HELP! wats the weather for July in Tokyo? Raining & Typhoon or? -----


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Dear all.. me and my hubby had alrd booked our honeymoon to Tokyo & Osaka on 6th sept. but nw we have to go in july 1st wk. We still got a chance to change the date to 1st wk july.

Nw that we probably have to change to july, we had no choice but to double check on the weather again in july. Is it really that bad?

When we book our air tixs at the NATAS travel fair recently, 4 different pple tel us different things.

- A says july is a raining season starts mid june - mid july (some1 from the japan booth, looks japanese to me).
- B says "hw would i knw, we r nt the sky or god, hw to tel when got rain? (tourguide from ASA)
- C says abit raining season. (tourguide from dynasty)
- D says if its rain, then mayb nt too bad, it might be typhoon involved during this time. (tourguide from SA tour).

OMG....!!!!! Who should i believe... mum's friends told me its in summer, whr got rain?

any1 travel to japan frequent or been ther during this time in 1st wk of july or 1st wk of sept, wats the weather like ther? cos its our honeymoon, dun wana spend the days hiding in the hotel room la. Anyone can help?

BTW, heard that if i go in sept 1st wk, they will nt be any more post summer sales cos its over in sept. is it true? wil i stil get the summer sale in 1st wk july?

sorry for all the long questions. jus being confused by tourguides. Txs alot.


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July and August will be hot hot hot summer, much hotter than SG. Sep will have more rain as the season starts to change to welcome autumn. do note that with the global warming problem, weather forecast in such countries are no longer that accurate and be prepared for change of weather especially during the change of season.


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To tell my 27 years experience in Tokyo,
I will say no matter July or September, you will have a good chance to experience the humid and hot summer in Japan. So do not worry abt the weather too much, enjoy yur honeymoon!

Raining seasons (tsuyu) normally starts from Mid June for abt a month.. End of Sep supposed to cool down towards fall.. But last year, Tokyo was recordly hot in Sep!! that was a consecutive days above 37 C in the mid Sep.
Guess with global warming, it doesn t matter what the traditonal weather in July or Sep anymore!

Oh by the way, don t worry abt typhoon either, it never hits Tokyo significantly..


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Yes, if you go to Tokyo in July, you might want to take a look for summer sale..

It starts as early as July 2 or 3rd depending on the brands.. Going on for abt a month and half.. IF you want to have more size choices and good stuff, go as early as first or secong week..

Be prepared the crowd will be worse than morning rush-hour trains in Tokyo.

As winter sales stars after our New Year, as early as Jan 3.. Don t think it will just be winter staffs sale like coats and boots, you will find number of spring jackets or trendly tops on sale.. If you are there by chance, take a look..

The sale is start from 30% off, and going to 50% or 70% towards the end.. And its all season-on stafss. not like the sales in Singapore..


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wow.. thank you so much for the valuable reply and advice, YM(digo).

so at least we r rest assured to change our date to around mid july or 2nd week. Going down to change the date thses few days with the tour agency, luckily u reply us jus in time...

btw, can i check.. we r having a 2 days extension on our own in tyoko. we hav to book the hotel ourselves, though we r in a tour package. any advice whr to saty...? i love shopping but nt shop for those branded stuff la...txstxs.. can advice which budget hotel to stay in?


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I will recommend

1. Hotel Metropolitan (located near Ikebukuro Stn)
accesable by JR line, Metro subway..
Ikebukoro is a few stops to Shinjuku, maybe a little more local compared to Shinjuku. But you will find shopping is not bad.. I believe you want to buy good value local stuffs.
can find Parco, MetroPlaza,Mujirushi, Loft in Sebu Deptment Store,Unikuro,OIOI And sunshine plaza. all very near buy!

2. Shibuya Tokyu-In (Located near Shibuya stn)
You maybe have heard what Shibuya has..
A popular gathering for young ppl.
Can find bargained clothes at 109, zara,gap,
unikuro,Sebu, OIOI etc...

They all should cost below S$135 per night.
But oferring very good location..


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P.S oh,just to add so that don t be too shocked,
In japan, some hotels will charge on per person, not per room, so rate might be doubled when 2 person stay.. Stil, i think 2 above mentioned are not bad choice..


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Hi YM..I seen your feedback above and its realli gd. I am also gg in July to HOkkaido and now waiting for my extension in TOkyo to be approved. I need your advise...
My extension shd be about 2-3 days and I wish to spend 1 day visiting disneyland or sea and the other day will be shopping around. My last day with tour will be staying in Narita so do u recommend that i extend my stay in Narita or to shift into TOkyo to stay?



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hihi YM..

thanks for ur valuable advice...was bz lately, thus not replying u promptly.

btw, we hav changed our date to 8th july liao..hope everyting turns out fine there.

I've also seen the link u hav type here.. but all r in japanese. hw to book huh?



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Hi YM (digo)

My flight hav jus confirmed yesterday, extension of 2 night in Tkoyo.. nw then tel us its confirm...

My Tour guide recommended Sunshine City Prince hotel Tokyo at Ikebukuro.. u thnk is ok?

Me and hubby extended our stay cos of buying astro boy and toys.

U thnk staying at Sunshine City Prince hotel Tokyo , have it?

Sorru pls reply asap as we r flying on the 8th july man.... and nw we got no time to do research cos we r getting married is next monday.

Pls help. any kind soul?


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<font color="ff0000">M GG tOKYO/oSAKa/Kyoto on 9-15th Feb..any idea any sale, where to go buy ?? =)</font>

[email protected]

<font color="aa00aa">I do hope to get CRAYON SHIN CHAN stuff also...where tyo buy, plz enlighten me..thanks!~~

I also Wonder, will there still b snow? haaa</font>