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Hi all brides,

I'm looking for a ballroom which have high ceiling and pillarless... anyone can help me pls???? THanks!!!


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furama riverfront is good.. attended a wedding there. it has a nice and grand feel. food is nt bad..
intend to hold my dinner there soon.. u shd go check out the plc..


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Grand copthorne is definitely out... cos i've got a bad experience with the co-ordinator there... just went for my girlfriend's wedding dinner at conrad.. overall it is not bad... but prob becos they have too many tall-standing flower decors along the aisle, the guests seated down may have difficulty looking... cos i was seated beside the aisle and practically have to stand up in order to see whats happening on stage!!! the food is also served quite chilled...


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Hi SatineB,

have u signed with Furama Riverfront???

Hi Chris,

Would recommend Furama Riverfront.
Their svc and perks are excellent.

I understand that hotels like Hilton, Four seasons etc are very steep for their perks...

Happy searching...


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Hi net,

Yupyup i signed with them already. My coordinator's Halim and he's quite an accomodating and helpful person. They have new themes by another decorator and I've gone to see the setup for someone else's wedding few weeks ago. Quite nice.

Most imptly is, the price is reasonable and the food nice. No point paying so much for 5* and ppl complain abt the food at the end of the dinner. I always thot tt its impt to make sure our guests are full and happy. I've gone to some plcs where the plc looked fantastic but the food sux.. but cant rem where nw or can tell u girls..

One more impt thing to make sure is that free flow of beer is included in the perks cos that will be a killer at the end of the day. if u can get waiver of corkage, tt wld be better.

Chris, go check the plc out.. you'll like it.


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Hi net,

my AD is Jul 14 and BS is Universal Studios @ toa payoh. recommended by fren. Im taking the venus ballroom which holds up to 55 tables or so cos gt many tables.. plus i thk tt room is the nicest and u shd nt settle for anything less.. i thk min tables for tt room is 35.

basically the themes are the same but its by a different decorator this time. i've seen pics and 1 actual setup. u can have a choice of 2 themes mixed together, which i'll most prob be doing. only tt the stage setup can only allow 1 theme cos it'll be too messy.. but for the walkway to the stage u can mix 2 if u like. the decor is nt too tall tt ur guests wont be able to see u when u walk past (gd thing) play ard with stuff, ask if u can choose the colour of flowers according to ur theme. they're quite accomodating as i said earlier. just ask and u'll receive. ;)

themes - crystal (my fav)
garden (considering this too)

i havent uploaded any pics on multiply. but mine is satinebutterfly.


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hi gals,

yes interco ballroom is real nice...outta my budget though. so we chose Orchard Hotel, high ceiling with chandeliers and pillarless too

within our budget...which is most important...


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just attended a wedding at Intercontinental hotel and i agree!!! the Intercontinental ballroom really nice!!! regret not taking it cos i dun meet the min requirement for table nos...sob sob....food not bad too!


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How about Meritus Mandarin Ball Room with minimum 50 tables in their pillarless grand ballroom?

I have a package to transfer if you are interested.

Can email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Its on the 18th October 2008.


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My AD is on 26 Dec 2009, sourcing for venues now. Number of attendees may hit 500 or more.

Heard many good reviews abt Intercontinental. Can the hotel accomodate the huge number?

Have also narrowed down the list of hotels that have pillarless ballrooms:

1. Orchard Hotel
2. Shang-gri La
3. Marina Mandarin
4. Oriental
5. Pan Pacific
6. York Hotel
7. Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Not sure if which one has high ceiling ballrooms though. Anyone can share their experiences with these hotels (most importantly ambience, whether pillarless and high ceiling, food)? Thanks!


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I have placed a $2k deposit with Qian Xi Restaurant (Hilltop) for 35 tables at Crystal Ballroom. Pillarless and high ceiling. Very good PERKS. I have to postpone my wedding and I'm willing to let go at a discounted price.

I have fixed it at 7 dec 08. As I've placed the deposit early, I'm able to get a better price @ $568 per table.

Have a look:

Special Wedding Package:

1) Free Flow of Hard Liquor, Red Wine, Beer, Stout, Chinese Tea and Soft Drink (Hard Liquor and Red Wine for booking of 25 tables & above)

2) Free elegant ivory sear cover for ALL dining chairs

3) free 10 pax food tasting

4) Wedding March & First Course Presentation with Special Effect

- Laser & Disco Lighting

- Smoke & Music Effect

- Projector w/ projection Screen

- Hugh Stage with LED Lighting

5)Multi-tier dummy wedding cake with champagne fountain with complementary bottle of champagne

6) Free wedding invitation cards with free printing

7) Free guest signature book

Total capacity is 65 tables

Interested parties, pls email to [email protected].



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just to add on to chrizwendy's post; i called grand corpthorne waterfront when i was checkin out hotels for bq n i immed struck them off the list because the coordinator who answered teh phone was rude, n din call back when they promised to despite me calling a few times.

initially had wanted there cos my frens all said food was good... but to me svc is equally important.


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hmm.. i signed with GCW.. my co-ordinator is great. Prompt in replies.. maybe it's really who u meet and the timing..=)


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hi pple..

do you guys have any hotels to recommend? following are my requirements:

1) pillarless
2) free flow of beer
3) free 1 bottle of wine with every confirmed table.
4) no wedding favours is ok cos thinking of getting my own.

what other things you guys think can nego with the hotel?


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Hi, u can try crowne plaza hotel at changi airport terminal 3.
Their ballroom is pillarless & high ceiling.
Max can host up to 25 tables.


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Hi All

Wish to transfer wedding package at NovotelClarke Quay open date June 09- June '10 due to unavailability of room on our auspicious date.

We have paid a deposit SGD3000.00 and willing to let go at SGD2,500.00 hencee looking for couples who would like to take offer the package. Good package and price as we sign during their promotion period.

Package include:
1. Free Flow of beer
2. 1 bottle of wine for every confirmed table
3. SGD88 off per table for wedding between Jun'09-Dec'09
4. SGD50 off for per table for wedding between Jan 2010 - June 2010

Do contact me if you are interested. Suggest to contact the hotel to check your date availability then if it is and you are interested please email me at [email protected] for more details.

I will send you the complete package

Many thanks

[email protected]


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1. Orchard Hotel
2. Shang-gri La
3. Marina Mandarin
4. Oriental Mandarin
5. Pan Pacific
6. York Hotel
7. Grand Copthorne Waterfront
8. Concorde Hotel
9. Novotel @Clarke Quay
10. Swiss Otel Merchant Court
11. Furama Riverfront
12. Hotel Fort Canning
13. Hotel RE!
14. Sheraton Towers
15. The Regent
16. Marina Baysands


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Raffles Town Club is a good choice too... Private foyer area, only 1 ballroom so no fear of any clashes, food is not bad, sales person nice