Help needed, feels like i got scam


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Hi everybody,
I really need some help and advice for the situation i faced :(

Recently in Aug i went to view a Bridal shop for pre-wedding photoshoot. The sales proposed some packages for me.
Package A cost $3999 (local) , Package B cost $4999 (Korean) and package C Aug promotion is $3999 (korean). Even though B and C both are korean, but there are some difference in the number of photos and gowns, 7% GST is not added in

Me and my husband both wanted the korean package C but still find it very expensive , so the person gave us a "better" price at $3500 but without the Actual Day gown & suit. And also she gave us additional soft copies, edited photos and a bigger photo frame instead because we sat there quite long thinking, and i think on her hand she needed that sales.
We told her we need to consider as $3500 is not a small amount, and somemore its FULL PAYMENT. Then also she began to say if i sign another day, all these additional perks she given me is no longer available anymore.

And so we signed the contract and paid full amount of $3500.

As this package she offer does not have AD, therefore we will need to source ourself outside and ala carte rental will be more expensive compared to an entire package which will be more worth. So the sales told us to go home and reconsider if we want the AD.
if we need just drop her a msg, come down to the place to make payment if not internet banking over of $800 top up.
She told us to let her know by End of Aug if we want, which was about 14 days more. I do not have enough time to go source for AD rental and do comparison etc. So close to End of Aug i told her to please give us some more time till end of Sept to decide. She said cannot cannot, but in the end she said ok.

So fast forward to September, i msged the sales and told her i wanted to come down and take a look and also try some of the AD gowns, because on the 1st visit i did not have a good look at them. I want to take a look and then go outside to look for Ala carte so that i can have a comparison on the gowns.
So when i'm there, i noticed that her attitude was bad, she seems annoyed. And told me if i'm going to try the gown today next time i cannot try anymore.
AD gown can only be tried ONCE. So she have been saying like why not i try next year instead ( As my wedding date is still far away), i asked why cant i try some now and next year let me try again. She rolled her eyes and said it doesn't work this way, cannot let customer try more than once for AD gown..
Ok fine.. so i did not try any on that day.

So we sat down and talked about if i were to top up $800 for the AD gown + suit.
She told me if i'm going to top up $$ to add on, she is going to remove all the perks she have given me. Those additional photos, edited, and bigger frames.
She say because i took the Aug promo package, she cant give me so much of all these perks as Originally this Aug promo does not include so much.
I told her she did not inform me at all, she only ask me to go home and reconsider and top up if i want to.

She didnt even highlight to me that IF i wan to topup, all these perks will be removed

I kept questioning her and say why u didn't tell me all these beforehand, she kept going round and round telling me the package doesn't work like that bla bla bla.
And at several times she rolled her eyes at me again.
And my contract is signed with black and white and FULL payment is made, How can you take my money already and tell me you want to remove this and that just because i want to top up for my AD. My AD is not free you know its $800.
I'm paying yet you want to remove my things.

I felt so unhappy at upset that i want to cry at the place, because the sales is too much.
In the end she still insist that she cant give me all the perks on my contract. I ask if i can refund my package she say No
But on the contract itself there is clause of cooling period of Seven days which we can do cancellation and 20% will be forfeited.
Which i remember very clearly she did not highlight this to us, and the contract i'm holding does not have a underline (meaning she skipped this part)

Now i dont know what to do, having experience all these i feel like getting a refund and find some other bridal shop instead. if not i will find ala carte AD somewhere.
I'm also thinking of reporting this to CASE and hopefully get a full refund back. But if i cant get a full refund i still have to face them next year for my photoshoot which things is going to be ugly... Anyone experience the same issue can give some help here?

Sorry that my story is very long,
And really many thanks in advance for the help given.


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Hi babe! This certainly sucks. I would encourage you to try going to case since obviously it is the wedding studio who did not make it clear to you on all this hidden terms. Besides, it is not normal for one to upfront pay 100% for the photoshoot in my experience! Even if it is a promo, never pay 100% upfront because it also kind of show how shady the business is. Hope you get back your money in the end! Another solution is to post this on social media/ review on their facebook, usually this method works more efficiently if they want to cover up their ugliness and resolve privately with you.


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:O I agree with the earlier reply - do report to CASE and I hope you get your money back! $3,500 is indeed not a small sum, especially to pay all upfront for a shoot. :(