Green Weddings


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Hi all! was wondering where can i find BS, banquets, florists in Singapore that have environmentally-friendly options for their customers? As an environmental science student, I find that many things like flowers and unfinished food at banquets go to waste once the wedding day comes to an end. there are many good websites online which talk about having ecofriendly 'green' weddings, but I'm not sure if they're feasible in Singapore.
For my wedding, I will not be serving sharks' fin, and will give wedding favors that are edible (cos most people don't use the little trinklet boxes or keychains anyway) for example Fair trade coffee beans packaged in recycled paper envelops.
For wedding bands, I am having trouble finding rings made from reclaimed metals (1 wedding band creates about 20 tons of mining waste!).
If anyone has any ideas, or have done something environmentally-friendly in their wedding, please share!



For my evening hairdo, I didn't buy extra flowers, I used a few from my wedding bouquet for my hair

I re-used my angpow box as storage box. Or you can sell yours at 2nd hand prices for others to reuse it.

My wedding favour was also edible.


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Watched it on TV today that some tailors recycle outdated wedding gowns into short jiemei dresses, maybe you can hunt around for those shops to buy or rent your jiemei dresses


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Heard about this wedding showcase at Halia restaurant (Botanic Gardens) this Sunday. Going to check out the space for my wedding. There will be hairstylist, florist etc. booths as well. You might want to check it out.