Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


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Most pple have abt 30 tables so will of cos take waterfront ballroom. Seldom pple take Galleria ballroom like mine.
Karen: I'll have my wedding on 8 oct. I'll let u know more when time comes


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Thanks doragal~~
Do share photos with us.. not only the ballroom but it it's okie.. of yourself too.. hee~~ Cheers


amy: its 48nett per couple... held on 20th Mar...

anyone been to wedding at riverfront ballroom and peony jade Clarke Quay? Considering between these 2.. any comments is welcomed


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Hi, anyone who is having their wedding or already have their wedding at galleria, riverfront or waterfront ballroom, can i check with u if u gals had any concerns abt the march in? Ilove the ballrooms as it really gives a cozy and intimate feeling but the aisle is pretty to march in with the music if it's only to be for a few seconds? Any advise?


For the Grand Ballroom, is it also min 40 tables for a Sunday Lunch?

Also, for lunch, when the curtain is drawn, anything interesting, as compared to dinner where you can see the pretty lightings outside?

Many thanks, appreciate in advance for feedback.


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hi everyone,

my fiance and i will also be holding our wedding dinner at GCW in Jan 2012! we'll be meeting the coordinator, Xuan Ning next week to firm up the contract. has anybody worked with her and can provide any feedback about what we should take note?

also I agree with some of you that GCW does seem to lack somethings in the package they offer! hope it's not hidden costs =X in any case, hope to hear more positive sharings and comments so that we can all affirm one another that GCW is a good choice! haha..

so anyone who has important tips or stories to share please feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected]

thanks a million! =)


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Hi BTB and GTB,

My wife and I just had our wedding on 27 Feb 2011 and we have written a complimentary letter to GCW especially to our Senior Events Manager, Banquet Manager and waitress who have helped us tremendously. We only posted so late because we went for 3 weeks of honeymoon! =) This is what we have sent to them:

"I signed a wedding package around one year ago. During this one year of preparation, Elizabeth has always been very attentive to my request. She helped me alot and I am very grateful. Without her excellent service, the whole wedding would not be so successful. Her excellent service, her pro-activeness to help me to solve issue really touched me. During my actual dinner, Elizabeth even came down personally to assure me that everthing is going to be perfect. She even helped me to adjust my gown before the marched in. At that moment, her excellent service Again warmed my heart again. In addition, I would like to compliment on Selvan as he helped us once during our food tasting a few months ago and for his excellent service then, I specifically requested for him to help us. Before the dinner, I panicked and his calm style of handling issue somehow calmed me down. During dinner, he showed a very systematic way of doing things, and could see that he was very experienced in his job scope! Excellent service, Selvan! Lastly, I would like to compliment on the young lady Jin Xiang, who helped me to hold the tail of my gown. She used to help me once on my food tasting. Her excellent service for both times warm my heart too.

Whole preparation for around one year wouldn't be as beautiful if I didn't have them helping me. Specfically to Elizabeth who really touches my heart with her sincerity, with her warmness, with her excellent service.

Comments by guest were good food, services were fast and good (except for the toilet light is down at that time.

Thank you GCW for making my wedding such a beautiful and memorable one.

Happy satisfied bride


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hi, can i check - how is xuanning, the new coordinator? she doesn't seem very experience and it seems difficult to ask for good deals with her. can anyone share their experience with me?


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hihi, any more reviews, whether on food, service, decor and so on please? how is the decor for Galleria ballroom and solemnization at promenade? what are the perks that you have request for? please share.. thanks..


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Hi all.. got a qns.. i'm gonna invite my brother's friend to sing on my AD... any idea if there is any copy rights issues etc with the selection of songs??

Thanks in advance..


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Hi there,

I saw a lot of positive feedback about GCW on this forum & event senior manager is pretty helpful & provided good service. Would anyone be willing to share the pictures of the setup for the waterfront ballroom? We have looked at the waterfront ballroom which met the number of tables that we required. Many thanks!

