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actually this forum is really quiet except for people asking for packages. Actually BTBs can email directly to GWP for their packages.

Are there anyone who has met with the coordinators and done their food tasting ... chosen their cards/decor etc?


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I'm very disappointed with the service of GWP. Met the person on Sat and he was so distracted during the whole meeting. I still have to remind him so many times what he need to show me. Then he promise to send me proposal on Mon or Tues. No response. I sent reminder email on Tues in case he forgets. No response! Friday night now and i did not hear anything from the person. He could have drop me a note to acknowledge my email and say he busy and will send me proposal later. Isnt that basic courtesy and responsibility...


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Look for the catering of director to service you then.
If you need any help u can try to PM me or leave me your email address k


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Hi all, I just had my wedding dinner at GWP and both my husband and I are so happy to have chosen it. The Windsor ballroom was lovely and intimate. Service was good. Guests commented that the food was really yums with very generous portions. My guests were so pleased with the chips the hotel served during the cocktail reception and even asked me to go back to find out what brand it was. My in-laws felt the banquet standard made them look good in front of the relatives. Ashley was our coordinator and Esther, the Director of Catering, took over after she left and both of them were great to work with. The bridal suite they gave us was quite big. It had a view of the main pool and had a separate living room before the bedroom - large enough for us to serve tea in there. So for us, we have no regrets chooisng GWP for our wedding banquet.


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hey w3n, hmm.. u're in crowne plaza's SB forum before right?? =) remember me? heheee..

oh GWP yes yess.. they do hav ballroom accomodating less than 25 tables - Tudor Ballroom! Min. 18, Max. 23!


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Hi All!

Sorry to disturb,

Have some wines leftover from my wedding luncheon ended early January. They are Pierre Jean Merlot (France) - 2008. Have about 33 bottles left. and some Pierre Jean White Wine left too.

Not too sure but heard this is the wine that Goodwood Park serves during wedding banquets. If you BTBs and GTBs are interested can let me know yah?

I am selling at $16 a bottle, but if you are getting them in bulk can negotiate slightly. Self collection.

Please email me at carolinn80@gmail as I do not check forum that often. Cheers!


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Would really appreciate some help.

I'm intending to book the tudor ballroom. May i ask if anyone managed to get an additional night stay or an upgrade to a bigger suite? I was offered one night stay in junior suite. Seems quite difficult to get additional perks. Requested for a few and got rejected unless i top up extra.


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Spikenard >> What extras did u request for? Did u ask them what is their wedding show perks and whether they can extend it for u, which is what some hotels do. GWP is expected to do a wedding show in April.

When is ur AD?


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Hi Kass,

I requested for an additional night, got rejected. Then for an upgrade from junior suite to 1 bedroom suite, got rejected as well. Also got rejected for additional carpark coupons. I do get the feeling my coordinator is a lil inflexible & uninterested. Didn't managed to catch them at their wedding show. AD is Oct 2010 so i cant wait till Apr.

Additionally, my coordinator is quite slow in her responses to us even when we expressed interest in signing the contract. We seemed to be the more proactive ones. Only learnt thats quite a norm for GWP here. Guess she's really busy.


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We are thinking of holding our lunch buffet at GWP. But still unsure about the service standards. The pricing for Nov 2011 does not seem to be out yet.


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Spikenard - I just confirmed with GWP yesterday.

Junior Suite and 1-bedroom suite - By one bedroom suite, do refer to the poolside suite or the 1 bedroom suite. In GWP, these are 2 difference categories. If u are referring to the poolside suite, I have seen both this and the junior suite and both are pretty similar. The poolside suite is exactly the same as the junior suite, except that the poolside suites are on the ground floor with direct access to the poolside. I personally hate ground floor rooms, so I'm okay with this. Being in the hospitality industry myself, I doubt GWP, or any other hotel, for that matter, will promise a complimentary room category upgrade of 2 categories or more...

Parking coupons - The car park is outsourced, hence GWP cannot get additional parking coupons. Like another GWP btb, I asked for this and got rejected as well.

Although I did try asking for some extras, I thought the package is quite comprehensive in itself already. The coordinator also extended some extras to us without us asking for them, which we appreciate.

As for promptness, the first coordinator that I dealt with was unresponsive. So I requested for someone else, who is wonderful and always prompt in replying within 24 hours. Her name is Mei Fung, if need be, u may approach her?

The coordinators are really busy now, apparently, as they also manage corporate sales and they are v busy right now with the Airshow.


