Help needed! Orchard hotel or Swissotel Merchant Court?


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Dear all, my fiancée & I have been to 10 hotels & finally shortlisted orchard & swissotel merchant court as our final choices. However we are really torn with regards to which to choose.

Overall, both have high pillarless grand ballrooms that can hold our 35-40 tables & offer similar perks. However, price difference is abt $100 per table as merchant court is offering a 9 course menu while orchard's 8 course and orchard seems older than merchant court hotel.

Will anyone kindly share their experiences at any of these 2 hotels & pros and cons we might not have considered? We need to confirm our choice within the next few days as the date we are holding is currently wanted by other couples too..

Ur advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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I would personally prefer Merchant Court.. But that it provided you dun mind paying extra $3-4K for the difference in banquet.


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Hi Kenshir,

Fyi, merchant court's ballroom is nice however me n my fiance went to observe it during one wedding banquet and found out that they would place a serving table between 2 tables. So if you are getting 40 tables, there would be 20 serving tables. I personally don't like that idea coz it's quite squeezy and not very comfortable when your guests are bringing in strollers with young children.


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Hi Kenshir,

My friend has a package with Orchard Hotel. If you are keen, I can check whether it's still available and he can give you a discount.


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Hi Kenshir,

My AD luncheon will be held at Orchard Hotel this coming Oct. My hubby and I like Orchard Hotel alot becoz of the high ceiling and the ballroom is pillarless.
We went to Merchant Court a few times, for some events and wedding dinners. The service there is quite bad...


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Thanks to all who've given me valuable feedback!

We finally decided on Merchant Court as we really like the exclusive ballroom and poolside solemnisation location.

Really appreciate ur help~


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hi kenshir

Congrats to you !! And if you dont mind, could you please share with me how is your package and pricing like at swiss. You may email me at [email protected].

Also, when is your AD ?


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hi kenshir

Mind if you share with me the package and pricing you've got for both Swissotel and Orchard Hotel? My fiance and I also has shortlisted this two hotels... You may email to me at [email protected] Thanks alot!


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Hi everyone,

Is there anyone hv a experience in Raffles Hotel with Lunch Wedding ? can share with me your experience ?


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Have a wedding package @ Orchard hotel to let go...

It is @ $799 per table. Currently fixed @ 23 Dec 2010 but date is flexible with hotel as long as there are slots.

This is a carefully negotiated package that includes a complimentary function room for solemnization and an additional night stay in the hotel instead of one.

If you are interested or may have any queries, you may wish to email me at [email protected] for more details.


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Hi Kenshir
Congrats to you
Do mind if you share with me the package and pricing you've got for both Swissotel and Orchard Hotel?
My fiance and I also has shortlisted these two hotels
You may email to me at [email protected]
Thanks so much


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orchard hotel is having a wedding show on 28th March...
maybe you can go and have a view and feel of it first =)
if you sign on that day, they are giving away some perks
no registration fee required


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Hi all,

The package price for my weekend AD dinner in 2011 is $1078nett for SMC (9-course menu). For the wedding show perks, they offered us complimentary use of their poolside venue for solemnisation and free flow of beer for 4 hours during the dinner.

OH was offering $980nett ($1029 - $49 cash rebate during the wedding show)for an 8-course menu with free flow of both beer & wine for 3 hours.

Basically it was a tough choice as OH was giving a really price-attractive deal with free flow beer & wine. However, we decided on SMC for the following reasons:

1) Exclusive ballroom for SMC (private reception area & there is only 1 ballroom so no confusion; for OH there would most likely be another wedding function sharing the reception area)

2) Min no. of tables to confirm for SMC was only 30 for weekend dinners for the wedding show (usual no. is 35) even though the Ballroom can take up to 50.
OH's min was 40 tables if we wanted to take Ballrooms 1 & 2 (holds up to 60 tables).

3) Complimentary Poolside ROM venue

4) Location accessible for friends & relatives (it's right next to Clarke Quay MRT).

5) Deposit for SMC was $3000 (easier on our pursestrings since AD is a year away), OH was $5000.

Our coordinator was Francis and initially, we felt like he was always busy and rushing through things, could hardly get him to sit down to discuss details with us. But after some time, realised he was actually a nice & helpful person and was very responsive to our requests!

