Hi-Tech Hotstamping (AMK)


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in case Yeo u r wonderin i actually did printing on front cover and inside both pages but i was not charged for printing front cover charges (freebie


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Xing Ding Dang n Elin,

the printer you all talking abt provide printing of inserts alone or the whole process of the cards?


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Yeo, this printer is T Dragon printer. but bec I went direct to them they gave me better rate then going to their official front company T-Dragon. anyway, its at Kg Bugis, near lavender
xiaodingdang, I saw yr cards - v nice


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Hi gals

Can share with me the price range for per piece of prints? Does printer helps to translate for us if we give them texts in English? What exactly is hot stamping? Is it very expensive for such print?
[email protected]. Thanks.


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hey all,

can someone advise which printer company print nice design n reasonable price?

Hi-Tech, T-Dragon, ACHIEVE DESIGN & PRINT or Jasvy?


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I just went to do my inserts at Hitech, I find it ok only. The paper selection is very limited and have checked with them that they don't do folding services. I heard from my friends There is cheaper printer out there which we don't know.


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By the way, They need 3days to do the layout of the print. Let you approve it den they need a week to have it ready for collection.


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The setback of using Hitech is they don't insert pic into yr inserts. I wanted them to insert my pic and the map of my hotel they can't do it. and so it's just the normal wording and some graphic on the paper. I ended up have to do my own printing of my pic and the map to stick on my wedding cards.


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hi desert, perhaps you should have designed the whole thing yourself, it might even have cost the same and you didn't have to do the sticking also. Sometimes, these printers don't tell you the whole story in the beginning


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hi demure,

you mentioned printing of inserts costs $80 for 200pcs and $90 for 300pcs... does this include cost of mould?
or rather is a mould needed for printing of inserts?
any gals out there who knows? coz i'm scared of all those "hidden costs".. need to factor in everything for my budget =)


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u will oni need mould if u doing hotstamping. if normal printing, then no need for mould.

i believe the price u quoted above is juz normal printing. to include mould is additional of 80 - 100, depending on printers.


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Hi everyone,

My restarurant is already printing my inserts & cards for me but i'm thinking of sending my inserts for printing of guest names only. Instead of writing the names ourselves. Does Hi-Tech print soley names only? Or muz i have them do my insert as well inorder for the guest names to be printed too?


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Does anyone know what the price range is like if I were to engage hi-tech service?
Beside printing of inserts, do they print church mass booklets as well?


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HI Elin and Xiaodingdang

Can you send me the contact of the T-Dragon printer...My future-in-law wants to send out the cards before lunar 7th month even though our wedding is in Oct...very stress coz like not much time. THanks. My email address is [email protected]


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Hi aiko,

Hi-tech charges are as follows:
- 100-200 $80, 20c each thereafter
- 45c each for hotstamping on inserts, + $80 for mould

- 35c each for hotstamping on card, + $80 for mould


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Just to feedback,i went on sat am to hi-tec to print my cards,e lady told me can only email me e proof on thurs or fri.

I read so many good comments on this thread,that their service is very fast,within a day or two can recieve their proof,how come mine takes nearly a week ???

Somemore when I called yesterday to change my dads name,another lady service was very very bad,her tone was rude & when I asked when i can recieve the proof,she said thurs or fri lah


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Hi, thinking of going down to their place.
Just wondering whether do we have to call for appointment?
And also do they have samples for us to view?
Must we go down with our own card design?


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Think i encountered the same thing as Applerain.

They were really very slow. I couldn't believe when they told me they needed 14 days' leadtime. During then, my wedding was a month away. Other printer was offering 3-4 days' service.

After i begged them if they could do it a bit faster, the lady (supposed to be the one doing the artwork) sounded really rude, and kept saying they needed 3-4 days to do every round of artwork amendments.

Equipped with basic photoshop skills, I was really puzzled why changing a few words could take 3-4 days.

As a customer, i do not think that was very good service. She didn't even say she would try.

You should go to them, if you have 2 weeks' spare time to spare. Otherwise, pls visit other printer.


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dear all,

just to share update...

just called Hi-Tech, they're no longer providing gold strings for free...charge 10 cents per string...