be doing one convention for PA on wedding digital photography towards the end of this year. You should see it in publications.

Dear bride, the price increase should be in the region of about $150.00 or so for actual day and there will also be increase in pricing across the board for studio and ROM.


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Hi Hilarian,

Could you pls advise what type of photos last longer? Matt or glossy? How do I protect my photos? Which type of album is recommended?

Recently I have purchase a Maxvalue card from Fotohub whereby I could develop photos at a cheaper rate. Could you please advise?

Dear cute_koala_123, sorry for the very late reply. I miss this thread was because my name was spelt wrongly and I normally do a search. It is not true that matt last longer than glossy papers. As for albums, it depends on the format that you require. All our albums are custom-made and we do not use those that can be purchased off the rack. Pertaining to the Maxvalue card, I cannot advise as I do not really know what is cheaper. As for us photographers, our pricing is in bulk so it is definitely different from what consumers can get from the labs.

Joycec, I am currently still available for that date but do call me for an appointment at 6100 0088, As for the price list, you can get it from [email protected] which is automated.

I will be away on the 15th & 16th of October 2005. For appointments, please feel free to call me at 6100 0088.


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HI Hilarion,

mind to sen dyour price list to me to jenng19782hotmail.com

are you still available on 15 oct
Dear all, for my latest, revised price list, you can send an email to [email protected]. The price list is with immediate effect. For those who are interested to have video as well, watch out for a very special package for the first 20 customers which is a join promotion between Video Lane and Hilarion Goh.
Get the "Hilarion - Adrian" Photo and Video Package for only $2500.00. This package is only valid for the first 10 couples and it is a cool savings of $800.00. Do call Hilarion at 6100 0088 or Adrian at 9386 5301 for an appointment. This is a never to be repeated offer.
The package includes

Photography by Hilarion
Custom-made album
Free 8 x 8 collage with frame worth $120.00
Unlimited recorded pictures

Video Package includes

Day Video Shoot for Wedding Day Ceremony (8hr)
Night Video Shoot for Wedding Banquet (4hr)
Videography by Adrian with a Digital Video Camcorder
Master Edited DVD
Backup Edited DVD
Raw/Unedited DVD
Original DV Tape

Package is only valid for 1st 10 couples only. Dinner on a different day, please add $200.00.
Dear all,

I will be away from 21 - 23 November 2005 and may not be able to have access to email as often as I may like to. You can get my price list from [email protected] and it's automated. Should you need an appointment, please feel free to call me at 6100 0088.
The word "journalsitic" means pictures like what you see in National Geographic that depicts the story and event of the day. What you see in the newspapers are journalistic sort of shots. They depict a story. Posing during the tea ceremony, for example, is not journalistic but posed. I hope that answers your question.
Hi high5, thank you for your enquiry but regret to inform you that I am already booked for that date. Do feel free to call me at 6100 0088 should you need further assistance.
Dear all, for those of you who wants to book your wedding next year do book early as there shall be another price revision after the Chinese New Year. Do call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment. My studio is now at 29 Mayo Street #02-02 (208315). We have shifted to a bigger premises to serve you better. There is also an open house on 14 and 15th January 2006. All are welcome. For those of you who would like to attend the open house, please write to me at [email protected].
Hi janfeb, thank you for your enquiry and am pleased to inform you that currently, I am still available. Do call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment. You are also cordially invited to our open house on 14 & 15 January 2006.


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to all brides...i know hilarion does not need a recommendation but jus wanted to share our wonderful experience thanks to hilarion on our wedding...hilarion is a wonderful person and so good at what he does...was so pleased with his work and i truly believe that weddings are once in a lifetime experience and what u remember are photos or videos of it so pls ensure that u have a reliable person like him to capture it for u...a big thanks to u once again hilarion!
You are always welcome! You guys have been great too and thus, makes it easy for me to capture those very wonderful moments.
Dear all-brides-to-be,

There is a special ROM package complete with photography services and up to 72 pieces of 4R prints in album complete with make-up by ex-Mediacorp and Media Works make-up artist (both subject to availability)at only $300.00. Not valid for ROM outside of ROM premises and it is not valid for Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Please make your bookings before 28 February 2006 and this promotion will not be extended and it is only valid for the first 10 couples who sign up.