This was the package we got from SMC:
- Free flow of soft drinks & mixers for your wedding reception & dinner
- 1 bottles of red wine per confirmed table
- Waiver of corkage charge for all “DUTY PAID†and “SEALED†hard liquors & wines brought-in
- Exclusive wedding giveaways for all invited guests (**they have a new range of wedding favours this year)
- An intricately designed dummy wedding cake for the cake cutting ceremony and complimentary 1kg wedding cake for takeaway
- Champagne pyramid with a bottle of complimentary champagne for toasting ceremony (**you'll be surprised to know that some hotels only offer sparking wine so do take note)
- Complimentary seat covers for all dining chairs
- Choice of Wedding Themes with distinctive decoration and aisle decoration to enhance the wedding couple’s entrance and stage
- Exquisite floral decoration for all dining tables
- A magical entrance with fanfare and misty dry ice effect
- Elegantly designed Hotel wedding invitation cards for up to 70% of your guaranteed guests (Excluding printing cost)
- Complimentary car park passes for 20% of your guaranteed attendance
- Complimentary usage of 1 x LCD projector on the actual day
- Complimentary full-course food tasting for up to 10 persons
- Complimentary pre-dinner snacks for the newly weds in your bridal suite
- Exclusive limited-edition guest signature book & provision of Ang Bao box for actual day usage
- One night stay in our elegant bridal suite with complimentary buffet breakfast or lunch for 2 persons at Ellenborough Market Café or Swiss Executive Club
- One night stay in our Swiss Business Advantage Room for your wedding coordinators (** We converted it to our 2nd nights' stay but in the Swiss Business Advantage Room as they only have 2 bridal suites in this hotel and it would be needed by the following day's wedding couple)

Aside from the differences mentioned earlier, OH's package was actually similar, except that they did not offer any day room/night's stay for coordinators.

Hope this helps!


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Dear All

my bf and I, we went to view Orchard Hotel. Yet to go down SMC. SMC doesn't have any open house. So how should I go about to view the ballroom?


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Hi, we have request quotation from SMC and their offer is very good.. much better than other hotels that we request, but am wondering the food.

Hi, Kenshir have u went for ur food tasting yet??


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Dear all,

Just to share my personal experience with both hotels. My AD will be next year September, ba yue shi wu, since it's a hot date, we have started our planning way ahead.

Personally I prefer OH than SMC. 4 main factors I'll consider for hotel selection. Outside the ballroom (hotel appearance, foyer etc), inside ballroom, food menu and of course price.

OH: Yes, it looks old and you need to share the foyer with other couples if there're other wedding at the same time. Obviously mine will definitely affected since it's a hote date. Ballroom itself is beautiful enough with high ceiling and pillarless. It also equiped with inteligent light (colour lights which used during food fan fare & cocktail and inteligent light will be turned on when ballroom is dim) but fall through light is not available, only white spot light at a few spot for the couple to march in. As for the food menu, it's good as far as I heard and their wedding lunch menu is exactly the same as their wedding dinner except the abalone item and it's 8 course, some hotel only 7 course for the same price. If I chose to upgrade, it would be 900+ with ahark fin, with abalone, with beer, with wine (free wine free beer offer needs to sign up by end of April 2011). Btw, I'm looking at lunch. Most of my guests are very supportive with lunch idea since it's a Sunday and they need to work the next day. Also it give us more time to rest after wedding banquet, I don't wanna waste time in the afternoon.

SMC: The hotel is really new and you do not need to share the recep area with other couples which some ppl will love it. The ballroom is big, high ceiling and pillarless. Lighting effect is also about the same as OH. Here comes the difference, SMC menu seem not as attractive as OH. I do not have the menu but heard from my friend which gonna hold hers this Oct 2011 that the original lunch package doesn't even include prawn and she ended up upgrade to about 900+ with shark fin with beer but no abalone, no wine.

I have not seen both bridal suites. Maybe someone can advise.

Hope this helps.


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i'm looking at holding wedding at swissotel merchant court for dinner for 30 tables. in May 2013.

Can anyone share their wedding package? Thanks!

Geneviene Goh

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i'm also torn between these 2 hotels! currently Merchant court is offering poolside solemnization but not Orchard Hotel. But Orchard hotel is offering a price cheaper than $10/table. lol