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    Recently I found out my Husband keep on receiving WhatsApp messages from his Friend, actually it’s not unusual for this but his behaviour was far too weird and always have to go either toilet or will tell me he going out for a puff. His sechdule became very busy especially on Friday night, he sure got to entertain his client and would came home in the morning with strong smell of alcohol and those perfume!

    One day I decided to look at his mobile (I never do that as I always believe in privacy) while he was bathing. This was the time I saw someone by the name of Happy had texted him not long ago, their topic was this Happy (97881597)texted my hubby informing him that “Starlight at Cuppage had closed, they have moved to Leo KTV at Tanglin Shopping Centre #B2-01.

    Through woman with sense, I know something is fishy about this KTV as before married my hubby always goes out to drink with his friends but his behaviour was never like this. Therefore I decided to ask help from my younger Brother, i forwarded Happy Namecard photo I found in my hubby’s mobile and ask him to check out this place, immediately my Brother called me, he ask me what happened and why am I asking about this KTV and this Mamasan “Happy”? I told him about the incident and from what he had told me I was shocked, he told me this Mamasan “Happy” had been in this trade from many years and she is very popular as all the girls who work for her not only work as KtV Hostress but also as “hooker” too, and what makes me shock was they provide sexual service inside the KTV! In the beginning I m still quite doubtful about the information my Brother gave me, although he goes drinking every weekend as he still single and not attached, but until he show me an article that kind of convince me, this article from the news which happened in Juanuary this year, at Cuppage a club was being caught with some social visit Vietnamese women and few women stripping total naked in the club. My Brother told me this was the club this Mamasan “Happy” used to work but after the police raid she bring her whole group of staff to this Leo KTV and also changed her name to Amy as to avoid police tracking her down. My Brother even showed me there are lots of forum talking about her girls and the club she worked, it was totally disgusted!! I never thought inside singapore KTV all these nonsense are happening and how come with all these forum discussed about the club and their secret services why our police are not taking any action? Is it allowed by Government or our government is closing one eye to them as they pay more tax? I know this sort of things need 2 hands to clap, my hubby are to blame as well, but seriously if he was there to entertain client I got nothing to say but would any business man bring his client to such sleazy place?

    Anyone here know if I wanted to report this to the police, which number should I call? I don’t think I can dial 999 as it’s not those life threatening case. Few weeks ago I watched crimewatch in Ch 8, it happens to show on illegal prostitution brothel, I think I am able to report on this case too,right? As after the show there’s a policeman urging the public if we found someone doing such activities, we can make a report to the police.

    Lastly, all ladies please secretly check your partners’ mobile for this number, 97881597, Happy or Amy. She the Mamasan I am talking about, if your Husband had this number then please becareful! The chances of him betraying you is Super high! As for me, I had a serious fight with my Husband and I now move back to my parents’ place with my two kids.

    * I attached the photo of the name card and also a screenshot of the forum talking about the Mamasan’s girl, this is just one I screenshot, there are still lots more and far more disgusting comments!”

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    your brother know so much..... Seems he is also regular

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