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Hi Kass,

Thanks for replying. I'm referring to the 1 bedroom suite. At first we just asked for an upgrade, which was rejected. Then the coordinator recommended the 1 bedroom suite, although we will have to top up for that.

May I know what are the extras that the coordinator extended to you?


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My personal encounter with coordinator Mr Rahman is terrible! He "seems" to be a very busy man.
I made a appointment with him to discuss on solemnization package more than a week before the meetup. But when i turn up on the day, he actually say that he got an urgent meeting to attend to, that's only when i called him up. He got another coordinator to meet me who is not able to make any decision at all.
Overall, He sound without any apology about the whole thing, and i had not heard of him ever again. How will I feel safe to let such person handle my event? Maybe he is busy handling big events, then dun agree on the meet up in the very first place! Irresponsible guy!
GWP being a 5* hotel with such service... I'm disappointed...


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Hi Kass,

I also booked with GWP.. My wonderful coordinator quit already and now the replacement seems to be unresponsive.. A bit worried that there will be a lot of barrier in negotiating the stuffs that we already agreed upon with the previous coordinator.. May I know how did you request for someone else? Did you talk to the Manager and they let you change or have to kick up a fuss?


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Hi BTB/Brides of GWP,

for Winsor ballroom right.. there's panels of mirror on the wall near the stage.. is it possible to cover them up? I'm afraid that there may cause reflections on photos..


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Strad - I was with Rahman previously as well. I think his focus is more on corporate sales, as I have sent countless emails to him with no reply as well. Thankfully not everyone in GWP is like that. If you want to meet up with someone else, I can recommend Mei Fung, who is a wonderful lady.

Btw, are there any other coordinators besides Rahman and Mei Fung. There used to be an Ashley, but she left already...

Destiny - at that time when I changed coordinators, I was still at the first/2nd appt stage. i simply got the details of my coordinator from another BTB here, sent her an email telling her that Rahman has been unresponsive, could I make an appt with her instead, then she replied and said okay. Later she told me that she did ask Rahman for permission to take over my account, as each sales lead is impt for them to meet their sales target.


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spikenard >> The coordintor extended the following:
- waiver of cockage for up to the confirmed nos of tables
- Rental of projectors up to 4 sets
- Day Use Room subject to availability

The rest of the perks were negotiated, meaning I gave up something in the current package offered, in order to get the extra.

Hope this helps. You should be able to get the DBS benefits as your wedding is in 2010. Have u checked on that yet?


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Yes, It was part of the package our coordinator showed us. We already hav a DBS cc, so no problems on the benefits so long we pay the deposit using the card.

We tried trading in the 2L barrel beer in the package for an additional night stay or other perks but got rejected.

Seeing how "hard up" we are for a free add night, she did advise us to book online cos the rates on the internet wld fluctuate.


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Good question. Why are u so "hard up" for the additional night?

If the 2nd night is so impt but you don't want to pay for it, why dun u consider spending the 2nd night in a normal room instead? I doubt internet rates will fluctuate so much, cuz it's a suite, after all.


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i got Raman as my coordinator. he was unresponsive at first and we have sent an email to complain.
however, we love gwp so much so we went to meet up with him again to confirm the details for our banquet.
i realised the only way to communicate with him is to joke with him and treat ur wedding as a important and yet a joyful occasion.
we made him remember us and he is even on our facebook.
i find his service very personalised and im glad i got him as our coordinator!


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- Goodwood Park is having a wedding show on 18 April 2010, 11am to 3pm.
- $48 for DBS Cardholders (incl 5 course wedding lunch and dessert buffet)
- Vendors include Divine Couture, among others.


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actually we just thought it would be nice to have an additional night because our solemnization would be a day before the dinner.


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Had decided to post my experiences with GWP.

been searching high and low for the banquet venue since last year Dec.

GWP is supposed to be my dream wedding venue..
However had some issues with one of the sales manager Mei Fung..

Had booked appt with kimberly to view the ballroom and hotel suite. I must say that Kimberly had done her job well with smiles.
Personally, i dun really like the suite but well it is just for a night so can make do with it.

Finally, about 1 week later after appt, decided to book through Mei Fung. I must praise her, as she is realli helpful in helping us sourcing the available dates. However, upon trying to ask for more perks or information (normally what are offered in wedding bridal shows info) etc, I was told that they can't accede/reveal anything unhappily. After some moment, I realli can sense that she is really not happy to entertain my call anymore.. until i voice that out to her. Only then she changed her tone, and she stated that she is sick and having a sore throat...

