HELP PLEASE. We paid the deposit for our wedding reception only to find out it's in the 7th lunar month :(


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Hi everyone, I appreciate it if you can give some advice. My fiance and I are not aware of these inauspicious wedding dates so we ended up picking Sept 3, 2023 without realizing that it falls in the 7th month of the lunar calendar - we only realized it after we paid all the deposits. Before picking the date we did do a quick check on google and saw that Sept 3, 2023 is a good date for wedding but we just didn't realise it's in the 7th lunar month until my grandma pointed it out. We referred to this online initially and decided on Sept 3, 2023 because according to the website it's good for a wedding -> Also the date is just one week away from when my fiancee proposed, which is why we picked it as well

So the problem is I have already paid the deposit at the hotel and also the deposits for a few other vendors. I've called the hotel and they're okay with me changing the date as long as the new date is still in the month of September 2023. After the first mess up, we checked the lunar calendar properly this time and now know that the 8th month in the lunar calendar (supposed to be an auspicious month) starts on Sept 15, 2023. My question is - is it worth going through all the hassle of shifting dates with all the vendors (and they might not even be available on my new date who knows?). Is having a wedding in the 7th lunar month really that bad? Are all dates in the 7th lunar month bad?


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It will all be ok! :) We spoke to a fengshui master who told us there are always good dates to get married, even if it's 7th lunar month.