Help! What to ask from your hotel coordinator.


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i'm not sure if i can really answer ur question but this is my opinion...

u can ask for various things cos quite a few things are pretty general and standard..stuff like 1 nite stay, champagne for wine pouring,wedding favours, cards, carparks...

but there's also quite a few differences where not all hotels free flow beer, printing of cards, 1 nite stay for anniversary of wedding, 1 day room for ur jiemeis, free guestbook etc etc...

so, like green said, it would be good to see and compare various wedding banquet packages so u can see the difference...and to allow u compare n u would know wat u really need...cos i do believe although coordinators do give pretty standard perks...they would also do some 'favours' for couples who need certain things and dun need certain things...u know wat i mean??

well, if u really need, i have a list of banquet pricelists and also the prices...maybe it can help u? if u r keen, do email me at [email protected]


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Hi all,

I am also facing some problems here...the coordinator will show the std pkg but i not really good at negotiating...hiaz...


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My friend's wedding is on this weekend, they asked me to be the host for them. Anyone can provide me some sample of host speech list please? Thanks a lot!