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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by newproject, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    I think this forum by its nature is too negative.

    Anyone like to share positive stories?

    Eg Got cheated upon then divorced bit eventually found true love again.

  2. meiji5

    meiji5 Member

    Sounds like me...but in this sequence, divorced, cheated on and now in a new rs. Can't say found true love yet...still new. :D
    nowadays i just keep a positive mindset. easier to live life with a positive mindset.
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  3. life_is

    life_is Active Member

    Something positive. Scolded ex father in law in public for not having proper upbringing and not bringing up his daughter properly. Also told him to wait for his son's turn to reveive the same crap he gave since he thinks what he did was right. Faith in humanity restored. That felt really good after years of frustration released at one of the culprits.
  4. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    As I expected no happy stories
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  5. Carousell

    Carousell Active Member

    Care to share whats your age? No matter what age, its still possible to find new relationship after divorce or break up right?
  6. Infernolord

    Infernolord Active Member

    Well, this is my story.
    Got dumped and ditched yearly.. now i am with a nice ger had a bad experience with her ex fiancee. (Her ex cheated and left her, with lot of financial burden and debts and her ex is doing well with his business)
    At least we see eye to eye with our values for now. I cant say for now if we will have a good ending but at least I can tell that there are commitments, which are very crucial.
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  7. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    Can encourage your gf come here post her story? :)
  8. meiji5

    meiji5 Member

    33 years old. Not old and not young, in between. LOL.

    Yes, it's still possible to find a new relationship. Just that the pool of available guys are smaller. Then you need to really look beyond what you see on the surface, hence need to be a bit picky cos you no longer have time to play around.
  9. meiji5

    meiji5 Member

    Wah.....you should meet up with infernolord and his gf. go on double date. :p
  10. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    Lol Infernolord and his gf is like golden couple if we double date look like old uncle auntie next to him.

    Frankly Infernolord gfs all very beautiful type
  11. Carousell

    Carousell Active Member

    Just wondering and my imagination, is there a way to create chaos in sammy boy forum and those websites advertising prostitutes working in spore? After looking through sammy boy, i m just so fed up with how many pimps out there operating and how many illegal pros in singapore earning our currency. So many of them rent the condos here and mess up the marriages here. Would reporting the website to spore ica authorities and use the photos to block the pros from coming into singapore work? There are photos available in the website, cant we use it to block them from cming in? I know they cant do anything about the websites but cant they prevent these girls from cming in here?
  12. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Demand supply principle.
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  13. Carousell

    Carousell Active Member

    Hmm does it mean we had to close two eyes and let married men stray w no repercussions or let the condo owners rent out to pimps? Let the pimps go scott free wout paying taxes? Just feel like creating some havoc in that website to mess up their businesses
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  14. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    A little insensitive but true sadly
  15. life_is

    life_is Active Member

    Why is there a demand in the first place? Should ask if the married men still have any intimacy in their marriage life. If their wives keep refusing, what do they do after many years? Become monks? Maybe there should be more marriage preparation courses for couples to know how to love. Some religions also state that it is the couple's obligation to have sex life. Destroy the demand, and the supplies shall vanish.
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  16. Carousell

    Carousell Active Member

    Not all cases are due to wives not giving intimacies. Many also because they got tempted by reading reviews and looking at the pics. The forums made it so easy to stray and not get caught, so the guys are tempted. The wives can never satify the "newness" and " different women, diff bodies, different look, different feel" that those prostitutes provide.
  17. life_is

    life_is Active Member

    Beg to differ. Was living apart from ex wife for almost entire marriage and didn't even stray. You could literally put naked women in front of me and I would still not waver. Think articles out there show that when men visit prostitutes there is no love and only guilt. It doesn't seem like a good feeling like what you described. Men can always have self control. However, it is also true that men have these needs. If he doesn't get it at home for long periods of time, it can spell trouble. Think there are many decent men who would go home to their wives if it was a home. Just too many cases of women not being there for their men and instead using the system to gain advantages. Would be glad to go home to a good woman anytime and no temptations can stop me.
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  18. Carousell

    Carousell Active Member

    Of course not all men enjoy prostitutes. There are some who didnt get it from wives, there are some who got it from wives but still looking for fun, and there are some like you who wouldnt enjoy from prostitutes even if didnt get from wives. If you read up those reviews, then maybe you would get the feel that they dont even feel guilty. Sometimes its not even the need, its that they do enjoy it, its not something that wives can provide them if variety and thrill of secrecy is what they are looking for.