Warmest regards,


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Hi all,

Can someone help to send me the 2012 standard package for a weekend wedding for 25-30tables. I checked the web, it was not listed. Also, I would like to know which banquet mgr to contact and how's his/her service... my email address is [email protected]
Many thanks.


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hi all,
anyone booked with GCW already this year for wedding in 2012? They have a wedding show coming up next mth $48 per couple think $38 for DBS cards.
I jus went to see the ballroom recently, there will be a wedding on that day. I must say the ballroom looks grand (im looking at grand ballroom which is minimum 40 tables for weekend, sorry im not very sure abt their other ballrooms).
There is also the unique backgroup overlooking the gazebo. With 40 tables occupying that ballroom i think it will be grand and spacious. High ceiling but i must say the lights (not chandeliers) are not very nice.
However, i noticed the decor is quite plain. In fact my cordinator showed me some pics the normal table is just a small bowl of petals? And there are only 8 flower stands and VIP table small decor unless you top up and spend more $ on decor.
Price is reasonable ($1268 for weekend dinner for 2012) although i feel the hotel looks old. Its actually old lah not renovated for a long time.
Anyone deciding on this hotel??


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Hi ladies, just went to view GCW grand ballroom n I love it... My coordinator is Xuanning, anyone have any comment abt her service???


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I'll be there is Sunday for a friend's dinner.. Waterfront ballroom... if anyone still need photos, let me know.. then i can snap snap more.. otherwise i think i'm fine with just my eyes... hee hee


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Hi all, im having my wedding dinner banquet on 8 Nov 2011, coming soon!!! Its at GWC & Xuanning is my co-ordinator.

Frankly, I'm not really happy with her service. We signed for the package in Dec 2010 due to DBS promotion. I got pissed when she declined our request and referred us to our contract when we request for additional stuff.

Stuff we asked for & got declined:

1. We enquire on table discount as we have more than the minimum requirement as we understood some hotels do. - Declined and got referred to contract.

2. Additional night stay - Declined and got referred to contract. I am real upset for this declined as my sister's friend just had her wedding lunch at the same location and she got 2 nights stay for # of tables lesser than mine!! Though the stays were not for consecutive nights but at least it is 2 nights!

3. Additional helper room - got declined again and referred to contract! Initially when i requested to extend the helper's room hours, i got declined. After i explained abit more lately, i only got an additional 2 hrs.

I am upset with all these declined and to refer to contract signed. There is no extra mile services and it kinds of upset me over my wedding prep.

You may want to iron out all details with her before you sign your contract or request for a change in coordinator now.


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My coordinator was Elizabeth, Before that xuanning was my coordinator but I find it hard to discuss n request things from her so I req for elizabeth after some bride recommended her to me. She explained everything in details n we spent almost an hr plus for her to explain e package, e wedding cards, printing, foods all, unlike xuanning whom I meet earlier on, take less than 15mins... I immediately comfirmed my dinner banquet with Elizabeth after meeting her. She was helpful, professional and know her work well... Im meeting her again on mOnday to sign e contract. Thk god didn't sign with xuanning!!!


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Hi Dorae

Understand from your comment you are facing some difficulties with GCW hotel.

I just had my wedding in GCW somewhere in June this year. the service from the hotel was alright but we indeed had a wonderful wedding there.
our wedding coordinator was Xuan Ning too. (not sure are we saying the same girl) she was young and might look quite inexperience to me in the first place. but she is very helpful and me and we really appreciate those little things that she had done. she was attentive to most of our needs and most important she willing to give us a lots of suggestion that we really cant figure out. although we didnt manage to get much perks from her but we do understand that this is so much she can do at her level.

I understand how you feel by increasing table to that much and no better perks was offered, we do have 54 tables too.
after all we shouldnt create our happiness by creating sadness on her. she is just a girl that willing to work hard for her career.

i hope you dont feel unhappy with this posting, that's how we feel as a weddding couple there.


