help!! where to buy those white flowers with feather for hair


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i need to buy those white clip on flowers with feathers for hair to go with my whitegown hairstyle

anyone knows where can i get them?


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I bought mine at Diva
you may chk it out.


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I saw it already at Chomel at Vivocity.. Enough choices for you too choose. They have white, black and red with different designs.. The price is about $20-30.. I am thinking of buying from there in case my bridal shop doesn't provide hair accessories.


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hi all BTB~

Completed my ROM last week!

Letting go of a beautiful bridal hair accessory.


Made of pearls, crystals, feather, very victorian
Bought for $300 and currently letting go at $100. (Price nego)
If you noticed, bridal magazines featured a similar design from Gioielli and it cost the same as mine. I only used it for my solemnization and hoping this beautiful hair accessory can find a new and beautiful owner.


Interested parties, please email me at [email protected]