    When you mention that articles out there show that men visit pros with no love but only guilt, i seriously think it applies to some only, theres still many out there go to pros with no love but also no guilt, its fun for them.
  19. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    Looks like infernolord is very popular.. wonder how is he doing now
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  20. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    He found a nice girl enjoying bliss.

    Tiagong marrying soon?
  21. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    Oh he has? Good la, not all girls are as bad as the ones he met.... I Guess it's where he meet them
  22. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    I'll let him tell the story if he wants.

    Let's just say he chose a pretty different kind of girl this time aka not one of those ultra confident type A strong willed woman types.

    From my POV got a few red flags but Im kinda paranoid on his behalf .... I think he broke his personal record on r/s length already..
  23. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    HAHHA wow he is indeed very popular!!!! aiya, I'm also strong willed. It it's about how much you want to compromise and how much you value your spouse and how much you want to make things work.

    But wow, great on his record breaking!!!!!!
  24. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    You give in to your husband to be more or the other way?
  25. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    LOL we give in to each other bah. I am always late, always tired/ sleepy, sometimes easily angry. He gives me to me. He doesn't like to go out and is thrifty, I also give in. I use my own money to buy my wants and am
    Okay to chill at home/ his place. But he also will once in awhile plan/ suggest more exciting dates. And I like to watch movies, he doesn't but he also gives in.

    I didn't think of this question before but now that you asked...

    I am still unsure who gives in to whom more but both do it on different things :p
  26. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    3 things he give in to you the last is a big thing.

    He doesn't give in to you so you count as you give in to him? Lol

    Except he does give in just not all the time so you count as you give in?

    He gives in.

    If you not sure it's probably he give in y
    To you lah

    Nothing wrong, you both happy Liao...
  27. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    We are both very different. The only similar things we have are our values :)
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  28. Renerie

    Renerie New Member

    Erm.. Hope this story is an positive inspiration to all.

    I was in a r/s for over 7 years with a guy. We started during poly days and stayed together throughout his NS period.
    In this r/s, I was never good enough for him to show to his family and friends as I am not "improving" myself (e.g. makeup and dress nicely, find a good paying job, obtain higher qualification, etc.). Eventually after he started working, I was dumped for not being good enough as he had a better paying job and was going for degree course (using money from his grandparents).

    Initially I found it hard to move on and suffered with severe inferiority complex. It was so bad that I dare not look in the mirror as I was not "presentable" and not good enough for anyone. I also had suicidal thoughts. Fortunately my family was there to support me and walked me out of misery after some time.

    One can live life happily even if you are alone, with the "right" one it will make your life a little more happier. This word of advice changed me and I started loving myself, starting with lifestyle changes, outings and activities with family and close friends and also occasional treats to pamper myself. Gradually I built up self-confidence better than before.

    It was then I started socialising on a dating site that I met my current bf (now fiance :D). He was receptive of my previous encounter and treated me with respect despite my flaws. We went through a period of conflicts as well but both of us are willing to listen and talk it out to resolve it which makes the r/s meaningful. I was glad that my previous r/s ended as it would have turned for the worst. I couldn't have imagine what I would have become.

    To all who are still looking for the "one", I would suggest loving yourself as a person first before loving someone else. Don't fall into the trap of diminishing your self-worth to be with someone as it will not be healthy in the long run.

    Keep the positive stories coming! :)
  29. Janessa Li

    Janessa Li Member

    I agreed on you.. Start loving urself den u can love someone else. So true
  30. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    Thank you for sharing.

    Actually here got a lot of brides to be in theory can share lots of good stories (unless really first r/s got married) but few bother.

    All so happy Liao why think of sad past.

    Hope more can share.
  31. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    Don't put words in my mouth. Since when did I talk about closing eyes?

    A cheating man will have his ways, no matter what watchdog you place. We are a global economy here, most of us travel for work. What's stopping from visiting spa / ktv etc. Sometimes, customers want to go, we cannot just ignore. Its up to the individual determination, values and priority. Its so easy to just pick one hot girl and have a good time.