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i also liase with xuanning, though i haven sign up with her.
most of the time, my requests are declined, like additional night stay etc
but she is polite over email and will be quite prompt in responding
mine is the galleria ballroom as i have only 10-12 tables
still contemplating whether to sign a not


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Hello gals,

I also liaise with Xuanning for my wedding preparations. She is no doubt a very polite and nice girl. She is also very prompt in replying to email queries.

However, she is really inflexible in providing additional perks to us. I really do not see the issue of giving us a complimentary night stay when we are spending so much for our event. And of course, all other additional perks that we requested are being declined.

If Elizabeth could provide the same additional perks for us and not Xuanning, wouldn't it be unfair to those who signed with Xuanning? Anyway, I'm not trying to kick up a fuss but just felt very disappointed to be assigned with a coordinator who is so inflexible.

Anyone knows if we can request to change coordinator after signing the agreement? I'm not just after the additional perks but also not comfortable with her and also having doubts how much she can do for us if everything is being declined and alternative is all about adding up to our total cost.

Having said all these, I still have to say she is a very nice and polite girl like Yoko mentioned.


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Hi Gals,

I just attended a wedding not too long ago at GCW. Just thought i'll give some review:


Cold Dish: very delicious! serving is big! only thing to fault is that its relatively cold.

Sharks Fin: A disappointment as its quite diluted. There is 1 extra bowl left, but no one wants to eat it.

Deep Fried Crab Claw with mango sauce: Very nice, crispy, hot and yummy! The sauce is very special and refreshing.

Steam Fish: Average Dish.

Roast Chicken with Garlic: Very Nice too! Crispy and Succulent!

Usual Vegetable with mushroom dish: Average Dish.

Fried Ee Fu Noodle with Chive: Average Dish.

Pumpkin Orh Nee: Special Dish, not too sweet. Nice even when im not a Orh Nee fan!


Quite alot of temp staff, have to order my drinks a couple of times before they come. The Orange soft drink is gas-less !!! Have to change to sprite. For sharks fin, the sauce bottle has the label 'soya sauce', but its actually vinegar inside! Serving of food wise is fast and prompt!

Decor wise is quite basic, but the grand ballroom's cosy light make up for it.

Nothing wows me, but I must say its a decent place for wedding.


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just signed up GCW! any tips to share?

i agree with the bridal suite extended stay and the helpers room.. wonder if they can let us have another night free, and extend helpers room hours..

any other wedding coordinators besides xuanning and elizabeth?


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curlyger - i signed up yestereday! were you there also? quite a few couples were there, and i saw some couples already paying for deposit before 2pm~ super fast!

my big day is in Jan 2013 - Kiasu i am! hahaha. how about you, curlyger?


I was there too! I reached ard 2plus. You are not kaisu. Mine oso Jan 2013! Haha! I wanted March 2013 but was booked by another couple

The perks is hard to resist. Which ballroom had you book?


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i took the riverfront ballroom cuz i've not many tables. haha. but the perks are not bad. did you manage to nego for more things? i tried to bargain a little... but not very successful. lol.

which room u booked? is yours a weekend?


hi princessie, sorry for the late reply. busy at work.

I booked the grand ballroom. when is ur AD? What else did you try to nego but was unsuccessful?


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hi princessie!
congrats! i'm also looking at waterfront. but i wasnt in time for the wedding show as my finace is currently overseas. when is ur jan date in 2013? mine is also in jan 2013 and realised that everywhere is on waiting list! haha! may i knw hw much was the deposit needed for GCW?

can also share wad are the perks you got from the wedding show sign up?

many thanks!


Hi Berry_ash,
I did not manage to nego for another night stay but I thought it will be good to had 2 night stay instead of 1. I visited the bridal suite but I find it really small

Hi muffins_rene,
Congratulations! when is ur AD? mine oso jan 2013! haha! The deposit is $5,000