Help me to be cured of blackheads.


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I have been facing problems of blackheads and they seem to be getting worse. It really makes you look ugly and I am worried that if they will ever go away. If anyone of you has been in a similar situation or may be if you people know the cure for this, please let me know.


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The best way to remove blackheads is to remove the cause of them -- excessive sebum (oil) and dead skin cells. Sebum is an oily secretion of the body and when it becomes trapped in the skin it results in acne and blackheads. The best way to deal with a problem is to know the basic cause for it and then deal with it. So, I advice you to go for a product that contains Vitamin B5 that helps to get rid of too much sebum. The sebum which is produced in excess will be reduced and this will be a benefit for your skin. A product called] Clearly Gone [/url] has a good amount of Vitamin B5 and you can use this to cure your problems. I do recommend the use of this product that has Vitamin B5 as this vitamin is a harmless vitamin and you will be benefited if you try to reach the core of the problem rather than keeping it to the surface.


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I've been removing both white heads and blackheads myself. I use facelift powder and activator frm Nuskin, mix them and apply it on using oil blotter paper. You can see the 'cute little irritating whiteheads' sticking on the paper as you pull them once its dried. Wanna try Henry?


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Hello, i have a cheap though abit tedious way to remove blackheads and whiteheads at home. Just use facial cotton, cut to shape of ur nose (where i have most of my blackheads), and soak in egg white. Pure egg white, no egg yolk at all. Place on ur nose and wait to dry - in humid singapore might take some time, be patient. When it's completely dry (keyword: COMPLETELY dry and hard), remove gently from the edges. The nasty things will all be standing like soldiers on the dried cotton wool.

I swear by this method n do it every week if possible.


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Hi jewelbebe,

Won't it be drying to wait till the egg white completely dries? My friend tried using egg white mask, he said it dries the skin. I've tried mixing green bean powder with egg white for face mask. After the mixture dries, my skin really feels very dry, even the natural oil is gone!

I agree that using the right products is important to control the production of excess sebum. I'm using an oil-free rose flower gel & it works good on my t-zone. It helps to seal in the moisture yet keeping my skin shine-free for longer hours. Other than that, using cleansing mask 1-2 times per week is essential to unclog & cleanse the pores, prevent sebum from building up underneath the skin causing white/blackheads.

I've tried a product that helps unclog & cleanse the pores, clears dead skin, renews the skin & intense whitening. My pores are more refined & those little bumps & acne are flattened after the 3-day treatment. It is suitable for anyone to do it once in a while for maintanence too.
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stop using toner,it will helps to lesser out the blackheads.i used to have alot of blackheads,cause i put on make up daily,so it will definitely accumulate blackhead if it's not taken care properly.
toner use to tighten yr pores so if your pores are not totally cleansed and the end u will accumulate more


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Hey Henry, I've that problem since secondary school days and I get where you're coming from. Recently I tried using this Bio-Essence peel off mask. It actually works! I only bought to try it as a face mask but after using twice - it actually wipe out most of the blackheads. The same result as what I have after facial session. And it's definitely cheaper! Heh.. (*.*)


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I'm using Egg white peeling off mask from TFS to remove all hidden impurities twice a week. And followed by Cleanance K from Avene almost daily to remove blackheads. In addition, I do my facial once a month. So far so good. Cleared almost all the blackheads. U can try it too.


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i use facial scrub and hydrating mask 2-3 times a week... scurb help to remove dead skin cell togather with blackhead and hydrating mask clean up pores deeply... if you keen to try, I can share mine... just PM me.


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u must try nuskin clear action system if u have blackheads problem, its also helps to improve on acne, pores, pimple scars problem. i hv improve a lot, pls pm me for my details & photo.


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i also have the problem of blackheads... so i will make sure that i keep my pores clean by exfoliating it regularly and do mask.

I just bought a new product from amk to try... suppose to be very good for those with large pores and have blackhead problems... called Miraclear.. a pore refining equipment to be used with my own cleanser.

Been using it for a week... satisfied with it so far =)


when cleansing the face, focus on the nose area for more than 10s. below 2 pdts are quite effective in reducing my blackheads too:
1. Clear (Natural Aqua Gel) for exfoliating the face, helps to clear blackheads too.. not dry and is v. gentle on the face. while using, focus on the nose area for more than 10s. $38
2. daiso's pore mask (liquid form). $2 only. also quite good. when u peel off the mask u can see the blackheads standing... i did it on my pimpled nose once.. haha and it took up the blackhead tat was cloging my pimple... big fat black color somemore.


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The best way to get rid of blackheads is to avoid greasy products on your face; use a light consistency suncream during the day. Clean your face thoroughly with an exfoliating cleanser (MdFormulations: Glycolic Cleanser). Use an Rx drug with Azaleic Acid during the day (specially formulated against blackheads), during the night: Retin-A (tretinoin). It will make that debris and oil won't be able to have any possibility to build up into sebum that can clog your pores.

Good luck!

PS: When you use these products it is common that your condition will worsen and then it'll get better gradually after about 2 weeks.