Help!! From Mummies!!

We are expecting our 1st bundle of joy come July...
Am currrently into my 19th week...
I tripped & fell on my butt for a second time this morning - the first time I fell was on new year's day from a flight of stairs in Chinatown...

I freaked out, & went to the toilet to check.. Good thing, no bleeding (becoz I experienced sudden bleeding in my very early days of pregnancy, & this being my 1st, I'm abit paranoid la)

Then, on Saturday, when we were out happily celebrating V day, I suddenly bled again, just as we were checking in to a one day stay in a Sg hotel - his surprise for me...

We freaked out again, & rushed to the 24hour clinic right after dinner..

The gynae checked on me & found no trace of bleeding??? But he gave me medications to stablise the pregnancy, & given 3 days of mc, from Mon-Wed, & he told me to rest well & relax...

Came back to work ytd, & agIn, fell on my butt this morning, after tripping over a file which was left on the floor by my inconsiderate colleague...

Rushed to the toilet to check again - no bleeding now, but my tummy feels 'funny' as in there is a teeny weeny bit of tightness/discomfort...

Can someone advise me if I need to head for a check again??!

Are there any signs or signals to look out for????

Hubb is very pissed with me already... He asked me on Saturday y we always need to go hospitals on PH or weekends...


oh dear. It's always better to err on the side of caution and go to your gynae for a check esp if you feel 'funny'. At 19 weeks, you may not be able to feel baby moving yet... maybe some bubbly feeling. Call your gynae again and see if you can get a scan. Do take care... and be extra careful.
Spotting although quite common during pregnancy but it should not be ignored as it might be an early sign of miscarriage. If bleeding (eg large amount) occurs, please head to EA immediately and contact your gynea. I am not sure about your tightness and discomfort in your tummy but if it increase in intensity (eg cramp) with time, please head to hospital immediately!

Please take care.
Thank you all for the advices...
Will do so later on...
Hubb is in a meeting now.. We will go once he is out of meeting...
I will try to update u all later, after the check..
Using my iPhone to update now coz co bans internet, thus the slow reply...
Having some difficulty in posting now as I am constantly on the lookout if my boss is walking past..


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i'm trying to train my daughter to walk with her eyes open...

it's fine if u trip, but since u have a baby with u, extra caution shouldn't cost u more time.


Chek…what’s your daughter has to do with a pregnant woman and who walk with eye closed….
Probably she is still not very used to be pregnant and still act like she is not, however, I don’t understand why her husband is complaining about going to hospital during PH/weekend…I mean its their first baby and still in her early pregnancy, so its better to be safe than sorry, so if you have to go you have to go, it’s a life for god sake.


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it's inherent... some pple trip more than they should, or knock into things... some always in a rush for some reason. some keep knocking into things and always hitting the same edges of sofas, office tables...

it's impt for these individuals to exercise caution and look out more. i have a colleague who hits his knee against the table at least once a week and shouts in pain. the table cannot change, he has to.

it's funny and all, but when Life is at stake, i dun think it's funny anymore...


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i only tripped once during pregnancy, and that was because it was extremely heavy rain and pavement was slippery. please exercise more caution now that you are pregnant. your husband is probably feeling frustrated that you don't seem to be taking good care of yourself.


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Hi there, since you know you are accident-prone, try not to move around too much like going to Chinatown during CNY period, etc.


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Some people by default are a little clumsy and seems to bump and fall more often..

I am one of those that I know i always knock into walls and doors cos my spatial judgement is quite bad..

But pregnant different.. Must be more careful..aiyohyoh.. fall down stair first time is quite serious le.. Somemore twice


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Good to hear that.

Anyway when my wife fell during her pregnancy, our gynae mentioned that the foetus is usually safe since our buttocks will help cushion the fall, as compared to a fall forward.

Also, since your hb is quite reluctant to accompany you to the gynae, why not just grab a cab and visit her/him yourself instead?
@ dragon:

He is not reluctant.. Just pissed off with me that I'm not careful... He thinks that I should be extra cautious now that I'm expecting..

And accidents happens (up till now) often on weekends & PH where we need to pay a slightly higher price to see doc...

Not that he is not willing to pay, but he thinks that all these $$ can be put to better use rather than on those hospital visits due to my own carelessness or when I suddenly bleed for no rhyme or reason, like last Saturday...

We were happily shopping & eating when I suddenly bled, just before checking in the hotel for v day...

Deepavali 2010 holiday that morning, I also found myself bleeding when I woke up in the morning..

We really cannot comprehend why bb chooses PH or weekends to scare us..

Mummy jokingly said bb wants to constantly remind us during our enjoyments, about her existence... Hehe~


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take care babe..

i had a fall too wen i was ard 7months pregnant.. slipped n fell on my butt.. doesn't seems to bother my baby coz she didn't even reacted.. guess all the fats n amniotic fluid cushioned her..

thankfully, nothing bad happen except for a sore butt..


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Yep, pls be vey careful in your movement. I missed my seat and landed on my bottom at a coffeeshop while expecting my son. And slipped and fell down a slope while walking when I was carrying my daughter around 6 weeks. So, if u are as accident prone as me, pls exercise more caution and take care of yourself well.