    The sex industry will not go away because the demand is always there. You block here, it pops out in another place. Pimps can be creative too. So get real, witch hunting eats into yourself. The responsibility lies with the individual. If he cheats, there is no excuses at all.
  32. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    this is the key, all the struggles over cheating spouse, mainly boils down to this. Values are very different. No relationship will be rosy all the time. What stops us from falling when all else fails? When no one is watching, that hooker is just so hot and sexy, what's stopping the guy. It doesn't just stop at lust and casual paid sex, what about infatuations with colleagues. Especially during biz trips and it gets tougher and lonely. Relationships and emotions can get messy very easily. Again, it is the values and priorities that keep us committed in our relationship.
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  33. sheltieslove

    sheltieslove New Member

    let me share mine...

    I was with my ex for 9 years... we grew up together and went through so much together... I even had to top up his Ez link card during a period of time for him... 3 months before our wedding.. he suddenly confessed that he fell for a girl at his workplace... My world crashed greatly, everything was gone... our new place... wedding... our hopes and dreams.. I always thought that I was the luckiest girl on earth, and he was my first love...

    I didnt want to let myself crash, so I signed up with a gym and made many new friends. I picked myself up.

    some time later, I met my current fiance... he always puts me first and treats me with respect... We click very well and have the same ideals and beliefs... He is soooo much better than the one who left me for his colleague... we are getting married soon

    I feel so silly for thinking that I had been dumped by the best guy on earth...

    i wouldnt have met my awesome fiance if I had not moved on...

    so we must always stay positive!
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  34. newproject

    newproject Active Member


    Thanks for stopping by and giving all the sad souls here hope.
  35. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    Hes pretty much a legend in forums like this.
  36. JaneLi

    JaneLi Member

    Mine is a bitter-sweet experience. It was love at first sight with him, been together for around 2 years before he's being posted overseas by his company.Still keep in contact with him over skype & we stayed good friends till this day; even though it was like a silent breakup when he went overseas...
  37. newproject

    newproject Active Member

    So you still with him?

    Or single ?
  38. reegee

    reegee New Member

    Been a silent reader in the forum but had to create an acc just so I can post this!

    I agree - this forum needs some positivity! Don't think I'm a great story teller but here's my contribution:

    Long story cut short, i was with my then boyfriend since JC days. We went thru so much turbulence, a single post ain't gonna cut it.

    There was so much heartache, lies, secrets, cheating for a grand total of 9years. (Of course la! we were entering so many new phases in our life stages with so many new people, & wanted to have so much fun)

    But there was a lot of love.

    And i guess that was what held us on the whole time, even with all the insomnia, crying and heartaches. There were definitely times we began to question if we were merely too used to each other's presence, or was it really love.

    I suppose theres always only two ways to find out.. and we went with the one where we would both find out together.

    9years of roller coaster rides later, we made a choice to grow up, and stabilised for the next 3 years.

    Now that we have really grown up, done looking around for fun, we find ourselves more in love than ever.

    Perhaps because we chose to stick ard no matter what the odds.. that we came out of it stronger as a couple. We've developed our common understanding and beliefs from all the experiences.

    We are now very happily married for the last 2 years. (Total count: 14years including paktor 12years)

    Not sure how happy this story is, but I thought it'd be nice to share.. that every relationship is difficult & requires very different approaches.

    It's not gonna be easy, nor like a fairy tale.
    But what makes all the difference, is that you don't give up on your relationship so easily. It was a conscious decision when we chose to be with our partners, and we should remind ourselves once in a while, why.

  39. Cath_rina

    Cath_rina Member

    He wasn't able to fulfil his responsibilities as a husband but I managed to find a man better than him. I always wanted a Caucasian bf because i cannot visualise being together with a local guy. Most local guys are losers anyway, i was so foolish to marry him. He's now driving private hire to pay the bills for the flat and that's humiliating. He even cried at the law firm when I wanted to file for divorce. He couldn't even afford to pay for maintenance or a lawyer and he's now homeless and has to sleep in his car because he is giving up the flat to me. I told him to man up and move out but he has to pay for the bills and installment until conveyancing is completed but He can't even afford rent. He did his national service so he should be able to survive sleeping in a car on long term. I can't understand how can he be so pathetic. But I'm very happily attached to a new bf from France and I'm flying over to France this year with him during his vacation. My mother is also very supportive of this relationship and she also agrees that I have finally been able to move on with life. i want to encourage everyone if you pursue your dreams hard enough, it will come true.
  40. miloice

    miloice Well-Known Member

    still trolling. lol

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