Also, for all actual-day couples, do keep 18th & 19th February 2006 as there will be something "BIG" underway. So do pop by at Singapore Brides regularly to check it out.
It's not for actual-day but for pre-wedding and studio photography in conjuction with the open house of our new studio, Tri-Angles. There will also be other offers for brides-to-be from bridal packages. Watch for it in Singapore Brides. It will be something that all couples-to-be will not want to miss. As a matter of fact, my actual-day package will be going up in price after the Chinese New Year.
Dear all,

Thank you for all couples who had supported me during this time and Tri-Angles, will be here to serve you even better. For those who wish to attend the open house, do feel free to send mail to [email protected]. There will be great offers for the two-day special on 18 & 19th February 2006 only. Watch out for the great packages not to be missed. Do feel free to email me at [email protected] should you need any information or clarifications. You can also get in touch with me at 6100 0088.
To all brides and grooms to-be,

Sign up a studio package with Tri-Angles during our open house and you will be entitled to a $238.00 off my actual-day package before an increase in price after the open house. Only valid for two days and it is not valid for the $888.00 and $1288.00 packages.
Thanks for your enquiry, oshgosh. I am still available for that day and time although I have another one at 1.30pm. Do feel free to call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment.
Dear all, for those who attend the open house, you will be entitled to a free orientation cruise on the 25 February 2006. Please register at: [email protected]

Silverlining Bridal Couture will also be having some special packages during the open house.

There will also be packages for those who wants to have their wedding in sea, by rail and other exciting places. Do come by and see our unique packages with offers never to be repeated.
Dear all,

There has been numerous enquiries on the $300.00 package as to why it is different from the price list that they received. This $300.00 package is strictly a promotion with an ex-Media Corp and Media Works make-up artist and it is not valid for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as stated in the promotion page. It is also only valid for solemnization conducted within the ROM premises.
To all brides and grooms-to-be, your last week to book your actual-day photography before price increases at the end of the week (before 18th Feb 2006). Do feel free to call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment.


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Hi Hilarion

Sent u a mail on the open house registration.

Can't find the packages offered on your website. We are looking at likely PS before 9 Dec. Read that you are already taken up on 9 Dec

Can send me by mail of your packages? [email protected] Thanks!
Yup, so sorry that I have already be taken up on the 9th December 2006. My sincere apologies about that, really.

There are two seventh month this year and I shall advise all brides to book their wedding photographers as early as they can because a photographer can only do one assignment a day quite unlike make-up artist that can do a few in a day.

As for the Tri-Angles open house, it is the $888.00 package for the 1st 3 customers on the first day and $1288.00 package for the first 3 customers on the second day. Our standard package starts from $1,800.00 onwards and it is really a worthwhile consideration as our photography shoot are only done by partners and that is Triston or myself. Triston is a well-known wedding photographer who has also covered many celebrities wedding as well. We do not use junior photographers or part-timers for your most important day of your life.

The open-house is from 10am - 6pm on both days and it is at 29 Mayo Street #02-02. It is opposite Sim Lim Tower and it is the last road of Jalan Besar. It is just opposite the mosque.

Looking forward to seeing you there
I would advise you to attend out open-house as it is difficult for me to give a quote on coffee table book as they differ in size.
I had some enquiries as to weather the $108.00 package is still on. The promotion has been replaced by the $300.00 package with make-up done by ex-Media Corp and Media Works artist. The $108.00 package is no longer valid. Promotion package is not valid for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundatys & Public Holidays. Package is only valid for registration at ROM premises itself.
Looking forward to seeing all brides and grooms-to-be at our open house tomorrow. Remember all couples will be entitled to a free cruise around Singapore waters on 25 February 2006. If you are looking for wedding gowns, overseas packages, flowers, catering and interesting places to get married such as the hot air balloon, cruise train or even buses, do pop by on 18 & 19 February 2006. The open-house is from 10am - 6pm for both days.
I would also like to thank those who made an effort, despite their busy schedules to be at our open-house and of course also for those who queued as early as 7.00am for our special promotional packages. The packages were snapped up immediately upon the opening of our doors.

Yours truly from Tri-Angles, really appreciate all your kind attendance and we will make every effort to serve one and all to our utmost best of our capabilities.

Do feel free to call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment. Do have a look at our homepage, www.tri-angles.sg. Do try and book your packages early as there will be another increase in pricing in June 2006.


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Hi Hilarion,

I'm Theresa's sis, getting married on 29 Oct 2006. Was wondering if you're available on that day. If so, may i noe the price range and package. Thanks

Hi, hi, Joyce, so sorry to inform you that I have already been booked for that date since last year. Perhaps you may like to call my partner Triston also from Tri-Angles at 9692 7409 who has also covered weddings for celebrities such as Zoe Tay, May Phua, Andrea D'Cruz and the recent Glenn and Jamie's wedding. You can get my updated price list from: [email protected]. You may also like to consider our studio and pre-wedding shoot for both local and overseas. There will be one confirmed overseas shoot in Hong Kong during the month of August 2006.


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Hi Hilarion

Just want to pop by to say thanks a zillion for the great pictures!

We like all of them!! The close ups and playing with different lighting turned out impressive. V thoughtful of you to use minimal flash as it wd be tiring for us to take flashes the entire day from morn till night. Like the joyous mood you added into the occasion to spice up the pics. Even the table pics taking was chop chop and good work.

Well done Hilarion.

Continue the great service with excellence.

There will be a few overseas shoot this year for couples who intend to do their shoot overseas. Do feel free to call me at 6100 0088 for an appointment.