He said he needed a time-off


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I am seeing someone recently. The level of chemistry, communication, and commitment between us was beyond my expectations, and I could only say they are beautiful moments shared between us. Although it is a brief period, he was already taking the initiative to discuss our future. Adding on, we don't meet during weekdays due to his work commitment, but we spent most days on weekends together, usually 1/2 or full day. He has also started to show me around his regular places where people all know him, and I have also met one of his good friends.

At the same time, he is also going through some rough patches due to work and personal stuff and I believed pressures from some areas may have added up. Last weekend before we could arrange to meet up, he went completely silent for days and came back 2 days later telling me that he needed some time to himself to come clean with himself again due to the pressures, and specifically mentioned it won't take long. Before the disappearance, he also mentioned briefly that he does not want to make any empty promises in case he cannot deliver them.

I, of course, being left in deep confusion as our communications have been active with calls daily and suddenly, they are all gone within a day. I told him that I will give him space and will be there for him when needed, but it is difficult to be out of contact completely. I texted him today and we start texting a little but the tone from him is not as warm as before. I am trying to keep our conversation light and general but deep inside I am feeling insecure and confused. Is there any advice out there?
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So this fella whom you just met, over a few weeks is blowing hot and cold - and he says he has some issues to sort out?

This relationship is unevenly keeled and the balance of power rests in his hands since you desire him more than he has or feels the same way of you.

If a woman disappears on me for 2 days, i would be anxious. In fact i would make a police report.

I can't imagine being incommunicado much less absent in her life for more than a day....