Help with MIL & BIL


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I need a place to vent my fustrations. The story goes like this:

1) My BIL (bro-in-law) and the wife (then gf) got ROM-ed 2 yrs back, and they have no intention of holding a banquet as they do not have the budget to do so. My BIL do not have a stable income/job, while my SIL is holding an admin job. Me & hubby intend to hold our banquet in Sept next yr, and we've booked our venue, BS, and got our flat. The prob is now the relatives commented that we (me & hubby) cannot have the customary before the elder bro. My MIL, being the soft-hearted one, sort of got 'manipulated' by the relatives, and she urged the son to hold the banquet before us. The relatives even offer to sponsor their banquet if they do not have the budget! So now they are planning to have it in March 07.

2) In Sept, we applied for a HDB flat, and everyone was very happy for us! Upon hearing that, my BIL & SIL applied for one too! They are getting the keys next mth. They have been staying with my PIL for the past yrs (even before they got married).
*NOTE: My BIL and hubby (this happened before my & hubby got ROMed) used to share a room and a bed, but my SIL shamelessly shift into that room, and my hubby felt so uncomfortable, but still he bear with it. There are several occasions when my hubby came home late, he discovered tat the room was locked, and not wanting to disturb the couple, he had no choice but to sleep on the sofa in the living room! I was so upset when i found out. So I asked my hubby to move in with me (i stayed alone then in a rented flat). For what I know, they do not intend to buy a house that soon, since my hubby has moved out of that room.

My hubby claims tat (the above issues) are just coincidental. But i doubt so...

I'm ANGRY...I dun understand why we can't have our customary before the elder son? I noe it's a tradition thingy, and there's nothing i can do abt it and I feel so fustrated! Last night, my hubby told me tat the bro called and asked for our geomancer contact. He wanted to get his AD date from tat geomancer! ARgggH! I can't help feeling angry! Why must they 'copy' whatever we are doing?


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They are having their customary in March but you will be having yours in September. Shouldn't affect u?