Goodwood Park Tudor Terrace?


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Hey ladies,

I'm keen in having my ROM this year end at GWP. Does anyone had yours recently? Care to share your experience..?
Kindly email me your pics at [email protected]
Thanks gals!


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Hi, i just had my rom at GWP poolside 3 weeks back. Simply love it, had a great co-ordinator who help me with all the arrangements and layout...


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Hi poohy, would u mind sharing ur pictures? N in terms of service staffs on that day, ambience, food and the feedback from ur guests


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Hi Lil Dewy,

the service staff was excellent, i had Sam as the banquet manager that day. He's very professional. Ambience and food was great as feedback by my guest except that weather was a bit warm on that day. you may want to drop me your email.


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just attended a good friend's solemnization at Goodwood Park Hotel. it was by the pool, and was definitely one of the nicest i've been to.

small and cozy for friends and very romantic with the sun peeking in through the trees.

currently on my list of location:D


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Hi btb,

I just met up with the wedding coordinator today. They have 2 pool areas for solemnization. One can hold 30 people and another hold 100 people. Rental of the place is $800. Food wise depend on whether u want lunch, high tea or dinner.


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Hi bem,

The 100 ppl venue is sheltered. It is by the large poolside. However, that area is more opened. So outsider might be witnessing yr sokeminsstion.


Nic: u changed ur nickname?
thanks for the info.. so the lunch will also be held at that area? or indoors?
anw do u have the package to share w me? i wanna know e pricing..


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Hi girls,

I am considering GWP by the poolside for 30 pax Tea Reception or International Buffet dinner for my Solemnization. I m just wondering if the place is warm between 2-5pm? Anyone care to share pictures,deals or advice on GWP. Poohy: Congratulations on your special day =) care to share your photos @ GWP?