Granite Flooring


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if need painter can contact Mr Tay at hp 9846 8367

Labour per day for painting wall is $90 per day include brush & cloth to cover flooring
( Paint provide by owner )


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hi I'm a 'inherited' granite owner... actually nothing too bad to say about the granite except that my inherted tiles are red in colour. other than that it is handy and is definitely very very resistant to scratches - so resistant such that I have problems finding people to re-polish it. anyone got the contacts? pls email me at [email protected] P/S: 1 drawback of granite is that it stains really easily cos I got blotaches of purple stuff on my red floor. perhaps wine or smt. Also, the other day I was applying some cream lotion and it fell to the floor and i didn;t notice until next morning i already saw a stain in the floor. so need to consider. other than this, i find that even though it is red, i still love my granite floor to bits though i would prefer to have black flooring :p


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I love granite since i got 3 kids. Very resistant but need to put protection coat yourself so that no stain can sink into it. this is natural that stone will take in any liquid form when is put there too long. I actually got a man who do dry laying for mi no uneven level due to drying.


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My HTB is granite lover.. so our lovenest flooring are all done up with granite.

I come across a detergent meant for cleaning granite (mopping) from NTUC. Abit costly than normal detergent. However, since U already "invested" so much on the flooring, it won't cost that much juz for the maintenance.

I realise not every NTUC sell that product (can't remember thet brand), So.... happy searching


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hi iris,

care to share the brand of the detergent? i went NTUC but couldn't find any meant for granite.


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we have granite tile in our bathroom -- and shower. not a problem being slippery -- the shower floor is 3" the rest is 12". my concern would be were do you live and is heating an issue? we have radiant heat floors so no problem, otherwise you would have a cold floor in the winter.


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I put have a large granite backsplash behind my stove that goes from counter to the bottom of the stainless vent hood. Actually, it covers the entire wall under the cabinets too. I am considering adding a more decorative element to the stove backsplash section. Can I add another layer of tile on top the granite? Will it hold up over time?