Goodwood or 4 seasons hotel


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any advice as goodwood hotel prices are cheaper durin e promotion, but i think 4 seasons services maybe better


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I went for both four seasons and goodwood.

goodwood give better offer in terms of perks, and four seasons the other way.

in fact, most important u like which one.



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yea, am looking at this 2 hotel too.... heard alot of good comments fo FS ..but not sure about Goodwood.. the price for both is pretty close..

both are $1,038++ (comparing this with FS lowest package)
BUT, the diff is the corkage fee charged for FS ($50++ per bottle of wine) ...and Rental of projector.. estimated to be $400 (rent from outside) ...

i like goodwood bcoz can accomodate from tables... 35tbles compare to 32 in FS ... hmmmm

still deciding....