Grooms' wedding suits... where to make?


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hihi... may i noe where to make nice grooms' wedding suits? Nice & affordable


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Alot of tailors can custom make a set for S$350 (1 blazer, 2 trousers). But for this price, it is only the mid-range fabrics. Be prepared to pay >S$500 for good quality fabrics.

I just bought my FH a set from G2000 cos they are having promotion now (buy blazer S$249, free trousers) and the cutting fits him perfectly.


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Tam, I was very disappointed with them when my dad went to make his suit last month. Shall not mention the details here, but it was a total disappointment plus they charge so expensive.

From my experience, we paid to be tortured.


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Hi Xue Fang, Just my reommendation, you can try Raffles Tailor.

Hubby did his ROM and WEdding suit there, simply excellent service by Mac, the designer and the suit's got the perfect cut.
It is definity pricy but it was all worth it!!


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Hi... how long will it take to make?... 1 week, few days?

we're organising it from overseas and will be in SG for a week in Sept... and just wondered whether we will have time to get it made.



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HiHi... wld like to noe how much does Raffles Tailor and Kingmens charge 4 suit?

Got my WG and EG.. now looking for tailor for hubby.. or any other tailor to recommend?


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Hi AverageJoe,

May I know the exact and shop name that you mentioned? The one located at Cross Street, near chinatown.

I'm looking for MTM suits for my hubby.



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hi fren,

u can try this one silver strips. excelsior shopping centre. mine from there. not bad.


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anyone tried tailoring them in Thailand???

my FH needs a Jacket, pants, vest and a wing tipped white shirt...

we're gg there to tailor, definately cheaper cos of FX diff. but duno roughly how much to expect.

my fren gave me the tailor: Pinky Tailor or someting like tat.

in fact i tink its a gd idea go these cheap cheap countries to get.. my wedding shoes.. im gona get from there too, at prob'ly even 5times less ex man.


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Hi, my hubby went to Silver Strip Tailor at Excelsior Shopping Centre to have his suit done. Shirt, jacket, vest and cravat for $420, the material and workmanship are good! =)


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You can try out the on in toa payoh central.... beside a very very small temple near the carpark. they dun have a proper shop. but there is this old uncle who can do a uit of ur very design abt 200+, depends on materials...


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Hi does any know where i can get those british type of suit for man? My HTB likes those traditional bristish soldiers suit wor... thinking MTM sure very ex de...


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hehe.. I just bought one pant suit from Armani Exchange for my hubby for wedding photoshoot (Only cost $385 for the whole suit during the GSS). Just nice and fitting. Quality quite good too. Most importantly, I like the brand name.