As my gf is working on shift work, only time free will be either late evening or weekends. Instead of trying to accomodate our request to meet late evening (7 to 8pm) or weekends, I was told promptly we operate during office hours and weekends are off with the (you wan you take, you can't make it, leave) altitude.

After that, another sales manager, anthony follow up on my case upon my request. He begin to explain to me that she is realli sick and that they have to entertaine countless of clients etc. He even explained that they are just serving us without any commission or sales target to meet! Fine after his call, i seriously have doubts about GWP service etc.

about another few days later, anthony called me and said "Hi just a gentle reminder that our appt is at 7pm today?" I was so shock that i told him, i did not make any appt. He told me that mei fung had made the appt for me since our last call. and i was like so puzzled.

Needless to say, my gf and i decided to drop GWP and search other venue. Much to our disappointment.
hi, can someone pls advise me.
What is the price for weddings in 2011?
Are there any pillars in Tudor ballroom?
What are the colour theme do they have for the table cloths?
Is the march in long?
Is there anyway the mirrors at the windsor room can be covered?
How many projector screens can we have for the Tudor ballroom and where is the location of the screen in Tudor ballroom?

Anyone can send me some wedding pics taken in Tudor and Windsor ballroom? Thanks alot

[email protected]


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hi all, i had just booked my package with Raman of GWP. though it is the only one place we went to, we did not hestitate due to the excellent service we received.

just to let you guys know, the package for 2011 has changed and is very different from the old one. also, i managed to view the wedding show package and it is VERY attractive. but as my AD is months after the promotion period, we didn't get the perks offered.
hi everyone, I am in the mist of signing the contract with GWP for my AD in 2011.
I am not sure what is different from 2010, maybe Violet, you would like to share.

As i have not seen their 2010 package so I am not sure.

Kass: the wedding show package includes 2011 banquet. You need to book between 01 Apr-30 Apr to enjoy the perks and its for weddings held by 30 sept 2011.

Time to live up this thread people
sw: this wedding show they are giving additional 12 bottles of wine, dreamweavers designed wedding cards, wedding favours and 1 of the wedding accessories (ring pillow, AP box or guest bk) and free flow of beer. For DBS credit card members can get a free flow of wine upon commencement of meals or a bridal car porsche boster s on wedding day.


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sorry for late reply. was busy at work.
since the perks are listed in the common contract, i suppose i can share.

1.there is a price increase from 2010 to 2011 package. about 80 bucks per table.

2.the conditions basically remain the same. but from a 20L beer, they have increased to 30L. also, they are offering eustoma for the ballroom decoration.

3. food tasting is now for 10 guests instead of 8.

*didn't mind not having a day room since the bridal suite is quite big and i suppose the jie-meis will be in the bridal suite even if there is day room for them?

but me, no doubt the price increment is quite significant, i feel that so long it is within my capability, i do not wish to compromise my selection for the banquet. also, like i said earlier on, i was impressed with raman's willingness to help us. so that is definitely a plus point. will try to request him to be my co-ordinator. =]

my AD is in dec 2011, and the wedding show promotion will end in sept 30, 2011. we did try to ask for an extension but failed. however i understand where the hotel's stand so i am cool with it.
Violet: my coordinator told me that the price for weddings from Sept-dec is not out yet as their financial year ends in 30 Aug. For your case, they still hounar 2011's price?

Anyone going for the wedding show on 18 Apr?


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How much is the new package?? Eg, for Fridays and Sundays and for Saturdays??

Surprised that they included 2011 inside also, cuz my coordinator previously told me not likely. Oh well.
For Fri and Sat it is $1188++ for 9 course dinner
Sun is $1068++ for 8 course dinner

Violet: did u manage to bargain for anything extra? like more invitations cards or carpark coupons?


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ya. wedding cards, prolly 80%. carpark coupons, we didn't get cos the parking is under wilson, not gwp. but we can buy prepaid coupons at special rates.

can opt for integration of ballroom decorations, so long as it is under the same florists. i suppose we cannot get the best of both worlds. for me, the windsor ballroom is simply too lovely to reject.

yeah.. i'm getting the windsor ballroom as well. Don't quite like the mirrors actually but well i guess we cant get the best of both worlds. As long as the most of the requirements are met, we are fine.

any btb also holding your banquet at GWP?